{Replica} Personnel Marketing and Job Ads Tasteless: Bisexual Tattooed Redheads?

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Via Mario Sixtus via Twitter found this “nice” job advertisement, in which Jung von Matt competes tastelessly for young recruiters. The result is not only bad, it is also badly done. Jung von Matt

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Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Lifestyle is everything?

Jung von Matt deliberately plays with the advertising clichés. That could actually be quite funny. It is sad, however, that one believes that one can reach young, creative people with such mission statements.

Does Jung von Matt really believe that people who want to be creatively realized go into the advertising to lead a lifestyle? Or am I perhaps too idealistic and people actually have such images in mind?

In any case, it is also deliberate misleading: for even if the text is totally exaggerated, it nevertheless cleverly cleans up the drudgery and exploitation that just young creative people are currently expecting in advertising.

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Brevity is the soul of wit

Apart from the inhumane component, the idea is simply poorly implemented: bars around the font may be the last craze by design, but great read is different. Even with a comparatively long text.

If the text had been shorter, the reader would have had more pleasure, at least from this point of view… But to pack the whole thing in a nutshell in a nutshell, Jung von Matt wasn't creative enough for that - how?

How provocative can HR marketing be?

The personnel marketing blog once put together a few unusual ideas for personnel marketing, all from Antwerpes.

My view is: Such advertising can be provocative so that it doesn't go under in yawning boredom. Which is embarrassing, however, when advertising wants to be hip and youthful, but then looks boring and old-fashioned.


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Training on construction with iPad?

Like this example, in which the Federal Government wants to promote dual vocational training for young people. However, the iPad motif, which was printed on paper in newspapers or hung up as a poster, looked rather embarrassing; A bit like being wanted and not being hip, because the medium has remained the same.

It is also silly that the building promotion advertised in the picture has nothing to do with an iPad. Looks like trying to convince young people with all means that it would be a hip job.

Only training - sex can wait!

Something like this example that I saw at Michaela on the FacebookPage is only available in America - and actually I don't really know whether I should find it funny or terrifying. What do you all mean?

occupations pictures

Position display, which is none

And the days was given me by Sebastian Koch yet another job advertisement, which I found really scary: Coach Andreas Michael Gutekunst was looking for Networker. On closer examination, it turned out that it is actually not a job advertisement, but a coach on customer catch.

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The worse and worse is the ad that somehow associates it with jobs. On the one hand by the language (part-time networker) and by the earning potential (income from 8000 Euro).

Networker read networker magazines

But Gutekunst thought that he could quickly talk people into coaching until they noticed that they couldn't earn anything from him.

If, by the way, someone wonders how he gets on the nonsense term Networker, the ad has been shown in the current issue of the Network Career magazine. And good art has probably been smartly combined: anyone who reads such a magazine must be a networker. Ah yes!

Rent-free living as a lure for job advertisements

Apparently we have it soon Skills shortage, some come up with something to advertise future high potentials.

The job exchange Stellenwerk Berlin starts the year with a competition. Participants can win a 500 Euro rent subsidy for one semester. However: There is hardly any information on modalities and data protection on the site.

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The winner receives 500 euros per month

It sounds tempting: whoever wins, gets a 500 Euro subsidy for half a year, regardless of the actual rent. In other words: If you only have an inexpensive flat share, you obviously still earn money from it.

The whole thing runs until 1.3.2013, organized by the Stellenwerk Berlin site, which is part of the Stellenwerk network. Stellenwerk is a university job portal that 2007 started as from the Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

To the background

The network has so far been represented in cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt, Mainz, Dortmund, Lübeck and Koblenz-Landau. Berlin was added to 2012 as the ninth location.

And that should now be advertised. The idea behind it is good, but the execution leaves something to be desired: If you click on the page, you get to a pretty old-fashioned pinball game, in which the students aim to collect as much money as possible.

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Good idea, badly implemented

This is probably something that job board makers think young people are into. However, the page does not explain how exactly the game works, how many points you have to score or how the winner is actually determined. Maybe you have to log in in advance for it to work?

So the idea unfortunately seems a little half-baked. Important information on the subject of data protection and further use of the data is unfortunately also completely missing. But the year has just started. So we give the men and women some more time.

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  1. Andreas Michael Gutekunst

    Hello Simone,

    first compliment to your great and extensive blog here!

    My current advertising is, as you write exactly right, of course, no job advertisement and coachings, I have never offered here and may not (not at all for the classical or dynamic direct selling) because I am admitted for the consulting promotion product GCD'Gründercoaching Germany (As long as the state still maintains the GCD), registered in the KfW Advisory Board. Here is a comprehensive application procedure, with submission / approval via the IHK, etc. My orders are running through the KfW consultant exchange where I am registered as a so-called 'consultant'. As a 'founder coach', I've only been involved in commercial and craft trades.
    OK, then I give you right here that the word 'Coach' in this advertisement is perhaps not so well chosen, although it is often used in the area of ​​network marketing, just like the usual word'ponsor'. The sponsor is the person who inscribes a new teampartner and then helps and supports it, but does not sponsor it in the sense of gifts!

