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Text comes from the book: “Think yourself rich! Prosperity is a matter of attitude ”(2017), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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104Ilja Grzeskowitz is an author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.Ilja Grzeskowitz was the youngest managing director in Germany of a large retail group and ran various department stores the size of medium-sized companies with over 500 employees and annual sales in the high double-digit million range. He is a speaker, author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. His clients include international corporations, successful entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, doctors, politicians and actors. More information at www.grzeskowitz.de

Success money financial independence: entrepreneurs vs. Omitter

Many people want success and wealth. But very few make it. Reason: there are entrepreneurs and omissions.

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Does rich get cheese?

Get rich - all cheese? Now you are probably wondering why I am writing about cheese in a text about wealth. Gold, silver, diamonds or euro notes, that's what people associate with wealth, isn't it? But don't worry, we will talk about these things very precisely later. But believe it or not, it was the cheese that played a crucial role in my path to wealth. And this cheese can also be very important for you if you think richly and want financial freedom. Because it makes a big difference whether you are looking for new cheese or relying on your cheese store being replenished.

I beg your pardon? Cheese store? Looking for new cheese? Is the Grzeskowitz spinning now? He should start to write about how I get rich, and not constantly fabulate such a cheese over cheese. But I've been there for a long time and will now explain to you why. There is a wonderful short story called "The Mouse Strategy for Managers" 1. In this fable, two mice and two small (human-like) dwarf creatures live in a nested cave system. All you do all day long is to enjoy yourself and fill your stomach. And with what? Exactly, with cheese. This is because it is always available in one of the many cheese stores in the system, so that the mice and dwarfs only have to go to the corresponding cave for a short time if they are hungry or simply in the mood for a delicious piece of cheese.

Mindset: How do you deal with problems?

But it comes as it must. One day, the cheese stocks are slowly coming to an end. While the two dwarfs completely ignore the problem and hope that everything will be fine, the two mice start looking for new cheese. I don't want to tell you what happens to the two dwarfs at this point. I still do it a lot today and always find something new that inspires me. But back to the two mice. They are looking for new cheese stocks. And they find plenty of alternatives. Larger cheeses, tastier cheeses, and cheeses they've never seen before. Suddenly they lived in abundance and felt better than ever. And all because they started looking for new cheese. And without knowing it, also in search of their happiness and wealth.

And now comes the crucial question: what does the metaphor of cheese stand for in your life? What do you tend to do? Are you more like the two dwarfs who ignore the impending problems and try to sit out? Or do you do it like mice and are constantly looking for new cheese? Whatever the answers to these questions, I want you to internalize one thing: the biggest difference between rich and poor people is that the rich have a very firm belief, that is, that they determine their own lives. That they are blacksmiths of their own luck and not a game ball of other people or external circumstances.

Entrepreneurs vs. Omitter

In my seminars and coaching sessions, I often speak of entrepreneurs and omissions. These categories describe very well the ways of thinking and acting of rich and poor people and are also very striking and understandable. In the following, I will also speak of entrepreneurs when I mean rich-thinking people, and of omissions when it comes to poor-thinking people. But what do I mean exactly?

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The omitter

Failures are people like you and me. However, they have made themselves so comfortable in their comfort zone that they have become sluggish and passively waiting for what life is going to do with them. It's a bit like the lottery, because they watch what happens and then react to it. Or sometimes not. Failure to do so often becomes a game ball for their bosses, colleagues, partners and friends. They are mainly focused on problems and difficulties and use a lot of time and energy to explain to themselves and others why something doesn't work. They are satisfied with (mostly a few) what they own and have great difficulty in changing (e.g. when the cheese runs out).

The entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is different. He determines how his life should look like. He is a doer and actively grabs. He does not wait for what fate has to do with him, but determines it through his zest for action and his actions. He focuses his entire focus on opportunities and opportunities, ready to seize them if they arise. Typical entrepreneurs are open to new things, curious and consider changes as the gas of life. They like to take responsibility, both for others, but above all for themselves. Because they see themselves as the most important person in their lives, who likes to share their happiness, success and wealth with others at any time.

Success as an entrepreneur is no accident or luck

Entrepreneurs are not typically lucky. They too often make mistakes and fall down. But they can't be stopped and know the great secret of success: get up once more than fall down!

Do you recognize yourself in this description of the entrepreneur? Excellent, then the most important requirement is already fulfilled. And if some of these qualities are still missing, this is not a problem at all, because I will show you exactly how you can become an entrepreneur. Because every rich person is always an entrepreneur. And in the same way, almost every poor person is always an omitter. And it doesn't matter how much money someone has. Because, as we'll see soon, someone with many millions in the bank can be a very poor person. So make a decision to be an entrepreneur from now on.

Beware of the pseudo-entrepreneur

But please read the section above again carefully, because there is also a category that many fall into, who describe themselves as entrepreneurs. These are the so-called pseudo-entrepreneurs. You probably know them too. These people are always live. They plan, design, discuss, reject and then plan again. Therefore, they mostly seem very busy without actually being.

Unfortunately, pseudo-entrepreneurs mostly stick to planning and design, and very few things actually come to fruition. Because deep down they love their own comfort zone above everything and want to stay as they are in the world. To the outside, they pull off a big show, but unfortunately without results and only aimed at maintaining the status quo. They also just sit in their cave and hope that new cheese will come from somewhere. Therefore, behind the facade of the pseudo-entrepreneurs there are ultimately only neglectors.

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