Studying efficiently: 8 tips for better study

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Also life as a student can be stressful. Therefore, we give 8 tips on how to best organize your student life organizationally and what to look out for.

Organize your studies efficiently: organize 8 tips for better study-studying efficiently

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Start of studies: new orientation & self-organization

With the start of the studies, the move to another city is often linked, which requires a complete reorientation. And the university also requires a higher degree of self-organization than many are accustomed to by the school.

If then a chronically tight household budget is added, the challenge "student life" is complete. Below we give Tips and advice for students, which are just starting in the new semester. This makes life easier and more relaxed.

8 tips for a more efficient study

  1. provide overview At the very beginning, you should become familiar with your new environment as a student. The expression of a location plan can be helpful. This is especially true for seminars and lectures, where punctual appearances are required. Timely appearance is an advantage, especially in the case of well-attended lectures, because sometimes there is only one place left on the stairs. The campus is a good place to get to know the campus even before the day of the official start of the studies. Many universities offer introductory events that are highly recommended.
  2. Establish connections At the university, the first semester is surrounded by strangers. However, this can change quickly. Contacts can be made quickly - whether in the cafeteria, through learning groups, or even during small seminars. The seminar opening parties, which are held at many universities, also offer a good opportunity for this.
  3. Tips for saving in student life Whether BAföG or Nebenjob: Chronic money shortage during the study is for most normality. All the more pleasant when bargains for bargains are waving. Whoever does it smartly can save a lot of money every month.
  4. Use student fares in local transport Public transport can be used more often in many cases. Student contributions are often issued with the semester fee, which cover all connections to the campus. If the local public transport network is well developed, you can easily do without your own car. This is particularly noticeable in the household.
  5. Cheap phone calls as a student Students have the opportunity to complete favorable student fees with many providers. Here, you should first research the possibilities under which conditions. Often these are tariffs with age restrictions, with some providers the student ID is required. It is definitely worth comparing the different offers with each other.
  6. Cheap health insurance Fortunately, students do not have to worry too much about health insurance. Until the 25. Year of life they are covered by the parents. If the family insurance ends, you have to assure yourself, but the student tariffs fortunately fall relatively cheap. Only 65 euros have to be spent per month - long-term care insurance included. However, this only applies to the 30. Year of life or to reach the 14. Semester.
  7. Use free checking accounts Many banks offer students free giro accounts. This is the reason, because when everything goes according to plan, students are later, as educated academics, among the customers with higher income - and would like to bind the bank as early as possible. Nevertheless, free giro accounts are a great way to save money. You can still change afterwards.
  8. Use discounts for students First of all, whoever is looking for discounts and benefits as a student should always carry the student ID with him. With it can be reduced in many places entrance fees drastically. This applies in particular to museums, theaters, swimming pools, trade fairs and sometimes even cinemas. The prices for students are usually indicated on the notices with. If not: questions does not cost anything!

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