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5 strategies and measures against bullying in the workplace: appreciative resistance

Everyone can be the victim of bullying at work. But you do not just have to accept these, but you can learn to react appropriately and effectively to such attacks and even steal the show from the mobber.

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If from colleagues enemies

Whoever works has colleagues - and it is rare to change anything. If a colleague is hostile to us, it can be difficult for us: Frequently, such persons are trying to make their mark with stupid sayings or insults. In private life these people are avoided.

In operation, however, this is not possible. After all, it's almost always about achieving goals together with colleagues. Interpersonal problems endanger these goals. This is why everyone is responsible for a productive operating environment. Imagine this particular responsibility - and fight against bullying in the workplace!

1. Recognize bullying

Bullying usually begins with exclusive as well as degrading activities. Their contents range from harsh and mockery to freaks to lies. The perpetrators rarely reveal their motivation. The attacker sometimes only thinks that he can increase his self-esteem with his behavior.

It may also drive him to envy or insecurity. Rarely, even goal-oriented plans are behind it. So you are dealing with clowns or enemies. The background, the experience as well as the individual position in the Company give you clues to the most likely motive.

2. React, but do not become a perpetrator!

If you are the target of bullying, you should not wait, but try to tackle it as soon as possible. Re-actions are useful for almost all kinds of verbal attacks. However, the skills required for quick repetition require some practice.

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Be careful not to become a perpetrator in any of your re-actions: It is important to appreciate your adversary. Counter-attacks should be avoided! Depending on the reaction, attackers from the viewer's perspective are transformed into the actual aggressor. Perhaps intriguing colleagues even plan such a metamorphosis. However, our sense of an attack is very different. Orient yourself (also) at your attacker: It determines the height of the belt line!

3. First aid

The defense against bullying is not a conflict! A conflict can almost always be substantiated objectively and worked up accordingly. In bullying, on the other hand, a person is attacked by their personality and almost never because of their opinion. Bullying is consistently destructive motivation.

A supervisor should, therefore, necessarily take appropriate action in the case of knowledge, but unfortunately no help is to be expected from this side. The best help is your own initiative. This method is suitable for anyone who feels verbally attacked by the work of colleagues and wants to stop the attacks. The techniques presented here can be implemented without any special knowledge by anyone concerned.

4. Imagine a risk

What you should understand in principle: Your adversary tries to magnify his reputation by making others smaller. If the attacker reacts unsafe or speechless, the attacker receives exactly the hoped-for reaction. This confirmation is best appreciated by the audience, because then the others admire his actions. He hears their laughter as applause for his defamatory nature. Unfortunately, his high altitude flight does not last long.

The happiness hormones released by him soon seep into his bloodstream - and he needs his next portion of recognition. Since he is careful, however, he always attacks the person with whom he expects little counter-defense. It is unfavorable for these types of attackers to defend themselves. He wants to gain recognition and does not get himself into the focus of the mockery. He is cowardly and rarely takes an incalculable risk.

This is the risk you must represent! They basically have different options to react to silly sayings. They can be impressed, offended, amused or indifferent. Frequently, the first attacks come from the sky. Here are only the fewest set on a defense. Since mobbing-affine persons are repeat offenders, the next attack is foreseeable. On this next attack, you stand up and steal the mobber's show.

5. 5 tips against bullying

I have summarized what you can specifically do against bullying:

  1. First, learn techniques that can be used to appreciate a bullying attack.
  2. In addition, the non-verbal response option provides you with an attack.
  3. After that, it's about talking to viewers to drag them to their own page.
  4. Furthermore, the defense responses are differentiated according to the number and rank of the attacker.
  5. You should improve your own language skills and your rhetorical skills.

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