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BAföG - 1 / 16: Definition of training promotion

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BAföG stands for federal training promotion. Its aim is to give every young person the opportunity to have a good education regardless of his social and economic situation. Career entry - continuing education already during your studies

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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

History of BAföG

This means that you have an education that corresponds to your own abilities and interests. Qualified training should not fail due to lack of financial resources of the trainee, his parents or his spouse. However, the BAföG constantly changes, as the overview of its history shows.

  • The BAföG came into force for the first time, replacing the Honnefer model, which granted performance-related grants.
  • 1974 introduced the basic loan
  • 1982 was almost completely canceled, BAföG was only granted as a full loan 1990 was introduced, after recognizing that fewer and fewer children from low-income families were studying, introduced an 50% -model: one half became from now on as a grant, the other half as a tin-free loan.
  • Since 1996, students who are still in need of money beyond the funding period receive this as a fully-interest-bearing bank loan. In the meantime, there are some special regulations, eg for students who go abroad.
  • 2001, the child allowance has been raised significantly, the children's allowance is now no longer counted as income, while children are also being taken into account during the study period, the promotion of East has been adjusted to the West, there is a debt sum total and an Auslandsstudium is encouraged.

Latest developments

2004, and 2005, new models appeared in the debate on study funding in the course of the discussion about study fees: A proposal: an independent basic financing (instead of child allowance) and a interest-bearing loan. And those who do not earn enough after their studies do not have to pay for anything until they deserve better. Instead, the state is to carry the loan. Still, these are only proposals for reforming the study funding - one may be anxious about what the future holds.

For the winter semester, the Bafög rates for students should be increased by two percent. This emerges from a key paper of the Ministry of Education, which is the "Rheinische Post" and is published today.

More money for more students

The Bafög maximum rate will even increase from 648 to 670 Euro monthly due to an additional increase for health and long-term care insurance. "In order to provide students and students with the best possible personal training conditions, the means of livelihood should be adapted," the paper says.

In addition, the group of students receiving Bafög is to be expanded. The parents' income until a child receives the full Bafög grant increases by three percent from the current 1555 Euro net monthly to 1565 Euro for married couples and 1070 Euro for single parents.

Is that safe?

Surely the planned change is not yet: the Cabinet wants to pass the law on the Bafög increase in April.

The financing is probably not yet clear: the Bafög amendment is expected to annually increase the cost of 373,4 million euros, it is said. No word about where the money comes from.

Nevertheless: investment in education: the right step in the right direction. Now more steps must follow!

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