BAföG - 4 / 16: BAföG application and formalities

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When and how do you have to submit your application to BAföG? What dates and deadlines are to be observed? And how do you have to fill the form sheets to make everything correct? Here are answers!

BAföG - 4 / 16: BAföG application & formalities homework

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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

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How to apply?

You should apply for your BAföG application as early as possible - you will only receive the BAföG from the time the application is submitted, provided that your studies have already begun. You must submit the application in writing on the forms provided for this purpose. You will receive the forms from all offices for training support who also process the BAföG applications and decide whether you will receive BAföG.

You can also use the form sheets online at the address http://www.bafoeg.bmbf.de find and print.

You can submit your application yourself if you are at least 15 years old, but also send your legal representatives (parents). You do not have to send the application personally, but can also send it by post. An online application is unfortunately not yet possible because of the signatures you have to make.

Which BAföG Office is responsible?

The BAföG office of your place of residence or your training place is responsible for the training you make. If you are not studying at a university, you may submit your application to another job.

After all, even though colleges with their own student unions often came into being in smaller cities in recent years - by far not all municipalities and districts have their own office for the promotion of education. In some cities, for example, the youth welfare office is responsible for this - please inquire with your city administration if necessary.


The training place principle applies to students from Germany and abroad (if they are entitled to BAföG) at universities and Fachhochschulen. This means that you submit your application to the Office for the Promotion of Education at the Studentenwerk of the university where you are enrolled.


Even if you are doing an internship for which you only receive BAföG, if it is prescribed in the regulations, you must submit your application to the Studentenwerk of the university where you are enrolled.

Other adult education facilities

If you are attending an evening gymnasium, a college, a higher technical school or an academy, please submit your application to the Office for the Promotion of Education, in the district where your training institution is located. This also applies if you would like to attend a study course or a German course and would like to apply for BAföG.


In the case of regular pupils, the situation is somewhat different: here the residence principle applies, namely to the parents of the pupil. In the plain text: As a student, submit the application to the Office for Promoting Education in the district where your parents live.

How to submit the application

If you have not succeeded in filling out all the forms in time, perhaps because you usually have a lot to do at the beginning of your studies or semester,

As a BAföG application is already a simple slip with the following details:

  • ชื่อนามสกุล/Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • study
  • College
  • subject
  • matriculation number
  • Date
  • signature

Or you fill out form 1, the actual BAföG application with the most important information, and give it off. More about the application procedures under the initial application

In any case, all further documents should be submitted as quickly as possible, since the application is considered to be submitted and BAföG is paid in principle, however, the application is only processed once all the documents are available and this can take. Once the application is approved, the BAföG is then paid out retroactively.

initial application

Anyone applying for BAföG for the first time will initially find themselves faced with a jumble of forms that must first be understood. If you then get a study place on the ZVS, so that one gets his university - and thus the responsible BAföG-Office - in the beginning shortly before the beginning of the study, it can be scarce with time. But do not panic, although the BAföG application should be made as early as possible, since there are BAföG only from the date of application, but it is sufficient if the application is made at the latest in the month of study start (if necessary, informal), as the Of course, BAföG will only be paid out at the beginning of your studies.

You must submit the application in writing on the form sheets provided for this purpose, which you can obtain from all the offices for training or online http://www.bafoeg.bmbf.de can get.

The following form sheets must be completed:

Form 1The actual application form - it is sufficient if this is first given and all other forms are submitted later (BAföG, of course, there are only if you have all the other forms and documents also specified). Here you also enter the details of your income and assets during the training.
Appendix B to Form 1This includes the information on the previous school career
Form 2Certificate according to § 9 BAföG about the attendance of a training center, the participation in an internship / distance learning course etc. - here the enrollment certificate is sufficient.
Form 3This is not from you, but from your father or your mother and, if you are married, from your spouse. Here, the respective income relationships must be explained.
Form 4You must complete this if you are not a German citizen.
Form 5Only required if the initial application is from the fifth semester: Here the proof of achievement is entered, which must be completed at the beginning of the fifth semester.
Form 7The update request that changes the calculation period.
Form 8If you want to submit an application for advance payment of BAföG.
MietbescheinigungAlways necessary, or who still lives with the parents, can be certified by them.

Please note the explanations on the relevant forms and attach the necessary supporting documents and evidence - only then can the Office for Training Support process your application quickly and make the payments on time.

If all the documents have been submitted on time and you are waiting and waiting for the BAföG decision - then you have either forgotten something or the BAföG office is sleeping. In any case ask again.

By the way, if the full initial application has been at the BAföG Office for six weeks, without the approval or refusal of the application, or if you wait for ten weeks in vain to pay BAföG, you have the right to receive training in the amount of up to 360 Euro monthly for a maximum of four months to get. However, this payment will be subject to the repayment, which means that if your request is still rejected or you receive less, you will have to repay part of the BaföG.

