Study or work abroad: How Campus Experience can help you

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Immediately after leaving school and abroad, focusing on your professional, academic or technical background? Campus Experience Abroad Enables That!

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Cara Wallenhorst works at TravelWorks.


For whom is Campus Experience interesting?

After the Abitur, many school leavers ask themselves the big question: What is coming now? The possibilities are diverse: study, training, federal voluntary service or rather go abroad? Especially the way abroad is very popular, many students feel wanderlust and want to discover the world first after school.

On the one hand, just to feel the great freedom before it goes on for business, on the other to gain time and think: What are my strengths and weaknesses? What do I want to do? For many students, the personal future is a big question mark after graduation. A new opportunity to combine the urge to go abroad and your own career orientation offers a short study abroad.

Short study abroad - What is it?

With a short course of study, graduates have the chance to live abroad for a limited time for a study visit. Unlike a semester abroad that students can take during their studies in Germany, a short study abroad is completely detached from it.

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As a non-enrolled student, young school leavers can also sniff their way into various courses of study and at the same time get to know the life at the campus and their host country.

Personal and professional benefit

Through a wide selection of subjects and courses, young adults can gain a first insight into exactly the subject area, where they may see their professional future. The diversity is enormous: from business studies to architecture, design, gastronomy to psychology or law.

Through a short study, young adults will not only grow professionally but also personally. Organizing oneself, developing one's own initiative and making decisions independently are just some of the many positive aspects of a stay abroad.

Try your own strengths and interests

The time abroad offers a lot of space for growing independence and self-awareness. An additional plus: An international environment promotes one's own openness, adaptability, and, last but not least, the linguistic knowledge that can be tested and improved in everyday life as well as during study.

In short, school leavers can use their short study to test their strengths and interests without obligation, while at the same time experiencing the country and growing in themselves.

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Fit for the future career choice!

Potential future employers appreciate stays abroad. They are well aware that various soft skills such as teamwork, organization and self-reliance have been improved abroad - a plus for everyone Curriculum vitae.

In addition, the applicant may have first professional experience in the area of ​​the subject, not to mention the improved knowledge of English.

Who can participate in the program?

Not only high school graduates but also young people with a real school leaving certificate can take part in a short study.

Due to the fact that it is possible to stay in 17 years ago, Campus Experience is ideal for young high school graduates who can not participate in many foreign programs such as work and travel due to their age, to bridge the gap until the start of studies or training.

Campus Experience with TravelWorks

With TravelWorks, school leavers have a competent partner at their side who offers various short studies abroad in the “Campus Experience” program. For 25 years the tour operator has been organizing stays abroad that combine travel, learning and working. Particular emphasis is placed on individual and personal support for the participants.

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In doing so, TravelWorks relies on a complete package, ie all important components of the foreign study, such as flights and accommodation, are organized for the participant. In addition, the school leavers have the choice between five countries (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England), many disciplines, the duration of the stay and the choice of accommodation.

For more information on short-term studies abroad visit the following website:

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