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Fabian Linden is an online editor with a focus on education, career and technology.

Dual Studies - Study with Vocational Training: Who Worth the Double Expenditure?

High school graduates are spoiled for choice: training, study or even both at the same time? The latter corresponds to the dual study, which combines a university degree with longer practical phases. Sounds reasonable, but is not always the best choice.

dual study

Training remuneration simplifies funding

A dual course of study should help to avoid the “practical shock” that often occurs when starting a career. But despite the sensible combination of practical work and theoretical foundations, this form of training is not always the best choice.

To the undisputed Advantages of the dual study belongs to the high practical relevance: After phases of the study, the learned knowledge in the Company be applied and thus deepened. Unlike a full-time university study, students can get an early impression of work life in the desired profession.

Financial benefits

In addition, dual students as well as trainees receive one Compensation between 500 and 1.000 Euro monthly lies. Even if these amounts are not always sufficient for a complete financing of the livelihood, the gap is comparatively low.

Those who are studying full-time and who do not have the right to receive support under the BAföG must, on the other hand, have to make a side job or live a financing of their parents. According to a survey, however, about half of all dual students can fully support their livelihood from the training remuneration.

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More and more study courses can be studied dually

A disadvantage of the dual study is the fact that the high practice reference makes the scientific work in the background. If the Bachelor is to pursue an academic career, work in the university or an entry into the research, a conventional university study is the better choice.

However, the selection of courses which can be completed as a dual course is clearly caught up. Up until now, all professions in the field of engineering and business management have been in demand Spectrum of study courses, as the IUBH shows: Also social work, tourism or health management are studyable within this training form. Anyone planning to enter a career in one of these sectors should take the dual study into account.

Much practice - and little holiday

One of the disadvantages of the dual study program is, however, the comparatively high workload. Unlike full-time students, there is no semester breaks.

The lecture-free time is mostly used for the practical phases in the enterprise - for days off then leave must be taken, as it is common practice in the professional life. Unlike usual for ordinary workers, it is not uncommon to learn after-work time for upcoming exams.

Different forms of dual study

In this context, however, it makes sense to differentiate between different forms of dual study: the integrated study program combines the Bachelor's degree program with a complete vocational qualification. Consequently, in addition to the practical phase and studies, a lot of time has to be invested in the vocational school - in the end there is also an IHK examination as well as after an apprenticeship.

The practice-integrating study is somewhat less intensive in terms of work, in which simple practical phases are combined with the Bachelor's degree. Those who opt for the dual study program and endure to the end can look forward to shining job prospects. The companies have invested a great deal of work and money in the training of these graduates, and in almost all cases it comes to a fixed position. The already low unemployment rate of 2,5 per cent among academics is likely to be considerably lower for dual-graduate students.

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