Sustainable office in 5 steps: This is how your workplace becomes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

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Designing an office is often not an easy task. There are many aspects to consider. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in this.

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A positive working atmosphere - but not at the expense of the environment

You don't have to be right away Eco-entrepreneurs and rely entirely on green technologies to do something for the environment at work. Because of course the office should offer a positive working atmosphere, but this is no longer the sole goal at all costs. Furnishing the office space is important, but efficiency should also be considered.

When deciding to rent an office, it is advisable to keep environmental and climate protection in the spotlight. But renting is only the first step, it's also about designing the office with optimal energy efficiency.

5 tips to make your office environmentally friendly

In the end, with all energy efficiency and sustainability, it is important to create a work environment in which your employees feel comfortable, motivated to start the day and can develop. You can find out how to do this with environmentally friendly means here.

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1. Waste disposal and waste prevention

Since all conceivable types of waste are generated during work, your employees should have the opportunity to dispose of it in a sensible manner. Be it the sandwich paper in the lunch break or the empty toner of the printer. When it comes to waste disposal and the associated waste separation, it should not be neglected that incorrect sorting can lead to unnecessary problems in the recycling process. To counteract this problem, it is advisable to provide different waste containers for the different types of waste.

The placement of these wastebasket is also important. Every employee should know where the containers are and what type of waste they are intended for. It should not be underestimated that the employees know exactly where the containers are, so that they do not have to search and, for convenience, do without the correct separation. The shortest route is usually the easiest, even if sustainability suffers. It is of course even better to do without (paper) waste altogether. Therefore there is numerous technical aids.

2. Responsible handling

On the way to energy-efficient office furnishings, it is not enough to focus on just a few aspects. The big picture should always be considered. That is why it is also important to deal with everyday problems.

Take the coffee kitchen or the toilet, for example: even small details can lead to decisive improvements. Just think of the small hygiene products such as soap or towels. Because sometimes soaps contain microplastics as binding agents or abrasives. that gets into the water cycle. By washing your hands, the plastic particles get into the water cycle and thus threaten the food and living environment of animals. As an alternative, natural cosmetic products can therefore be used or, in order to save refill waste, completely on natural soap.

3. Isolation to protect nature

Another important factor that should not be missing in a sustainable and energy-efficient office is good insulation. If you rent an office in an old building, for example, good building and thermal insulation must be ensured. In contrast to modern office buildings, these are often not sufficiently isolated. Every modern single-family house is now insulated on the outer wall by insulation boards.

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So why shouldn't this option also apply to your office? Insulation is a great way to make office space a more efficient place. With little effort, a warm working atmosphere is ensured, especially in winter, while it is bitterly cold outside the four walls. With good insulation, the building emits less heat to the outside and the heating has to work less. Is your building not sufficiently insulated? Do not worry! There are many future-oriented service providers who can implement these measures cost-effectively.

4. Sustainable and economical establishment

When furnishing the office space, it is advisable to use suitable furniture and lighting systems. Tables and chairs do not always have to be completely new. Often high quality and already used office furniture can be purchased at a low price. This has a double positive effect. You then have to invest less money and the goods that have already been used are not disposed of, but reused sensibly.

When it comes to lighting, they can also score points in terms of energy efficiency by using energy-saving lights. The List of optionsIt takes a long time to act in an environmentally friendly manner. Above all, light bulbs should be replaced by more energy-saving LEDs. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that these lights are always switched off when nobody is working in the office wing. Time switches for the lights can be worthwhile here.

5. Ensure a healthy and friendly indoor climate

A healthy and friendly indoor climate is becoming increasingly important in office design and is very easy to implement. Integrate some green into your office. Plants not only look good, they also provide healthy, fresh air in the area.

In addition to sustainability and efficiency, the ergonomics of an office design is also very important. So that their employees stay fit, they should loosen themselves from the rigid posture in front of the screen and ensure a work balance. There are many different ways to encourage your employees to exercise more. For example, you can place a high table for lunch in the social heart or place the coffee machine in a place that has to be walked a few meters beforehand. This can also help save heating costs.

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Conclusion: the first step to an energy-efficient office

You see, you don't have to do all of your work Company upside down to make your work environment more environmentally friendly. It is even better to just start with the transition first and then work your way step by step. In the Service providers can help you find the right office propertyto narrow down the selection according to energy efficiency and to find the right rooms.

If you follow the tips above, your office building will quickly become a very sustainable place. This has an equally positive effect on the environment and the work ethic of their employees. After all, that is crucial for the success of your company.

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  1. Rolf

    Thanks for the great contribution about sustainability in the office. Sustainability is important everywhere, which is why I want to keep this in the office as well. I will check the insulation in the office as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary heating in the cold season.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you for your comment, I also think sustainability is very important!

  2. Avanti-Print GmbH

    Great, important contribution to the topic of environmentally friendly office!

  3. Institute 2F

    Environmental protection in the office - an important issue

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  5. Mario Döring

    By the way, there is a new free start-up & business network. serves as a communication platform between start-ups, entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Döring,
      thanks for pointing out that there is still a network. Since this is aimed at start-ups, your reference is a little off-topic - isn't it?
      Here are a few more questions: What is different with Xanxi than with other networks, what are the benefits for the user? And: Is it a coincidence that the name of the platform is confusingly similar to Xinxi and both somehow remind you of Xing? Is this a mistake? In any case, it doesn't make a serious impression on me!

  6. planova ag

    Great contribution to climate protection!

  7. smi

    Quite banal information. Who doesn't figure it out these days ...?

    • Simone Janson

      Hello SMI,
      You are welcome to express criticism, but it would be nicer if you, like most of the others here, used your real name.
      I agree with you: it is not that quick and easy, the five tips can only be an introduction to the very extensive topic.
      If you are looking for more in-depth information on the topic, you could ask - or - even easier, use the search function: https: //
      Since you obviously want more in-depth information, I would like to draw your attention to our one-hour radio discussion on Deutschlandradio:
      And this detailed article from me about online reputation:

  8. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Meinhold, thank you for the link + comment. I will be happy to read your blog when I get the chance (I'm a bit short of time ...)
    Simone Janson

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  10. Ralph Meinhold

    Dear Mrs. Janson,

    really a very good article that I will also link to on our blog.
    It is also important to me that such issues are also integrated into employer branding as an entrepreneur. I think Yasni, for example, offers a very good service to present yourself as you would like it to be.

    Greetings from Munich
    Ralph Meinhold

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  13. Johannes Lenz

    Hello Simone,

    First of all: thanks to you for the mention. Before, during and after my job search, I had experiences with the social web that I would not want to do without.

    You basically said everything in your post. One point that needs to be underlined is the fact that today's Internet presents itself as a social web, which makes it clear what it is about: the mutual and personal exchange of opinions on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter & Co.

    With regard to the job search, I can therefore only recommend everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that are available, but always under the premise that there is a “give and take”.

    If you only take it, you will quickly notice on the social web that you will not achieve your goals.

    Best regards from Düsseldorf


  14. Simone Janson

    Hi John,
    thanks for the additional contribution. You are definitely one of the best examples of successful job search in Web 2.0 that I know :-)

    Simone Janson

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