Every year again - repeat request

BAfög is paid for a maximum of one year each time. This year is called in the jargon approval period. For follow-up funding in the following year, a new application - a repeat application - must be made. This should not wait too long, it makes sense to submit the application one of the two months before the end of the approval period, so that the money flows seamlessly.

As a rule, this means that the following form sheets have to be filled out, which must be submitted to all offices for training or online http://www.bafoeg.bmbf.de can get:

Form 1The actual application form. Here one must above all specify whether their own income and assets changed during the training.
Form 2Certificate according to § 9 BAföG about the attendance of a training center, the participation in an internship / distance learning course etc. - here the enrollment certificate is sufficient.
Form 3This is not from you, but from your father or your mother and, if you are married, from your spouse. Here, the respective income relationships must be explained. Also here should be displayed, if something has changed.
Form 5This is where the performance record is entered, which must be carried out at the beginning of the fifth semester.
Form 6If you want to study further abroad or do a prescribed internship, you must complete it.
Form 7The update request that changes the calculation period.
Form 8If you want to submit an application for advance payment of BAföG.
MietbescheinigungAlways necessary, or who still lives with the parents, can be certified by them.

In addition, you must always specify your delivery number from now on.

All other applications, for example to an extension of the duration of the promotion or to a further promotion despite the changed course of studies (change of subject / change of focus) must be informal with a good reasoning and, of course, all important data.

ruling in advance

By means of a preliminary decision, you can already make a binding statement about whether BAföG is entitled to you at all. This may save you some effort because you can submit the corresponding application formally to your (probably) competent BAföG office. A simple note with the following information is sufficient:

  • ชื่อนามสกุล/Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • prospective place of study
  • prospective university
  • prospective study subject
  • Date
  • signature

Please note: As the preliminary ruling merely decides on the ground, you are told whether you are entitled to BAföG at all, but not how much your BAföG will fail and whether you would get BAföG because of your income and assets Office also does not provide information on your income.

A preliminary ruling may be of particular interest to you if you wish to continue studying abroad, changing your subject or seeking a second degree, or if you are already older than 30 years - especially then it is not sure if you follow the reason BAföG can get.

Incorrect information

A BAföG application is not uncomplicated and Nobody is perfect - mistakes happen.

But beware: that can be expensive! If you have received too much BAföG on the basis of false statements (whether they were intentionally or unintentionally made), you should repay this and hope that the BAföG office will not impose a fine. In recent years numerous cases of BAföG fraud have been detected throughout Germany, as the BAföG office compares its data with the tax office.

It is therefore strongly advised not to deliberately make false statements in order to fraudulently commit a higher BAföG. In such cases, remedies, that is, a contradiction or a lawsuit against the BAföG office, make little sense either: they make themselves unreasonable and can certainly count on a fine. Anyone who bows, especially with minor offenses, and admits his "guilt", there may rather have the hope to hope for pity on the part of BAföG-Office - but this is certainly also dependent on the clerk.

update request

Basically, the income of your parents or spouse is also included in the calculation of the BAföG benefit - the income earned in the penultimate calendar year prior to the application. Since this is unfair, if they have suddenly changed the income of the person in question (something by pension, sickness, unemployment), you have the option to request an update. But think twice: if the BAföG office has approved the application once, you can not undo it!

For the update request, the probable income will now be included in the bill during the grant period. This in turn you can only appreciate, so you get your BAföG then only under reserve. When it finally becomes clear how much your parent / spouse has earned, it will finally be calculated how much BAföG you should have received - and it may be that you still have to receive additional payments or have to pay back your overpaid BAföG yourself. For cheating this application is therefore not suitable!

Why the success also depends on the employee

Of course, there are laws that the officials have to follow. But also officials are only people and therefore also BAföG application is not equal BAföG application.

The one clerk needs meticulously all the documents, the other one copies the application only once. One does not fit your nose and the other invites you to a coffee.

Ultimately, it turns out that the human component plays a decisive role in the success of the BAföG application, despite all the prescribed laws and ordinances. You always feel that when the officials themselves have a certain amount of room for maneuver - eg when it comes to the question of whether your change of subject is recognized as a change of subject or as a shift in focus.

For this reason, you should observe some important points when dealing with the BAföG Office:

Do not be overconfident - in this case, the clerks sit on the longer handle. It is best to hand in applications personally - this will improve the contact with your clerk and this may give you the application also some tips.

Show yourself conscientiously and neatly in the compilation of documents and forms - you make a good impression and take the clerk from a little bit of work. Exchange with fellow students or in forums about your experience at the BAföG office - many experiences are very individualLearn advice or read more about the tips and tricks for dealing with the BAföG office.

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