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61Richard de Hoop is a coach and is known from the ProSieben happiness report. Richard de Hoop is known as a coach from the ProSieben happiness report. In his home country, the Netherlands, he has been a keynote speaker in the field of team building, motivation and leadership since 1995. Every year he makes more than 100 appearances in Holland and Europe. With the help of music, he motivates people to achieve their goals as a team and to develop real enthusiasm and joy for working together. All texts by Richard de Hoop.

Ability to work in a team & motivation: Use the strengths of employees correctly

What is teamwork? A good Team need above all Motivation and passion. The trick is to ensure that every employee is in the right place according to their strengths.

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Teamwork: source of inspiration music

Für mich ist Musik die größte Glücks- und Motivationsquelle, die es gibt. Als meine Mutter mich als Kind fragte, was ich denn einmal werden wolle, meinte ich mit Überzeugung: „Rockstar“. Das, was ich heute mache, ist für mich gar nicht so weit weg von dieser Definition.

Apart from the fact that I also have public appearances, music is an elementary part of my life: Music is my metaphor and source of inspiration for the topics and objectivesthat are in progress within a company, to make them aware and to address them directly.

How to properly organize a team

Because: music touches, makes you happy, joyful and inspired. And this is by far not only for the private sector. With the help of the music, employees can motivate themselves as a team to complement each other, to understand each other and achieve the set goals together.

And above all with the appropriate conviction, enthusiasm and a passion for work. Because similar to an orchestra Company and their employees work together as a team. And that includes harmony, mutual understanding, joy and enthusiasm at work.

Who makes the sound?

The sound makes the music. But who does the sound? Namely, the tone in the company. The sound does not come about by itself, it is created. By many different soloists, also called collaborators. Through their activities and Communication.

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And the sound that these soloists produce is penetrating and heard from the market. What are the sounds of the market when the soloists act as real singles, and each plays what is going through his head?

Music that no one wants to hear

Surely a kind of music that no one likes to hear. Uncoordinated, missed missions, sometimes too shrill, or too soft. This is entrepreneurial music that does not deserve this name for me. Harmony and harmony? Wrong!

There is no trace of an entire, well-rehearsed entrepreneurial orchestra and the joy of working. In order to achieve this, the soloists must become harmonious orchestras, which together provide top performances.

Make soloists a harmonious orchestra

A good metaphor for this are eight tools that help portray the characters of people and their diversity. Each instrument has certain characteristics associated with it, and each instrument needs other tools in the team around it to be at their best.

The mutual support promotes existing characteristics and compensates for missing qualities. This requires that employees be used where they are really good.

Die „Revolution“ der Stärken

It is a very important element of successful and motivating cooperation that employees are deployed in the right place for them depending on their strengths. This is the only way they can reach their full potential and do high-quality work.

Ich nenne das die „Revolution der Stärken“ innerhalb der Unternehmen. Da sind auch Personalabteilungen und Führungskräfte aufgerufen, sich Gedanken zu machen und Menschen gemäß ihren Neigungen und wirklichen Stärken einzusetzen.

Not everyone is right for every job

And not because the job description of a position is suddenly expanded and changed, automatically assuming that the job holder is the right one for the new tasks.

If you do not look twice at the position and do not change teams according to the latest requirements, you will never have the entrepreneurial success that truly harmonious teams are looking forward to working together and complementing each other.

Where the harp is, harp must go!

An employee who is introverted and just wants to sit in the office and do statistics cannot suddenly mutate into a lively salesperson. In the orchestra it seems quite clear and logical. Sometimes this has not really penetrated everyday business life.

There, employees are suddenly to occupy positions that they do not master and which make them above all not happy. And nothing will happen with the motivation: the eyes do not shine, they become dull, joyless and the whole orchestra and the sound suffer massively under it.

Coherent teams of equal voices

This often happens when executives do not concentrate on their orchestra - just like conductors - but only look at their audience. Also, managers who look only outwards may overlook what is going on in the company and is required.

The conductor who Executive has the task of putting his teams together in such a way that a harmonious and joyful togetherness arises, in which the team members complement and support each other.

Strengthen the strengths of the employees

The conductor or the Executive, die es versteht, durch eine optimale Aufstellung die „Stärken“ der Mitarbeiter herauszubringen, wird wunderschöne unternehmerische Musik erzeugen.

Sounds that automatically make the eyes of employees glow. Sounds that the market likes to listen to. Sounds the market trusts. All that is created by conductors, if they are leaders. True. And agree.

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    On I write about #music and #teambuilding and conductors, who are also called executives.

  4. Richard de Hoop says:

    On I write about #music and #teambuilding and conductors, who are also called executives.

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    Who makes the tone in the company? #Music #Teambuilding # Luck

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