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OPINION! Master's online communication from the perspective of two students: This is how studying the Internet works

What expectations do students have of the new online communication course at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences? The master's student Sebastian Jäkel and the master's student Markus Köckert take stock of the expectations and content of their studies in an interview.

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Sebastian Jäkel completed an apprenticeship as a banker before he graduated from university and was, among other things, a customer advisor at a well-known financial institution before he dedicated himself to online marketing and completed a corresponding degree with various internships at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Bernburg. At the time of the interview, he has just been enrolled in the master's online communication, having already completed his bachelor's degree at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Mr. Jäkel, how did you find out about the course of studies and what do you expect from your studies?

By Professorand other students. As a trained banker with professional experience, I have a completely different perspective than pure students.

My Objective is therefore to combine classic with digital marketing and I hope to gain insights into different fields of online communication.

What is important to you in your studies?

I find positive that the course of studies through projects is very practical. However, it is also important to me that the current developments are taken into account during a study course. What happens online also often affects other areas and should not be neglected.

What disadvantages do you see during your studies?

I was a little surprised that in the first week, the first tasks for group work were given, so I had little time to get used to. However, I would like to make up for this in the near future.

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Does the study of such a subject matter mean spending more time on the Internet?

Sure online communication is important in this course and I am very happy about it. However, the social aspect is also important to me offline:

It is very family friendly on the small campus outside of Bernburg too, so you have the opportunity to get to know teachers and fellow students better. The healthy mix between online and offline.

Where do you see your field of activity after your studies?

Social media as a buzzword for communication processes holds in many Company Indent. At the beginning it was about Facebook This opens up new areas such as personnel recruiting, which must now be dealt with with social media.

That's why I don't see myself as a better social media manager, but see my studies as an opportunity to qualify between controlling, marketing and PR. With this special perspective, I think that I can better differentiate myself from other applicants when looking for a job.

Mr. Köckert, how did you find out about studying at HS-Anhalt?


Markus Köckert has been studying online communication for one semester at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Before that, he completed a bachelor's degree in business administration. He selected the course and started it with the professional goal of digital media and digital marketing. Particularly attractive for Markus Köckert: The interlinking of theory and practice.

I found out about the course from the online edition of "DIE WELT". Since I had already dealt with the new media before, it was easy for me to decide what to do after my Bachelor's degree in business administration.

Already during my Bachelors, I gained experience in different companies, so that the Master was only the next logical step in order to intertwine theory and practice.

What were your expectations for studying?

I have been looking for a way to study a specialized course with a focus on online.

Private colleges would have been too expensive for me, since the range offered by Hochschule Anhalt was just right.

And were your expectations fulfilled?

I find above all the practice very well implemented. So there were practice projects in cooperation with many well-known companies. In the next semester I will work for six months during my long-term internship with a company, I am already looking forward to it.

Incidentally, for the long-term internship, students are always happy to receive offers that companies can direct to the degree program, where they are then passed on centrally to all students.

What disadvantages do you see during your studies?

One disadvantage is perhaps the location: I am suspended between Leipzig and Bernburg, which took up to 5 hours a day.

The effort was still worth it, because I could learn many useful things, the social environment was right. The ProfessorWe have a good hand in selecting students.

And what exactly did you learn? How to Get Facebook served?

No, Facebook is part of the course, but more of a critical discussion topic than main content.

At its core, the course is also about creating communication strategies for companies and how to improve internal social networks Communication uses.

What profession do you want to take after graduation?

Social media manager is just a potential job that you can take after graduation. The field of online communication is much broader.

Accordingly, social media is only one part of the study.

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