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Successful communication in the job: Do babblers have the better cards?

Women often believe that the job is about the job. But good performance contributes only to a small extent to success. Too often, it's about image and acquaintance. Means: who presents himself well, has more success!

Best of HR –®

It's not just about the thing

Again and again I meet in Coaching young women leaders who tell me: “I am also someone who has believed for years that I can make a name for myself through the cause. How could I be so wrong? ”They come into coaching so that I can“ coach them ”.

I often have to make them painfully clear: The job is not just about the job. Of course, it's also about power and self-expression. I consider that morally unacceptable.

Play for the sake of the matter?

But if you love your job and really want to do good in the cause, you have to either independent make your own Company create - or strategically manage schizophrenic according to the motto:

I play the embarrassing game of power and self-expression - but only to do good in the end.

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You have to decide

But if you decide to do so, you have to be hell-bent on not losing yourself, as is the case with the many board members that I then meet in my coaching practice.

But what does not matter at all: frustrate the retreat, instead of consciously deciding. Because mails and word messages from wives or partners of board members and managing directors always come back to me.

Better to become active yourself

And then hear and read sentences like this: "I have my hands full keeping my husband on the ground as the board member of an international company!" about one's own advancement, no longer about factual content. "

It's better to become active yourself!

What do you want?

No question: A system in which above all those who can better market, is questionable. I do not deny that. That does not even deny board members. But that's not the point.

It's about: What do you want? “I believed I could make a name for myself through the matter.” Anyone who says that wants two things: to advance the matter and to make a name for himself. Think about it: what more do I want?

For the cause, against the career!

I know a lot of women who have decided with full conviction for the cause since 20 years at clerk level throw the whole store - and thus get no recognition and career from the Old Boys, but who are very happy and successful with it.

The reason for this is simply that these women have deliberately opted for the cause and the career.

Play the power game

On the other hand, there are also many women who have made a conscious decision: "If I get stuck with my expertise, then I'll beat the system at its own pace and now get myself a senior position."

And women then use this elevated position to do a lot of good. Like the young entrepreneur who inherited the construction company from her father and was awarded an entrepreneurial prize after a short time because she is now building ecologically and socially sustainable. For example, she says: "Why shouldn't two mothers share a job?"

Frustration does not continue!

Ergo: It is possible to do good things and not be interested in careers. It is also possible to use the ailing system itself to do even more good from a higher position.

On the other hand, what does not matter at all: to scold the system, to condemn its injustices and senseless power struggles

Conclusion: conscious decision!

Until so many women are in the system to make a complete change, each one of us should go through one of two attitudes that will both achieve success and satisfaction: I do good things - I do not care about my position. Or: I'm doing good things - and get me an upscale position.

Two equal paths to happiness. Which is yours?

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