How to study: The extra-occupational study

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In the past few years, in addition to the “normal full-time study”, which I will discuss in the third part, two tenses have come into focus that hardly anyone knew about 5-10 years ago.

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Milan Klesper 49Milan Klesper is a specialist with a focus on studying.


Studying part-time is “in”

If workers who were still studying after their professional days were still exotic at the beginning of the century, this development has changed rapidly. The distance learning statistics 2009 shows that the boundary of 100.000 remote students was cracked for the first time.

What is not recorded in the statistics: In addition to the distance students there are still plenty of evening students. Estimated is their number of the same order of magnitude. As a part-time student, you are no longer alone nowadays.

Different forms of study

Anyone who has ever been involved in a career-accompanying study will soon have noticed that there are different time models. The two most used I would like to explain below:

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  • Distance learning: “Distance learning” is often used as a synonym for part-time study. However, this is not entirely correct, because you can also study part-time in your presence. Distance learning, as the name suggests, is a course of study that is done remotely. The most famous university is the FernUni Hagen, there are also numerous other private universities and training institutes that offer such a degree. With a distance learning course, enrollment gives you access to an online campus from which the teaching materials can be downloaded. Here you can chat with the ProfessorHe gives up his tasks or exchanges with his fellow students. In addition, you will receive learning letters by mail. On a few days per year, there are also face-to-face appointments where, for example, exams are taken.
  • Evening courses: In this form of part-time study, after work and / or on weekends you still press the (high) school desk. So you study directly with the study provider in the circle of fellow students and not alone at home. As far as study time is concerned, there are very different regulations. Some providers offer a weekend study program in which the seminars are only scheduled on weekends. Other institutions open their lecture rooms for evening students twice a week (eg from 18: 00 - 21: 00 o'clock) as well as on Saturday evenings.
  • Further study forms: In addition to these two models, there are also other time models, such as online studies. In principle, it is similar to remote studies, but the proportion of content taught or provided via the online platform is somewhat higher.
  • Different degrees: It is also important to know that there are many different degrees in part-time studies. In principle, “distance learning” or “evening study” means only the form of learning, the study. Many part-time students have therefore experienced nasty surprises if they have not informed themselves in detail beforehand.

This is because it does not always lead to an academic degree, such as Diplom, Bachelor or Master. In addition, there are numerous providers who carry out further training courses with certificates. This is not dubious, and these degrees are also recognized by employers, but one can not, for example, equate an advanced degree with an academic degree. The career opportunities are generally better with a diploma, a Bachelor's or a Master's degree or an MBA in their pockets.

What should you pay attention to?

If you are interested in a career-oriented study, you should pay attention to three things:

  • Time model: Which time model suits me? Am I the type who can study alone at home in the evening? Or is rather an evening study suitable?
  • Degree: Do I want to pursue an academic degree? Then make sure that your course of study completes with a recognized degree such as Diplom, Bachelor or Master. These degrees are reviewed and accredited by agencies such as FIBAA or ZeVA.
  • Providers: There are now hundreds of providers on the sideline education market. Inform yourself extensively, for example, use forums and independent platforms to get an idea of ​​the colleges and academies.

More info

Anyone who is studying for a postgraduate degree should consider carefully whether this form is very difficult to deal with.

You can find detailed research opportunities for all evening and long distanceCourses, especially with an academic degree, as well as experience reports on various providers.

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  1. Fritz

    Good grades and a quick study - that's what career advisors and HR professionals always recommend to find a job. What is often kept secret: Unfortunately, these days there are fewer and fewer guarantees that you will find the job you want. That's where you should start with your blog.

  2. Juergen slate

    Dear Mrs Janson,

    ich kann ihrem Artikel nur zustimmen. Ich habe das Buch “Erfolgreich berufsbegleitend studieren: Ein Absolvent packt aus!” nach Abschluss meines berufsbegleitenden Studiums verfasst. Sowie in Deutschland boomt das berufsbegleitende Studieren auch in Österreich. An den Fachhochschulen ist die Quote schon höher als die Vollzeitstudierenden.

    I am on the road in Austria, Germany and Switzerland at the FH's and universities, and I am telling students how to study successfully.

    If you are interested in an article or an interview for your homepage, I would be glad. Maybe we'll see each other at an event in Germany.

    With best regards from Austria

    Jürgen Schiefer's Profile

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you. I direct the weter to the author, Hern Klesper.

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