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Text comes from the book: “The inner game: How decision-making and change succeed in a playful way” (2013), published by BusinessVillage Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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wallnerDr. Heinz Peter Wallner is a change consultant, executive developer and coach. He runs an office in Graz and Vienna with his consulting firm Wallner and Schauer. His many years of experience from many change projects and from working on the holistic development of people flows into his non-fiction books and his blog. He sees himself as a companion in times of change. All texts by Heinz Peter Wallner.

voelkl Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Völkl is general director of an Austrian social insurance company, he also works as a lecturer at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz and as an author of non-fiction books. Völkl has been confronted with change in top management positions for 20 years. During this time he has implemented numerous change projects and leadership development projects. Together with the co-author, he is the developer of the “train the eight” change model. All texts from Professor Dr. Kurt Völkl.

The success principles of leadership: Prinzpien at a glance

Very detailed will be in Company like to talk about values. But we now see the 6 principles of success of the Guide in companies?


The basic attitude is important

The six principles of success for the inner game also lead us to preserve our values. To accept and live a success principle leads us to a compatible basic attitude.

We can do everything right in the course of the management work, but we can only cause suffering and harm with the wrong basic principles. For us, there is a foundation in the management work above all others:

To count dignity and respect

It is the dignity and respect of man. All activities and all interventions in leadership must be permeated by the dignity and respect.

Respect for oneself and respect for other people are the beginning of a creative process Executivewhich can then begin to work. Whatever happens, which one Errorwhat mistakes - we must respect and protect human dignity.

The 6 success principles of the leadership at a glance

Beginning (and end) polarity

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Concept Basic attitude of the managerBasic attitude of the employees
beginning and endCourage: The beginning of every change is a first step into an unknown country. This step takes courage.Trust: At the beginning, people have to trust the manager and take the first step with them.
polarityRespect: If the polarities show up, you need respect for the other, for other opinions, for other views, for the "Be different".Respect: Respect is mutually necessary and must be applied from both sides, from the led and from the leader.
ResonanceJoy: Every manager needs a positive attitude. It is about taking on the management tasks with joy and leading through the change.Willingness: People must overcome the internal resistance and find it willing. Through resonance, joy and sometimes even enthusiasm can emerge.
Double decisionTrust: The first decision comes from the heart: As a manager, I trust in the people I have to lead. Concentration: The second decision follows from the knowledge: the results are correct. I focus on our successesCourage: The first decision comes from the heart: As a person, I have the courage to begin the journey and I choose it. Concentration: The second decision follows from the knowledge: the results are correct. I concentrate on my and our successes.
RepetitionPerseverance: Only with consistency and perseverance can there be development and change. Practice and repetition show the way and ultimately lead to success.Perseverance: The success of leadership work requires perseverance on both sides. Change can only be achieved by practicing new patterns.
Order patternLiveliness: Close to yourself, close to people, open up, create diversity and freedom, offer resources, let people learn and promote interaction.Liveliness: Accept the lively interplay, get involved, use free space, use resources sensibly and learn from each other.

Holistic perception

However, we must take a holistic view of the magic of the beginning at this time. It is an insight into the present, the present, a recognition of the signs of time. And it is an almost prophetic prophecy, which will be, in which we formulate what is to be in the future. Energetically, we give the impulses.

With the Impuls it is important to overcome inertia and finally get moving. Often a really strong impulse of energy is needed at the beginning. The domain we call complexity here because the entire complexity of the following process is already included in the beginning. It's for that Executive groping into the world of the complexity of change, in which many old rules are being overridden.

Leadership always consists of leading and being led

When we look at the synopsis of principles and attitudes to leadership, one thing becomes very clear.

Leadership always consists of leading and being led. It therefore always needs these attitudes on both sides, in the manager and the employee.

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