Strategies Against Bullying {Plant Trees & add-on}

Work well, plant 500 trees! make the Working World more Human and Ecological, so we donate Revenue for Certified Afforestation. As Publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder .de® with a unique Book Concept, on Demand eCourses and News Service we share 15 years of Experience with our Customers (Samsung, Otto, State Institutions). By the Top 20-Blogger Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia .
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Published at Book publisher Best of HR –® in English / German, by Simone Janson (Ed.), all authors can be found below in the Book preview.

Read customer testimonials or look straight into the book. This is what it's about: First aid against cyber-bullying, manipulation & scheming colleagues! guidline for communication & conflict resolution [examples, templates, checklists].

Bullying is a common and underestimated problem in many Company, which is exacerbated by the Internet. What can be done about it? Support afforestation for climate protection, download additional material or take part in competitions!

DO MORE FOR CLIMATE PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE: With this book you support - documented - afforestation projects, you quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press reviews in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice, which, thanks to add-on, leads to success step by step to lead. Because "Hell is the others", once wrote Jean-Paul Sartre and thus very well circumscribes what is commonplace in many companies and on the Internet today: People continue to be annoyed and harassed by others, mostly in passive form as a refusal to contact shunned or otherwise harassed and violated in their dignity. Martyrdom usually begins insidiously, but for many victims it also seems hopeless at some point. How exactly does bullying work and what are the best strategies against it? This book shows different solutions.

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Best of HR –®

Best of HR –®

German edition: ISBN 9783965960169

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English version: ISBN 9783965960176 (Translation notice)

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Review by Red rider

According to the current study "Bullying and cyberbullying among adults and the omnipresent danger" by the Alliance against Cyberbullying, every third adult is bullied at least once in their life, 57 percent of cases of bullying take place in the workplace. Companies have various options available to curb structural bullying in the workplace through open and transparent communication. The book, published by Simone Janson as editor, shows in her entertaining guide "Strategies against Bullying", how employees can successfully defend themselves with small psychological tricks and quick intervention. Bullying in the workplace harms the whole company Bullying is a no-go for companies. Today more than ever, creative employees are needed who openly address problems and contribute new ideas in order to be innovative. Whether the common whispering among work colleagues, the choleric superior or the one employee who repeatedly puts obstacles in the way of her colleague - bullying destroys the necessary positive atmosphere. This also includes outdated hierarchical structures. Anyone who has to expect to be squashed by their line manager because an appointment had to be postponed or the project does not go as it should be will make themselves small. "In the times of industrial society, a climate of fear sometimes led to success, because back then the workers did not have to think, but only had to feel," explains Anne M. Schüller, author of several business books. "However, subordinates who unwind their standard program like puppets can hardly be used by companies." In her article, the management consultant explains how fear becomes the greatest performance killer in companies. Psycho-Tricks and Effective Techniques against Bullying The following are other articles that sensitize the reader to bullying situations in the workplace and offer quick help. Markus Hornung highlights the 10 top killer phrases that managers should never use to supposedly support employees. Dr. Matthias Nöllke, on the other hand, presents techniques how employees can effectively defend themselves against malicious attacks. Have you ever tried the hugging technique? If a colleague strikes you as odd or challenges you with a provocative statement, just give them a hug. The effect is amazing. “You step out of the situation with confidence - and make the others look pretty bad,” explains Nöllke. The colleague then safely leaves the next saying stuck. Roter Reiter conclusion The guide for bullying in the workplace consists of several entertaining articles that illuminate the topic from different angles: Cyberbullying, bullying by superiors and conflicts with colleagues are topics. However, solutions such as mediation, a positive culture of dispute or the method of transaction analysis are also presented. The guide also includes an eCourse with a worksheet to work through. Recommendable!

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