Successful integration through tax, education & family policy: Why Germany needs immigrants

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A good inventory of what is and convincing suggestions for what should come provides Jamal Qaiser in his book "The stranger success"Especially interesting because he also knows the side of the immigrants.

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Germany needs immigrants - successful proposals for an integration policy

Against the background of the ongoing discussions in Germany about the so-called refugee flows, the book by Jamal Qaiser can not be denied a certain explosiveness.

The author writes from his immediate experience. He came to this country with 8 years, and has made a picture book career despite all the adversities.

Germany is dependent on immigration

The author begins with an analysis of current statistics that demonstrate the demographic dilemma in which Germany is located.

For many years, this country needs more migrants than migrants to shoulder all the challenges of the economy. And it is about massive political changes and reforms, so the integration works.

So that Germany can grow - cornerstones of successful integration

Chapter by chapter, the author then analyzes the obstacles of successful integration analytically. It is devoted to tax, family and education policies, which have a devastating impact on the immigrant's founder spirit (not only).

And he does not shy away from difficult topics even when dealing with fundamentalism or so-called "foreigner crime", for example.

Summary Jamal Qaiser's book provides exciting thoughts and impulses for social policy. His ideas could benefit all people in this country.

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