Successfully Negotiate Pricing in 5 Stages: Do not be afraid of negotiation

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Even the most savvy sellers are afraid of major price negotiations. Naked fear. And rightly so. Because there are good tips. anxiety

Here writes for you:

Lothar Lay Lothar Lay PortraitLothar Lay is Sales Manager, Sales and Management Consultant.


The minefield of the price negotiation

Price negotiations today - some industries come up with powerful tricks from the buying center and are washed with all water - mostly present themselves as a minefield that even experienced salespeople only want to enter with shudder.

Who didn't want to leave such a minefield as quickly as possible? No wonder that sellers often break in too early, show no backbone and give in to be able to break out of this unpleasant situation quickly. They give discounts so much too soon and unfounded that are the profits of theirs Company melt away. Not to talk about their own commissions.

Seller versus buyer

In a negotiation, salesmen and salesmen stand alone. Everyone has a goal. The end. Here, however, the similarities are already beginning to recur. Because of the market situation the seller sometimes has to conclude with certain companies. The buyer has the goal to achieve the best price for his company.

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The modern communication methods help him to expand the competition to numerous possible providers. This advantage will be played out in the negotiation. From the outset, there is an imbalance that significantly influences the dynamics of the negotiation process. Wise and successful salespeople act to this fact by means of intensive preparation in time.

Preparation is the foundation of your price ladder

Sales teams that are excellently prepared will always make lucrative orders. And exactly at the prices that they have set themselves. Successful price negotiators know that the all-important phases take place before the actual price discussion. Here we form the foundation for our personal “price negotiation staircase”.

The more time and energy invested in this foundation, the more stable it is. A shaky, poorly researched foundation also means shaky steps that can be climbed only with difficulty. A firm, strong foundation provides firm, safe steps. The time you invest here comes back several times in the course of the negotiation. Successful sellers never neglect this phase!

Strategic preparation

Before you approach new companies and make an offer, you can get an accurate picture of the company. Search for your main contact partner and other potential negotiating partners of the buying cent. How tick these, what negotiation reputation do you have, what do they like, what are your hobbies, where do you go on holiday.

Your high goal is to establish good personal contacts with the contact persons and decision-makers and to establish your network in this company at a very early stage. Only then you can recognize the decision-making processes in the company, perceive optimization potentials and work with customers to develop truly useful solutions.

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Benefits rather than products

It is never about the product alone, but always about the benefit. The price is important, but not always a deciding factor in purchasing. It is much more important to know the needs and requirements of the customer exactly and to offer him the “better overall package” of products and services and to show the benefits. If the customer recognizes his personal benefit, he is usually willing to pay a higher price.

After this intensive preparatory phase, we are ready to climb the first step of the price negotiation step. Because the jungle of price negotiations is impenetrable. Purchasing committees, job rotations and reorganizations of the purchasing departments - which are gaining more and more power - make the life of the sales staff more and more difficult.

The horror of the seller

Buyers are trained in negotiation psychology, negotiation techniques and intensive, almost savvy negotiation strategy. Successful salaries, savings potentials as well as internal metrics for success influence the actions of most buyers.

They will increasingly think of the pure, hard-hitting monetary negotiating result. The quality of the purchased products seems only secondary.

When relationships lose meaning

Long-term business contacts, the human factor at the relationship level and customer loyalty are becoming less and less important in price negotiations. Sellers are often helpless in this “climate”.

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Logical that most sellers dread to enforce their prices in price negotiations or even to increase them. They are in a less than ideal sandwich position between their own management, which calls for “maintaining prices or increasing prices” and the buyers who proclaim “no deal without discount”. It is precisely in this situation that the inner attitude is important.

Faith moves mountains

The price, the natural enemy of the seller? This way of thinking is, unfortunately, often anchored in seller's minds. But the truly successful sellers are self-confident about their price. The really successful salespeople also put it through.

As a seller, you determine the course of the transaction with your attitude and your thoughts. Whether you think your rates are really too high or whether you will strongly support them, the outcome of the negotiation will always reflect your inner attitude. So, think positively, stand proud at your price and go with that strong conviction in the negotiation.

Your inner attitude makes the difference

In addition: Many sellers go into negotiations with the attitude "the only thing my customers are interested in is the price". In addition, they are permanently edited by the media with “stinginess is cool” and “how good that you have compared” campaigns and may even be among the bargain hunters themselves.

With this attitude, they even understand the demands of their customers and can not convince them because they themselves are not convinced by their products, services and the offer.

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On the inner stability it depends

Only if the seller has internal stability and believes in himself, his company and his offer, does he have a chance to convince his customers and to negotiate successfully and profitably. This unconditional belief is the basis for successful price negotiations.

If this is the case, you should not be present. Go solidly confident of your ENTIRE offer in your future negotiations. This self-esteem and self-esteem, which you and your offer here give, makes you radiate high security. And that's exactly what makes the big difference, even on savvy purchasing departments and buyers.

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