Successfully negotiate prices in 5 stages: "That's too expensive" - ​​and now?

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Sellers who hear that the price is too high often despair. Now they have come this far and meet this final hurdle. But there is advice.


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Lothar Lay Lothar Lay PortraitLothar Lay is Sales Manager, Sales and Management Consultant.


Why is the price being pushed?

It is normal for the buyer to lower the price. It only shows that the interlocutor has not yet understood exactly what services he is getting.

With the appropriate negotiation techniques and tact for the "why", sellers can soon invalidate these statements. The seller has to think first, why does my counterpart want to lower the price now. The main question that a salesperson should ask is whether he is dealing with rational or emotional aspects.

Rational aspects

Many buyers are under considerable pressure from above to buy cheap. It gets really bad if - which is usually the case - cheaper competitor offers are available. Buyers will exploit this fact mercilessly.

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These rational aspects can invalidate sellers by e.g. B. Offer budget-appropriate alternatives, split the budget or slim down the offer. It does Senseto explain the cost-effectiveness of the solution offered in the long term and to present an extensive price-performance comparison. The focus must be on the benefits of the offer. Rational aspects are best countered with well-founded figures, data and facts.

Emotional aspects

On the emotional level, it is much more complex. The buyer could, for example, For example, to worry about his job if he does not complete ideally and therefore must prove his existence. Perhaps his previous negotiating record of this year is still not satisfactory, and he needs a successful conclusion.

It is also difficult if the purchaser suffers from chronic decision-making uncertainty. And the worst of all cases to consider: a buyer who seeks to negotiate as a personal sporting ambition and always wants to win anyway.

The ultimate success experience for the buyer

Only one thing helps here: to give the buyer his ultimate success experience. "I got the best result" must be his feeling when he leaves the negotiation. In order for the customer to get his own sense of achievement, the seller has to resist the price negotiations and fight hard so that the customer can win in the end.

Only when the seller clearly shows that nothing is going on and then groans and moans, the buyer feels that he has achieved the best possible price and stops negotiating. A tip on the edge: What prevents salespeople to reach the border, where nothing is more, very early? This works only if sellers do not make easy concessions from the start.

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Analyze the powerful buying center

Now there is a final final discussion with all decision-makers. What do salespeople have to prepare intensively before they set off for the appointment? Be sure to find out who will be present at the final meeting on the customer side. Which contacts, from which departments and above all in which functions. The hierarchy is significant and shows the importance that the “opposite side” gives to the conversation.

Now find out if this appointment will make a final purchase decision. This is strategically important for your further procedure! Prepare a conversation partner-oriented line of reasoning.

Exit Prepare for negotiations

Sellers have to set a precise limit up to which they are willing to go in their negotiation! The point at which they say: "Here I break off the negotiation" must be precise in their head.

Otherwise there is a risk that they will be carried away by the burning desire to close the deal, accepting it at a loss for their company.

Tension field final negotiation

When seller in the negotiation situation, the question "What is your last price?" hear, this is in itself the signal that the customer wants to buy now. But if the answer to the previously asked question of whether the purchase decision can be made on that day has been given an evasive answer, sellers must under no circumstances state their last price.

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It can be a mere testing, or this price info is used to negotiate with the competition. Sellers must now clearly clarify whether a decision can now fall or not. If it is clear that a decision is not possible on this day, or if the limit of the exit sum is reached in the further discussions, sellers have only one option:

Abort from reason

The immediate exit from the negotiation. Here it can happen that the buyer-squad restrains the seller and now begins to make concessions. If this is not the case, it was never planned to do the job with this provider at that moment anyway.

Nevertheless, sellers who break off now win because they have successfully prevented accepting an unprofitable order for their company. You also demonstrated stability to your negotiating partners, creating an excellent negotiation reputation for future discussions with this company.

In triumph on the top of the stairs

The situation is different if an affirmative answer is given to the question of whether the transaction can be concluded on this day. Now it is the task of a successful seller to negotiate the best price for him within his predetermined range.

The higher he can stay within this framework, the higher the profit for his company. Even if, due to the great negotiating skills of his negotiating partners, he has to face the lowest limit of the bandwidth, he knows due to his meticulous preparation that the order is economically positive. Here, the exact preparation and calculation of the exit scenario is definitely paid off.

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  1. Katharina Daniels

    A really furiously well done series. Everything is named here that can send fear shivers down the spine of the provider of a product or service, but the motives of the “opposite side” are also carefully analyzed; immense questions are anticipated and concretely helpful illuminated - simply great. I saved the series as an extra bookmark!

    Kind regards Katharina Daniels

    • Simone Janson

      Pleased to hear! Direct this to the author, thank you!

  2. Competencepartner

    Successfully Negotiate Prices in 5 Stages - 6 / 6: The Final Conversation Interview: The Steps One ... # Profession #Education

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