Construction studies - 7 / 20: Student health insurance

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In order to be able to study at a German (Fach-) college, you must be covered by health and nursing care. When you start a postgraduate degree at the beginning of the job, nothing will change for you: social insurance continues as before and there are no additional costs for the study. It is different, however, if you do not have a job yet, or if you are freed from your previous work for the duration of the postgraduate studies. You can then either insure yourself in student health insurance or voluntarily.

Construction studies - 7 / 20: Student health insurance

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Student health insurance

  • family insurance If you use the 25. You are insured with your parents free of charge in family insurance, provided that at least one parent is in the statutory health insurance. If you have completed a military or alternative service, family insurance is extended by the period of military service or civilian service. Family insurance ends when you earn more than 355 Euro per month (exception: you work in the semester breaks, see below) or when you reach the age limit. But if you have a minijob, so a small job, then you can earn up to 400 Euro every month. If you are married and your spouse is insured in a statutory health insurance, you can also insure yourself free of charge for the entire period of study.
  • From the 2 birthday (or later, after adding the times of the military / alternative service) you have to assure yourself The contribution rates for student health insurance are uniformly defined for all statutory health insurance funds by the Federal Ministry of Health. From 01.10.2008, the monthly health insurance contribution is 54,78 Euro and 9,98 Euro per month. For children, the contribution to long-term care insurance is increased to 11,26 Euro per month. The legislature thus implements a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, which makes it incompatible with the Basic Law that parents pay the same amount as children. The insurance ends with the expiry of the semester, in which the student receives the 30. Or the 1Fachemester.
  • BAföG recipients receive grants for health and long-term care insurance: regardless of whether you are legally or privately insured As a BAföG recipient, you will receive 2008 Euro, for 2008 Euro, for the 50 Euro Nursing Care Insurance from August (for all new authorization periods) or October 9 (for periods of authorization that started before August 2009). For all approval periods beginning on March 54 or later, the requirement for the KV increases to 10 Euro, for the PV to XNUMX Euro. In private health insurance, the subsidy can also be lower if the costs are lower.
  • End of student health insurance The cheap student health insurance can be obtained until the end of the 1 study semester - at the latest until the end of the semester in which the 30. Year of life is completed - use. But: under certain conditions, it can be extended beyond the aforementioned maximum duration. As prerequisites can be recognized on evidence: birth of a child and subsequent care, disability, acquisition of entry requirements for a higher education through the second education, prolonged illness, participation in university boards, performing military or civil service, non-admission in the selection process of ZVS, care for the disabled Family member. Anyone who has passed the semester or age limit or has finished their studies can voluntarily continue to take out insurance.
  • Extrusion by orphan pension status The health insurance of pensioners (KVdR) is a compulsory insurance. If you receive orphans' pensions, it may therefore come to the suppression of student compulsory insurance. The orphan's pensions status creates in some cases a separate access to health insurance and proceeds. More about the "health insurance of pensioners (KVdR)" should be inquired at the appropriate health insurance.

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