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{Study} Strategic Personnel Planning: How Companies Find High Potential

Skills shortageDemographic change and similar horror ghosts are buzzing through the heads of HR departments. In concrete terms, this means that university graduates, in particular, are the focus of strategic personnel planning. New studies show details.picture_Jobware_Perfekte_Absolvent_2014

External influence of personnel planning

The target group of university graduates dominates the strategic personnel planning of many like no other Company , Young talent is also an increasingly important aspect.

A variety of internal and external influencing factors play a role here and it is becoming more and more important for the success of the recruitment measures that qualified candidates of this target group are adjusted to a sufficient extent. External influences are eg

  • Demographic change,
  • Skills shortages,
  • Competitiveness.

Study shows what companies want

The university recruiting study 2014, published by Jobware in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christoph Beck, is based on surveys of 211 HR managers from different companies. The results of this study clearly show the high relevance of this target group.

  • Almost 90% of companies plan to hire graduates in 2014
  • Larger companies have the highest demand
  • 44% of companies fear difficulties in obtaining university graduates
  • Only 14% expect it to become easier
  • The acceptance of the bachelor's degree is increasing
  • Approximately 25% of companies in 2013 have recruited university graduates with a doctorate.

Increase the market value by selecting the correct subject

The study revealed some unexpected results. Thus, the final score - which is an important qualification and competency feature - only ranked fourth, the reputation of the university or the Abiturnote end up in the last place of the market value factors.

The usual suspects landed in the most prominent places in the particularly sought-after studies:

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  • Economist (57%)
  • Computer Scientist (48%)
  • Engineers (48%)

Which recruiting channels are used?

Particular attention is paid to the recruiting channel, ie the instruments used to recruit university graduates.

  • Online job exchanges 74%
  • Own career website of the employer 58%
  • Internships 49%
  • Job offers 46%
  • University Cooperation 34%
  • Social Media Channels 19%
  • Print ads 11%
  • Specialists in the Internet 3%
  • Mobile Recruiting 1,9%

These clear statements on the recruiting channels used for university graduates are in sharp contrast to the intensity of how individual recruiting topics are reported in the relevant media. The hype surrounding social media recruiting or the use of mobile recruiting seem to relativize these figures.

The right job exchange for graduates

Poke around in the target group-oriented selection of the right job portals and the placement of job advertisements HR often in the fog because they have little fact-based clues. Recruiters run the risk of looking for the right candidates in the wrong job portals.

In which jobbörsen, therefore, are these candidates, how satisfied are they with the job portals? Where do applicants find employer vacancies? And where should recruiters put their job adverts to meet the candidates?

The solution to a dilemma

This uncertainty can now be mitigated on the basis of the results of the job-market user survey. In a continuous survey of, which has been carried out since October 2008 by the initiators Crosswater Job Guide and PROFILO Rating Agency, are now available through 2014 evaluations. Stake-seekers, among other things, state their career preferences, their professional status, and in particular their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) in the use of job exchanges.

These reviews have now been evaluated by to provide an empirical-based fact sheet to help recruiters find satisfaction in the process of selecting the right job board in this important SAY labor market segment.

 How do applicants see job boards?

Based on a crosspro research research, which is carried out jointly by the independent recruiting market researcher PROFILO Rating Agency and Crosswater Job Guide as a permanent survey since 2008 and which now includes 29.000 assessments of job seekers to individual job exchanges, Answer question.

The following selection criteria are applied:

  • The occupational status of the survey participant is student, graduate, professional or young professional (up to 3 years of professional experience)
  • At least 60 evaluations of this candidate target group per job exchange must be achieved
  • Job search engines were not taken into account as they do not operate dedicated target group marketing
  • The assessed job exchanges must have received at least 25% of their assessments from this target group, regardless of their market class as a special jubilee or generalist
  • The following criteria were evaluated to determine the ranking:
    Satisfaction level of job board users (weighted with 40%)
    Reach of the job exchange based on the Alexa ranking, taking into account the respective bounce rate (weighted with 40%)
    Share of relevant ratings of the target group in relation to the total of ratings per job exchange (weighted with 20%)

The weighted ranking was determined from the resulting specific place numbers.

The best job exchanges

Chart_SAY_Job exchanges_2014


Quality competition and quality seal

As part of the quality competition "Germany's best job exchanges", the best job exchanges in the generalist, special job exchanges and job search engines market segments were honored and awarded a seal of approval at the "Zukunft Personal" trade fair on October 14.10.2014, XNUMX.

With a special seal of approval are there for the first time awarded those job boards that have achieved in the important candidate target group of students, graduates, young professionals and young professionals to high user satisfaction in the job board survey.


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