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Successful together in a team: 5 tips for female strengths in business

In a time in which meaningfulness and personal fulfillment in the workplace are becoming more and more important for people, it is necessary to also include so-called female qualities and strengths in the Company to integrate and promote.

Typically female, typically male?

What are typically female and typically male characteristics? And do these differences really exist? It should be said that men and women both have male and female energy and thus - regardless of gender - have male and female strengths.

Apparently masculine energies and qualities are mostly directed outwards, measurable and tangible such as logic, goal orientation, active action, etc. Female energies, i.e. those commonly attributed to women, are directed inwards, more subtle and more “tangible” than visible for example the following:

1. Intuition

Really strong visions and innovations never come from the logical mind, which can only reassemble what it already knows from somewhere, but show up in flashes of inspiration and inspiration. These cannot be forced or worked for, the human being can only open up to them and “receive” them. So intuition is a typically feminine quality.

Benefits for the company: With a strong intuition, companies stay connected with the zeitgeist. This is the only way they can develop meaningful future solutions for their customers and position themselves on the market with foresight, instead of just chasing after existing trends.

2. Emotionally balance and care

To this day, this quality is associated with “serving” or even “cooking”, which is why it is particularly strongly rejected by women. The real strength of being able to "fulfill" others, however, lies on the emotional level. Female energy is able to transform negative feelings and emotionally feed those around them. It has nothing to do with sacrifice! Or with food! If the emotional care takes place as a very conscious process, the woman also gains energy in the process, without being dependent on the recognition and confirmation of the "nourished".

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Benefits for the company: The fears and worries of employees are often ignored in companies. This is exactly the point that robs an organization of valuable life energy and slows down the team. The conscious perception and transformation of these feelings into joy and confidence can help the company to become significantly more radiant and efficient. To do this, it is not necessary to spend hours talking about feelings in the workplace. All you need is the attention and appreciation of these aspects and a loving, feminine heart that is ready to take on this task in the team.

3. Process orientation and prudence

While the male quality expresses itself goal-oriented and impulsively, the female strength lies in the devotion to the process, the creation. The feminine is prudent, far-sighted and inclusive.

Benefits for the company: There is calm instead of hectic. The collateral damage in the quick hunt for success is minimized. Holistic work promotes the satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers. Enjoyment at work increases motivation permanently.

4. Being able to receive and accept

In business life, the belief pattern “Only those who perform are loved” still prevail. So we often (unconsciously) deliberately make it difficult for ourselves so that in the evening we can proudly tell about what we have mastered. By making female “receiving” socially acceptable again, we can learn to allow success and abundance very easily and naturally, without having to be ashamed of it. This quality is the "antidote" for the stress of our performance society.

Benefits for the company: The company's success no longer comes from hard work, but from inspired and creative processes. In this way, the employees remain “in their power” even in dynamic times. Fluctuation and sick leave are minimized.

5. Sense of aesthetics and beauty

While the male principle prefers the practical and functional, the female quality is geared towards aesthetics and beauty.

Benefits for the company: A pleasant atmosphere provides more energy. Employees, partners and customers automatically feel (more) comfortable. If this quality is present in product design, marketing and sales, it delights the hearts and of course makes you want to (sell) buy.

Conclusion: more sense of emotion

Instead of continuing to fight something, we could all use our position more intelligently to incorporate feminine qualities into our lives. Because it is precisely these that fell by the wayside in the women's “liberation strike” - and are still rejected by society today. And that's not surprising. In addition to their careers, many have dynamic family lives and therefore always have to stand by their wives.

Given the abundance of tasks, the so-called “male” qualities are again in demand: planning and organization, quick completion and consistent decision-making. Apparent weaknesses and emotions often fall by the wayside. But at what price? For ourselves, for companies and for our society!

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