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Achievement or freedom: The right perspective changes life

Achieve significantly more with less effort ?! Personal freedom, a self-determined and happy life? To do this, we don't have to turn things completely upside down, but “simply” take on completely new perspectives.Study on working hours in Europe

The power of motivation: Faith moves mountains?

“If I only believe in success, then it will come…”, “If I believe firmly enough in health, then every disease will pass…”, “If I believe that I will achieve my goal, then it will work ! ". Instead, how about: "Get out of the hamster wheel for more success!"

Basically, we know how important it is Motivation and belief and many people also try to believe in certain things. However, implementation often does not work out as easily as originally thought.

... but how does it work?

Because, of course, faith alone never helps. It doesn't work just through purely positive thinking. But it's a start. But: we often don't really know HOW the whole thing - belief, positive thinking - actually works. No wonder, it doesn't just turn on with the snap of a finger. Wisdoms like “believing means not knowing” are not exactly helpful here either.

That is why perhaps even the greatest challenge that must be mastered is to develop faith. We can strengthen faith in ourselves, in success, in a goal only through regular training. For: Faith comes from a thought that is always thought.

From thoughts become beliefs

If we think about something in the same way, this thought becomes a belief. For example, if we have had flu over the past few years in the fall, we think that we will not be spared again this year.

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Sooner or later we even believe in a renewed infection. And: It will happen to us "according to our belief ..." - we are lying flat! Every thought that we think again and again becomes a belief (sentence)!

Positive thinking can help us reach the goal

The good thing about beliefs: We can also believe in the positive Sense to develop. For this reason we should always cherish and nurture good thoughts: Thoughts of what we want - not what we don't want - thoughts of ours objectives.

The more we dedicate ourselves to the maintenance and care of our thoughts, the stronger our positive thinking becomes. And with our faith we will meet our goal faster - success, happiness, health, freedom - also and especially when it comes to more friendly working hours.

Lazy or Efficient: That's what science says

Because we do not always have to work until we drop - even such a wrong belief. This can also be scientifically substantiated: The Parisian economic research institute Coe-Rexecode has published a study that examines working hours of people from different countries and comes to the following conclusion:

Germans work longer than many of your EU neighbors, but not the longest. Only: What actually says the working hours about the actual performance? Please just think a step further! What bothered me, for example, was the statement that the Finns are the laziest. Maybe they are simply very efficient?

What do such numbers say?

But in turn: The study has compared the effective and target working hours in different European countries. And came to the following results: The Germans work on average effectively six weeks longer than eg the French, namely 1904 hours a year. However, they are far from being the frontrunners, with Romanians (2095 hours), Hungarians (2021) and even Greeks (1971) working much more, while the Finns are in last place with 1670 hours.

The fact that Germany is on the third to last place in the collectively agreed working hours with 1659 hours, as well as the fact that self-employed significantly longer, maloch, namely in Germany on average 2459 hours a year, which is only surpassed by the Austrians with 2551 hours , Or also that the Germans have the most days off in the year together with the Danes. But what do such numbers say?

Presence culture instead of efficiency

But only how long the employees actually physically present to meet the still prevailing presence culture. Or maybe how much time was filled with actionism rather than efficiency.

But by no means, how long and how well worked really efficient. The numbers are actually not much more than stupid cock comparisons, the statement that the Finns are the laziest, simply wrong. Too bad that such work-time comparison studies still bring out and thus a rather old-fashioned world view, the presentism manifests!

Small thoughts, great power

That brings us back to the subject of freedom: If we “simply” deal more with our goals and dreams, if we keep focusing on the good and positive, then these things will become reality all the more quickly and easily. Important on the way to our goals:

Every little, every subliminal thought counts. And not only in the professional field, but also in the family, in health and social matters.

Clear objective is crucial for success

Clear goals are necessary in order to finally reach where we ourselves - and nobody else - really want to come. Wrong or unsuitable objectives can do exactly the opposite. Instead of reaching our goals of zest for life, quick and easy, we feel blocked, tired and depressed.

However, if we start looking for our meaning, for our vision, then we are simultaneously reaching for a new, positive attitude towards life that frees us and makes us happy. We break out of the daily hamster wheel of “doing-and-doing” and instead concentrate on the things that we really want to achieve.

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