    And again correctly, as you wrote, the advertisement was shown in the magazine'Network-Karriere'. A magazine almost exclusively read by'Networkern' (sorry, but so is this term halt in the industry and is also so used in all these branch-usual media). The people who buy this magazine then in the trade are looking for an 2. Standbein or like these themselves say and express: A 'Nebenjob' in self-employment, where a business must be registered, if not already present. Everyone and everyone who holds this magazine in their hands knows that this is only an autonomy (no matter what report or advertisement). No one, but no one is looking for a flat-rate or payroll tax card. The other readers are precisely those already active'Networker'. In my advertisement the word'Job' was also not mentioned and this display was not even in a daily newspaper or in a Wochenblatt under job advertisements was switched!

    Then the word 'income' is complained. A salary / payee or self-employed / entrepreneur (hopefully) has an 'income'. OK, the word'Provision' would have been better here.

    All that remains is that: "... that you can't earn anything with him ...". That's right, because not me, but our partner company pays the commissions. I can only offer people what I achieved back then - yes, with a lot of energy, a lot of commitment, a lot of trust, a lot of joy & fun and great enthusiasm - in 7,5 months. And quite a few of my team partners meanwhile too - they now work ´ full-time´ in network marketing. If 'main occupation' should be offensive again, then just 'main activity'.
    We all know how much diligence belongs to the advertisements in the advertisement mtl. 'Provision' to earn.
    No matter in which job, in which job or in what self-employment (whether pay, salary, income or commission).

    Man (n) -mile- learns about it! Creepy may be the colors, if I look more often and closer. And as I said, some of the above words could have been better chosen. The whole thing was then commissioned to an advertising agency. Thus, many thanks for your criticism!

    Now I stay with an always respectful and fair cooperation.

    LG by Andreas Michael Gutekunst

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Goody,
      thanks for the compliment and the long comment. I am always thrilled when such old articles still attract attention. Ok, maybe I don't know the technical terms: At the time, the term “networker” bothered us, because at first everyone feels addressed. And because it is not clear what should actually be achieved with the ad - we were looking for employees on a commission basis - so it seemed a bit like a hidden lure. I think it's good if my contribution has given me the impetus to think again about a few formulations.

  2. Alma Mater

    RT @SimoneJanson: Tasteless, dubious job offers & those that aren't: Bisexual tattooed redheads #JvM

  3. Simone Janson

    Hello Fritz, Thanks for the comprehensive and very accurate analysis!

  4. Simone Janson

    Hello Eva,
    That with the blond is such a silly cliché from the media sector. Someone wrote there times that there are always very many blond, handsome interns running around.
    But there are, of course, exceptions!
    Are we curious to see if there is anything left?

  5. Eva

    Hello Simone,

    which ladies are blond? ;-)
    I was also concerned with the scribe of the text, not the trainee.
    That would be creative, albeit unlikely - the advertising industry seems to me to be more macho and not really cosmopolitan. Although there are definitely a lot of gays among the creative people :-)
    LG, Eva

  6. Fritz

    They probably wanted to put in an ironic self-reflection screw, but the text hardly drags itself across the line as a mediocre, viscous insider joke. What I find even more disastrous is the self-dismantling that is expressed in it. The textual procedure is old and is not handled in a virtuoso manner. The only male perspective seems even older. And you immediately get the impression: Can you think of anything better for a contemporary, new job advertisement? Wouldn't there have been more? Couldn't this “upside-down-cliché-world” procedure have been handled in a completely different way? Naturally. But not with JvM, anymore?

  7. Marcus Wenig

    RT @SimoneJanson: Tasteless, dubious job offers & those that are not: Bisexual tattooed redheads

  8. Simone Janson

    Hello Eva,
    and so far I've always had the prejudice that women like this are blonde ... well ... But you're right, I hadn't even thought of the possibility of having a woman. That would actually be creative ... but, beware, you would have to make a sequel story for that ... The days come ...
    By the way, nice relaunch of your site!

  9. Eva

    This is of course also a kind of target group approach - JvM will then only receive applications from the bisexual redheads who think it's great to sleep up on the designer sofa. There are definitely still quite a few of them in the future advertising starlet industry ... but this behavior is not that creative for a hip advertising agency - but: it's just the intern.

    And then there remains the question: Maybe this great guy who “writes” the ad is actually a woman too ??? ;-)

  10. Simone Janson

    @KEAL_Berlin the @eva_zils has the solution: Type in d.Werbung is ne woman morning comes d.Resolution! Would at least be creative

  11. Holger Froese

    Tasteless, dubious job offers & those that aren't: Bisexual tattooed redheads #Business - Exciting contributionp9GLzH8

  12. WSS

    Jung van Matt - once again completely wrong! via @SimoneJanson #JvM #fail

  13. WSS

    Tasteless, dubious job offers that are not & bisexual tattooed redheads Thanks to @sixtus & @sebastiank

  14. Volker Remy

    Tasteless, dubious job offers that are not & bisexual tattooed redheads Thanks to @sixtus & @sebastiank

  15. Liane Wolffgang

    Tasteless, dubious job offers & those that are not: Bisexual tattooed redheads: Via Mario Sixtu ...

  16. Competencepartner

    Tasteless, dubious job offers & those that are not: Bisexual tattooed redheads: ...

  17. Simone Janson

    Tasteless, dubious job offers that are not & bisexual tattooed redheads Thanks to @sixtus & @sebastiank

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