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49Milan Klesper is a specialist author with a focus on studies. During his student days, Milan Klesper represented his university at educational fairs and held consultations on the various courses on offer. At the same time, he developed a web portal for the university's students to strengthen cohesion. After completing his studies in 2007, Klesper remained loyal to his university and continued to work, among other things, as a study advisor. In November 2010, Klesper made the leap into self-employment with online study guides. Furthermore, it pursues the same goal as in the hundreds of course advisory services before: To give prospective students a comprehensive impression of courses and their future prospects. More information at www.targroup-media.de

What should i study? Part-time at the university

In this article, we are not dealing with a special course offer, but rather a very good opportunity to acquire new qualifications in addition to your professional life imagine.

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Studying next to the profession is booming

The topic of “lifelong learning” has become increasingly important in recent years and I would therefore like to familiarize you with the various forms of part-time studies. Because maybe you would also like to further qualify in addition to your full-time job?

In Germany, more and more people are studying part-time. For them, such an accompanying study program is a very good variant, for example, to acquire academic qualifications after an apprenticeship and during a permanent apprenticeship, thus accepting new challenges and taking steps on the career ladder.

Due to this increased demand, the market for extra-occupational study programs has also risen sharply in recent years. As can be seen in the distance learning statistics of DistanceLearning, the number of distance students has grown by about 5% in the last 50 years - from just 60.000 to 90.000 people.

The provider should be a credit card!

Where demand is demanded, the range is also rapidly expanded - in the meantime one can study in dozens of academies, distance and technical colleges, and even universities.

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No matter which provider you decide on, you should make sure that the offered study has been checked and confirmed by an accreditation agency and that the provider is state-recognized. So you have the certainty that the part-time degree earned in business practice is also appreciated accordingly. The different study options

study options

There are two study variants for a secondary course. The first variant, the Fernstudium, is often also used as a synonym for a career-accompanying study, although this is not so appropriate, because even an evening study can be a suitable alternative for many interested students. What are the differences between the two types of studies?

distance learning

As the name suggests, you study from afar. This means that as a student, the learning materials are regularly delivered by post or as a download and then they have to fight alone through the learning material.

The larger universities offer their students the opportunity to organize learning groups in the different cities, but a maximum of half of the distance students make use of this. Most learn in their spare time, in the train on the way to work or even on vacation. A distance learning course offers a lot of flexibility in the temporal classification, but the self-responsible learning from books is not everyone's case.

evening courses

With an evening study (or also called "part-time study course") as a student you also spend your time physically in the university. You and your fellow students attend lectures that take place twice a week, for example, from 18 p.m. and all day on Saturdays. Interactive teaching in a group increases the learning success for some part-time students in the evening study variant.

The downside, however, is that employees who can not leave the office around 17: 30 watch often miss the lectures and then have to learn a lot from books again. In addition, not every course of study can be studied within a reasonable range from the place of work.

Is the degree recognized as in a normal course?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions when studying part-time. Many prospective students are afraid that their distance or evening degree is worth less than the degree of a "normal" full-time student.

Of course, this is by no means the case, and employers often even reward the additional effort and the willpower associated with it. If you make sure that the training provider, as mentioned above, is officially recognized and the degree “Bachelor”, “Master” or “MBA” is officially accredited, you can be sure that you will receive a globally recognized degree.

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