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Digital & New Work (HR magazine)

Organizational development and hierarchy: In 2 X 9 steps fit for the digital economy

With old organizational structures one does not go far, because they can not keep up with the pace of the digital economy. Here comes the orbit model on the plan. It propagates the transition from a pyramidal to a circular organization. "This is the corporate model of the future," says the business magazine Capital. Read more

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Success & Management (HR magazine)

Home Office vs. Office Communications: 9 Tips for Productive Collaboration

IBM was 1980 pioneer, for a long time it was common: Working in the home office. But then the cut: After over 25 years, the company is rowing back, along with many others. Employees should work in the office again, shoulder to shoulder. For many workers annoying, for our everyday communication but a big plus. Read more

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Job Search & Recruiting (HR magazine)

Future Mindset in 3 Steps: Digitization - Recognizing and Using Opportunities and Risks

How do executives program their companies for digital sustainability? Only when bosses and HR professionals review their own mindset and become acquainted with digitization can they change their hiring processes and leadership and advance change processes. Read more