Study on gender pay gap under equal conditions: Women earn 5,5 per cent less than men

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Equal pay for equal work? According to a recent study conducted by Glassdoor in five Western countries, there is a significant gender pay gap between women and men - and not just in Germany.

Gender Pay Gap in Germany

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Where does the data come from?

The study "Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap" examined more than 534.000 salaries, which were shared by employees at Glassdoor.

The study is based on salary data from full-time employees to 11. November 2015 (USA) and 24 respectively. November 2015 (Germany, UK, France, Australia) on Glassdoor.

Gender pay gap in Germany at 5,5 percent

The data used in the study include specific information on the employee, such as the job title or the specific employer. Through this additional information, salaries were compared more closely and a precise gender pay gap could be identified. The uncleaned and the adjusted wage gap between men and women was determined.

According to glassdoor data, the unadjusted content gap is 22,5 percent - on the actual salary, this means that women earn an average of 78 cents for every euro that men earn. Even after considering all relevant factors and the statistical adjustment, the gap is still at 5,5 percent. For comparison: in France the adjusted gender pay gap is 6,3 percent, in Austria it is 3,9 percent, while the US with 5,4 percent is just under Germany. For Great Britain the same salary scale was calculated as for the Federal Republic.

That too Federal Statistical Office is similar to 21 percent (unadjusted) or 7 percent (adjusted), but the government assumes that the actual wage gap would be lower under consideration of additional and non-available factors of influence [2]. A part of the wage gap can be attributed to the fact that men typically work in other sectors and thus simply occupy better paid positions or have more professional experience than women.

What are the explanatory and unresolved factors of gender pay gaps?

In order to better understand the causes of the wage gap, the study divides these into their explanatory and unclear parts. Factors such as various sectors, work experience or age are explainable components of the gender pay gap. For Germany, 51 percent can be explained by different employee characteristics; At the same time, 49 percent can not be explained by factors that are observable on the basis of the data.

In a direct comparison with the other countries surveyed, Germany is the last to be ranked here - in the US, 67 percent of the gender pay gap can be explained, in the UK still still 64 percent. The unexplained factors include, for example, differences in the salary negotiation strategy between men and women or a different treatment by the employer - either unintentionally or not.

Explainable & unexplained gender pay gap

Salary gap through different types of employment

With approximately 28 percent, a significant factor in the salary gap in Germany is the already mentioned different types of employment and sectors, for which men or women typically "choose" and their earning potential varies widely. This factor is also found in all other countries studied. As scientific studies show, social pressure and gender norms also contribute to the development of the careers of men and women.

Women are sometimes more likely to meet the classic roles and look after the children or dependent relatives. In this way, they accept, for example, lower paid jobs or part-time jobs. These gender-specific differences have an influence on the education and professional experience and make up 22 percent of the explicable gender pay gap.

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    Study on gender pay gap under equal conditions: women earn 5,5 percent ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended MH8YbRPyMQ

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