{Study} How job and travel will combine in the future: Pad 'n' Breakfast and other trends

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The marketing industry is never at a loss for new word creations - and now this: “Pad 'n' Breakfast”! What is behind it is not that wrong: work and private life are merging more and more, even when traveling. It is not for nothing that every youth hostel now advertises with WLAN. So maybe time to give the child a name? Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® by Simone Janson000

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Key trends of the tourism industry

Of course, there is also a study - and once more of Zukunftsinstitut: The author duo Harry Gatterer and Anja Kirig takes the holiday motives of tomorrow under the microscope and explains the influence of the big mega trends on travel behavior.

Building on this, they are responsible for six key key trends for the tourism industry, which are listed below:


Probably the strongest driver for the described travel trends is the megatrend of individualization. The lifestyles of people are less and less based on given pattern plans. Package deals barely meet the individual, personal taste.

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There is a growing yearning for the unique holiday experience, the special hotel, the special service. The tourism providers have to specialize. travel-trends


But the downside of this development is complexity. From the mass of offers, how does the traveler know what suits him? So new, intelligent ways are required to deal with the multitude of information. The Le Méridien Hotels of the Starwood Group provide an innovative solution, which work with so-called “mood boards” on their website. The interested guest can select mood images on the website, which, based on an intelligent algorithm, lead to a selection of hotels that optimally match their preferences.

“Pad 'n' Breakfast”

Holiday preferences increasingly follow the desire for creative input. A new generation of young knowledge workers is breaking away from the categorical separation of work and leisure. So the first of the six travel trends described is “Pad 'n' Breakfast”, which deliberately alludes to the cult object iPad. After all, the iPad is the showpiece par excellence that perfectly combines play and work.

In the wake of this development, tourist offers are being established, which meet both professional and private interests - for example, tire expeditions. Behind this, experts will organize guided tours on relevant topics or in avant-garde areas that are becoming increasingly important for entrepreneurs, innovators and decision-makers.

Allways on, sometimes off

As nice as it is to always be able to access all information online, it is desirable to do without it. Offline vacation - or “There is no app for it” expresses the longing for deceleration, the concentration on the inner life as a travel trend.

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It is not about to renounce technology, but about the freedom of inaccessibility - often in remote natural oases. The experience "nature with all senses" is the be-all and end-all for this holiday need. Innovative tourism providers underline this claim by growing the food they offer their guests themselves - naturally organically.

The Journey is the Goal

In the future, it will be a matter of getting the maximum of experience for the guest: The focus of the travel trend “path fire” is to dissolve supposedly unsolvable contrasts of travel efforts and vacation relaxation. The cruise industry in particular benefits from this holiday motif. The modern crusaders do not decide on holiday locations, but make their choice depending on the route and what happens on this route.

The danger for the industry is to create ever larger ships with more and more delights, instead of concentrating on travelers' basic needs: where are good discussions promoted? Where are surprises waiting? An innovative Concept cruise provider Hapag-Lloyd has implemented this approach. With the offer “On the way with the European Parliament”, only the start and destination of the trip will be announced. The travelers vote on the rest of the tour while driving.

Bonus Hunter

Overall, it is about offering travelers freedom of choice and uniting opposites. This can be seen in the trend “bonus hunters”, slow budget traveling with a pleasure effect, as well as in the travel trends “View and Watch” (extreme sightseeing) and “Alcovenience”, the new niche tourism.

Reminds me to be honest a little at Foursquare!

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  1. Simone Janson

    Hello Carsten, you are not the only one. Today, work and private life are increasingly fusing. I think a sensible approach to the new media, the organization of work and leisure, is one of the most important challenges of our society. Allways on is not the solution, allways off either. As always, the golden middle way is in demand.
    Simone Janson

  2. Holger Froese

    Study shows how job & travel connect in the future: Pad, n 'Breakfast & other Trends #Business
    Commented on Twitter

  3. Carsten

    I'm always a bit split when it comes to holidays and internet / accessibility. Sometimes, in certain situations, you would not want anything more than to be able to access information, or get a call that it is burning somewhere and help is now desperately needed - and then it can be handy to be on the road with a notebook or even iPad , On the other hand, I personally would like to understand my vacation mainly as offline time - just not to be reminded every five minutes to work.

  4. job college

    Study shows how Job & Travel will connect in the future: Pad, n 'Breakfast & other trends: To ...

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