3 tips against pressure to succeed and delusions of achievement: Career - not at any price!

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Success, career and achievement have long been the measure of all things in our society. But in the wake of digital change, the ideal of the meritocracy is slowly toppling. What effect does that have on workers?

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Sylvana Pollehn 54Sylvana Pollehn is manager of a restaurant with 40 employees.


From the author:


Pull emergency brake in time

Susanne has been complaining about everything and everyone for a long time. No one does his job properly and without them nothing would work anyway, she says constantly. She keeps tearing open the A ... while the others fail in her eyes. But what happens when superiors and colleagues ignore this behavior?

I hope not something like the bottom of the video: That she is completely freaked out! Actually, Susanne would have to pull the emergency brake much earlier. Namely, asking herself the question: Can it be that I completely overestimate myself and my own performance? To help you appreciate this, read the following situation:

It can not go on like this!

Susanne gets terribly upset again. This time about Lina, her colleague, because you have given her the holiday representation of Rosi. However, Lina Susanne's anger does not understand. Normally nobody tears it.

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It just means having to work more. When she asks Susanne why she is so angry, she prints it first. Then it bursts out of her: "Then I can finally prove what mistakes Rosi makes." Lina stares at Susanne in astonishment. So this is what Susanne wants to achieve?

Gone too far

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Now she's clearly going too far - Lina thinks - and also that it can not go on like this. But what can you do?

Husband rebels - rightly?

Lina reflects on Susanne: She knows that even her little son and her husband play only the last fiddle. Susanne always just wants to work, work, work. She has constantly been torn to additional tasks. your Manager she had to slow down.

She herself had said to Susanne several times that this would definitely go awry in the long run, but this only negated it. Earlier she heard Susanne complain. Her husband would finally have their pout full. It should have crashed tremendously. He wants to finally have his wife again and her son his mother.

Nobody wants to get stuck in Susanne's skin

Lina realizes how difficult Susanne is. She must feel terribly bad. If you are always racked and racked and considered irreplaceable, you can see even in the not received vacation representation his skins swim.

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In addition, she now also has her husband against him. Perhaps she even feels that you have long since become too much. She is in a tremendous pinch, because she does not want to admit it.

Career Gege - at what price?

It is already sad to see the result of a career. Fortunately, Susanne's boss finally spoke plain text. In mutual agreement, they screwed down the work to a reasonable degree. This was long overdue. It was a pity that it had to come so far.

Do we often react too late or inconsistently? On the one hand we ourselves, if we overburden ourselves, on the other hand our own colleagues, who only watch or are not stubborn enough. So all act exactly as a boss - who does not recognize it or does not want to recognize - irresponsible.

Checklist against the delusion of achievement

Do you know such situations too? Think about it - the following checklist will help you:

  • Was it perhaps similar to you or colleagues?
  • What happened in this case?
  • Did colleagues or the boss?
  • What did the solution look like?
  • How many bosses do you know that react in such situations?

Tips against the delusion of achievement

But what can you actually do in such a situation? The following tips will help you to find a solution:

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  1. Think about it: are not there things in your life that are not one hundred percent - and still good? For example, your colleague in the office: Do not you mind about their chaos twenty times a day? And is not that why you have so much fun at work sometimes because he sees things looser?
  2. Or the meeting last week: Actually, the boss wanted to discuss something completely different. But then the discussion became totally chaotic, but some very good ideas came to the table.
  3. With a little thought, you will probably come up with many such examples that are not one hundred percent, but still good! This helps you to loosen up things a bit.

Your opinion is asked

Now your opinion is needed: If you know such and similar situations: Write us a comment Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®, We look forward to lively discussions!

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  1. Sylvana Pollehn

    Hello, thanks for the first opinions.
    Dear Karloz, I think there are also enough men who do not pull the emergency brake. I know some of those who have either landed in the burnout or are just about to face it.
    Like Tanja I see the situation as well. It is difficult and many can not be forced to force themselves to breathe properly. But to whom is it useful to provide an oversized performance for a certain time and then collapse? It does not enrich any company and the price in the private can be enormous.
    As a manager, I expect constant performance from my employees, but I slow myself down when delegating tasks when I realize that my employee is not up to the task at the moment. So far, that has had a positive effect in my eyes, because they quickly create the expected tasks again. They are doing well in the long term, because it is a long time for us all to pension.

  2. Tanja Handl

    @ Karloz: Even men can land in such a loop.

    A good boss like in the example is an important support to find the balance. Those who put themselves under pressure often work more, but unfortunately they do not achieve that much. Better: treat breaks and breaks. Give yourself time to breathe deeply. Not everybody can do that, and it's not possible in all situations, but you can learn it for yourself. And of course, employers can design the work environment accordingly.

  3. Simone Janson

    Well, it's not just women - there are also over-motivated men who suckle others ;-)

  4. Holger Froese

    Where career hunger can lead: the price of success? #Business

  5. Karloz

    Such over-motivated Wei ... uh ladies are always a dream. The worst that the ladies seldom notice that they are all pissed off! Well, if it's fun ... Happy Easter!

  6. Liane Wolffgang

    Where career lust can lead: The price of success ?: Susanne has been complaining about everything and everyone for a long time. No ...

  7. Competencepartner

    Where can career lust lead: The price of success ?: Susanne has been complaining about all ...

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