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How Teambuilding Really Works: 7 Leadership Tips

Genuine teambuilding takes place in daily practice. Exactly there and nowhere else. And no matter how optimally the personnel selection may have taken place. If you want to form a real team, you have to do it yourself. Every day.


Homo Schablonicus makes executives happy

It seems very practical to sort people into handy screens. This makes it easier for employees to make the necessary job requests. At the same time, it optimally limits the responsibility of the personnel creator from the respective management. If it does not work with the new, the theorielastic personality psychology of the assessment center is not the fault, but the practical leadership psychology of leadership.

In a self-experiment, the procedures for making our personality more interesting are interesting and in areas very revealing. Yes, they bring so much light into the darkness of self-discovery. At the same time, for these reasons, they are also so frightening, because our beloved ME suddenly seems so stenciled and controllable by others.

Similar results of different analyzes also confirm these findings and allow us to mature in our faith in the human being to be treated as a raster. How practical: finally the modern, supposedly so individual person, fits again into technical raster, which we have so appreciated. What a blessing for the management: Teambuilding actually happens by itself, because the newcomer does not only close a specialist but even a personality gap in the department.

Beautiful theory. The world looks different.

As far as is theoretically possible, teams can be completely analyzed and newly created from a flood of applicants. But when does it happen? Most of the time, the new person was analyzed in his or her personality and is still more or less skilfully implanted in the team.

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But as a rule, it is much more primitive: you are happy to get someone at all and take what is technically quite suitable and seems to be reasonably charming to the hiring party. In addition, the manager has to integrate the new person chronically “land under” with all the technical tasks and now even increased personnel requirements and to use it optimally in the workflow.

Teambuilding is not deligible

So team building measures are needed. Technically-minded executives are then very eager to use apparently proven methods to form a real team from a group of people. And just in the manner in which they learned it to be functional: press this button and you will get that effect. So events of all kinds are booked that pretend to be the ideal team world for hours or days and, apart from substantial expenses, leave a “nothing” quickly.

Unfortunately, teambuilding does not work that way with people. Take a look at any top team from any area. Were those in rubber boats down rivers sent home and then a world champion title? No. Such measures are nice, fun, nice and relax the atmosphere. Not more. Guide and thus team building is not delegable.

Teambuilding always takes place in its own juice

Give your people the opportunity to celebrate successes in their very own job on a regular basis. Shared success is the best teambuilder. There is nothing to shake it about.

These are your most effective tools as a team-building leader:

  1. Perform real conversations in private. Frequently with every team member. 10 to 15 conversations a year.
  2. In the conversation, give something of yourself personally. Show yourself as a human being. You get it back from your people on the same level.
  3. Just do what you love. Then you can also take other people with you.
  4. Ask your team, what annoys everyone. Resolve every anger unmistakably. Your team learns how to quickly and consistently eliminate annoyances.
  5. Make arrangements and define clear responsibilities. Request this relentlessly without any delay.
  6. Live the values ​​of your team without exception and consistently, without letting in.
  7. Cranks efficiently and free of charge the creativity resources of your people: Get your team spiritually out of the workplace and leave you, for example, during a private walk in the park exclusively private topics. Then you suddenly ask for expressions or solutions for current problems.

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