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93Martin Peters is the owner of a language institute and suggestopedia expert. Martin Peters is the owner of Martin Peters Sprachentraining GmbH with over 25 years of experience in language course consulting, conventional language teaching and the superlearning / suggestopedia method. Peters wrote his thesis on this method at the University of Bonn. More information at www.superlearning.de/

What is Suggestopedia? Method in the light of science

Despite numerous success stories, there are still many critical views on the subject of suggestive medicine. Trainers and teachers of theCourses are often confronted with the question whether the method is scientifically proven. For this reason we want to deal with this question somewhat more intensively.

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The Unification of Psychology and Pedagogy

The beginnings of the suggestopedic teaching method are now back over 40 years. Which fortunately allows you to look back on several decades of research.

The founder of the suggestopedia Georgi Losanow was not only a pedagogue, but also a psychologist and thus familiar with the processes in the human brain. The development of suggestopedia was accompanied from the beginning by his own research, in which he transferred his knowledge as a doctor to pedagogy.

International research and findings

In the 70er and 80er years, the iron curtain was still noticeable. Nevertheless, the new teaching method from the then Eastern bloc quickly attracted interested parties in other countries such as the United States, Canada and later also in Europe.

Numerous researchers have studied the methods of Georgi Losanov, with the aim of confirming or disproving their effectiveness and efficiency.

Suggestopedia - a miracle cure?

In summary, it can be said that the suggestive medicine does not seem to be a miracle, but ultimately makes stress-free learning possible.

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As a result, larger amounts of substance can be learned in a shorter time compared to conventional methods of learning, or even equal amounts of substance can be learned. This applies especially to the speaking skills and verbal communication skills.

Indirect research

In addition to the researches dealing directly with suggestive medicine, there are also numerous research work that examines topics that are in association with the teaching method.

For example, recent research confirms the positive effects of music on learning ability. The so-called "Mozart effect" describes the improvement of spatial intelligence through previously heard music (preferably from Mozart).

The design of the lesson

The lessons are based on certain basic principles. These can ultimately be found in the design of the lessons again. Each course day is divided into four phases.

1. The preparation phase

In the preparatory phase, a general preview of the learning material is provided.

2. The relaxation phase

Afterwards it is usual to do mental and physical relaxation exercises. A stress-free state is, like in the first Article described, the key to successful learning.

3. The cognitive phase

In the following cognitive phase, the presentation of the learning material takes center stage. Through the lively and detailed presentation of the learning content by the teacher, the substance is actively processed. In so doing, as many senses of the participants as possible should be addressed.

The core of the lesson is the seance or learning concert. Here the material is presented under musical accompaniment by the teacher. The decisive factor is that the spoken word is varied in adaptation to the dynamics of the music and the content transmitted. According to Losanov, this was the most important phase.

4. The activation phase

Finally, the activation phase takes place (ideally on the following day). In group discussions, quizzes or role-plays, the passive learning material is actively used by the participants and thus consolidated.

Teaching is structured in such a way that learning is mainly passive in the first phases. The combination of verbal and non-verbal stimuli as well as cognitive, emotional and artistic means is of great importance. Above all, the latter provides for a liberating and informal atmosphere.

The power of music

It has been found that trophotrope music (characterized by legato and gentle flow) not only triggers relaxation, but also improves the communication ability.

Neuroscientists have also found that music has similar effects as food, social signals, or noise. Music provides an increased output of dopamine and thus stimulates the reward system of the human body.


Finally, it can be said that the research results in general show the suggestive method in a positive light.

Learning processes are accelerated and seem to last longer. By the way, participants are more relaxed and social skills are encouraged.

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