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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Maria Theresia Radinger is a business consultant and behavior expert with her own TV show. Maria Theresia Radinger studied pedagogy with a focus on adult and vocational training, completed an apprenticeship as a color, style and image consultant and also worked in the catering and hotel industry for 15 years Maria Radinger has been working as a freelance business trainer and management consultant since 2003. She has been a member of the Etiquette Trainer International ETI network since 2004 and a member of the German Gastronomic Academy since 2012. Since March, ATV has been broadcasting its own TV show “Manners instead of embarrassing”. In addition to the Villach location, there is an office in Vienna. Her customers are 4 and 5 star hotels and commercial enterprises at home and abroad.


Managing business in a stylish way: 5 X 5 Tips for the customer

As a host to professionally fill your role is not easy. A few tips will help to leave a good impression.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Success: A question of personal appearance

Success in business and personal life is also a matter of personal appearance. Stylishly convincing means being familiar with the rules of the game in social interaction. Whether at a business lunch or a meal with friends: In every situation, it is important to present oneself appropriately. If you invite as a host or host to a business lunch, there are a few small things - with great effect - to be observed.

Business requires exact planning. The hostess or the host will have time to think about the criteria they should consider as hosts in the restaurant selection.

First considerations

Before any business, some basic considerations should be clarified:

  • Which guests do I invite for which occasion?
  • Do I know the requirements of my guests (vegetarian, kosher cuisine, ...)?
  • Number of guests?
  • Time of the talk?
  • Fixed menu or food à la carte?
  • Smoking / Non smoking?
  • Special rooms?
  • Special wishes?
  • Beverage recommendations and alternatives?

The choice of the restaurant and the process

For the selection of the restaurant I can call a restaurant guide. They do not know the restaurant yet and therefore test it in advance - they do not want to experience any embarrassing surprises. Are you satisfied with the rehearsal meal, can be booked immediately. The hosts discuss the wishes with the restaurant manager. But how does such a business meal actually go?

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  • The place of honor is basically to the right of the host or the hostess. In Austria, the male Ehrengast can also be sitting to the left of the hostess, then he is her master.
  • As a host, the menu order is a recommendation. So the guests know immediately, in which (also price) framework the food is aligned, and can order accordingly.
  • The hostess / the host planned a table talk and agreed with the service. She / he rises and begins the short speech.
  • Table speeches should always be discussed with the service and are always held between the main course and dessert. A speech lasts: "No longer than a glass of champagne sparkles" - that is between three and five minutes. The content should be based on the following topics: please, greet, hope, wish, thank, ask.

What else should be considered?

At the aperitif they make their guests acquainted with each other and present each guest with some appropriate remarks. This makes the conversation partners easier to start a conversation. The hosts talk with their guests and still survey the situation in the room. They then accompany their guests to the table and place them according to their rank. The most important customer gets the best place.

After a meal was wrongly served, the hostess / host complains discretely to the service staff. The plate is replaced immediately, and the guest immediately receives his ordered court. The host has chosen her place so that she / he can talk to all the guests. He / she observes that all guests participate in the conversation.

Finish the meal

At a business dinner is not always easy to signal to the guests that you want to end the evening. Therefore, consider the following tips:

  • Of course they do not want to give the impression that they did not have a nice evening or that they now want to "throw out" their guests.
  • In the restaurant you can be smart with the question: "May I order a last drink for you?" save. Guests can tell that they want to leave.
  • Already at the table reservation the hostess agreed with the restaurant chef that the bill is sent to her company. Thus there is no need for him / her to leave the table to pay.
  • On the way out, the hostess / hostess will leave the guests and organize a taxi if necessary.

The buffet

is a special form of food presentation and continues to enjoy great popularity among guests. Instead of the usual menu - starter, main course, dessert - all dishes are served at a buffet, but plates, bowl and co are also placed in this order.

  • The buffet styles are varied: from the breakfast buffet to the brunch buffet, lunch buffet, salad buffet, gala buffet until dessert buffet.
  • Ideally, cutlery, napkins and glasses are already laid out on the tables so that the guest has both hands free to use at the buffet.
  • Instead of overloading plates, a buffet offers the possibility to go to the buffet several times. The order should be kept and do not get the dessert first.
  • The buffet is open to the host / the hostess and is also expected by the guests.
  • At the Flying Buffet, the dishes are served in small bowls and glasses or on small plates, and as soon as they are empty they are collected again by the service. Small spoons or forks and napkins are served to the guest. Often it is also fingerfood.
  • The breakfast buffet always tempts guests to provide themselves with fruit and food for the day. This is unsuitable and meanwhile in some hotels also at the buffet extra writing.

This should be avoided at a buffet:

There are also some no-gos that guests should definitely avoid at the buffet:

  • Go to the buffet before it was opened
  • Advance to be faster than other guests
  • Already at the buffet or on the way to the table
  • Too much to load on the plate
  • unappetizing mess on the plate

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