{Replica} Webinale 2010: Johnny Haeusler - “Come on, we all stop”

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This week I was at the webinar 2010 in Berlin-Mitte. This week is now my not entirely irony-free report with many links and my very subjective perspective. Discussion expressly desired.

webinale 2010

Important note: This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Here writes for you:


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Professional, but ...

Apparently the organizers of the webinars attach great importance to organize a real conference - no wonder, after all, the participants pay 900 Euro per nose.

There were brisk hostesses, backpacks with (advertising) material for the participants and the chic maritime hotel as a location. The food was plentiful too, but good - well ... In all the years since I last ate something at a UN climate conference in a maritime hotel, the catering has obviously not changed much: Look chic - You can argue about the taste, to put it mildly.

Simply not hipp enough?

Why am I leaving this out? Because all of that did not really suit the mood - because they were suffering from the atmosphere. Loose exchange as on the re: publica one searched in vain. That's probably the reason why I met little known faces. The webinars - just not hip enough? Or did not even the netbook-giving-action attract enough participants? A big drawback anyway: that the lectures and presentations afterwards not freely accessible on the net - I would have wished for linking now!

The events, at least the one I attended, were rather lame on the first day. Other participants also asked themselves why the lectures at an event for specialist magazines had to be so general. Of course this is a purely subjective assessment. The second day was better. Day three I have given myself: Unfortunately you have to work sometimes. A few thought-provoking, I have nevertheless taken:

Are Facebook-Pages out soon?

Bastian Scherbeck from iCrossing spoke of the “future of web communication” - no new findings worth mentioning. I found his personal assessment interesting: While everyone is talking about being in Facebook Scherbeck saw problems with the design options: no influence on technical developments, you basically just feel like a guest and actually want to be a host. The FacebookPages, according to his assessment, are dying out anyway: every page can now have a Facebook-Page will be.

Times a completely different view.

My life on the net - it's not that new!

Nothing new in the east. No, there was more of the usual internet resentment in the discussion “My life on the net”. Journalist Frank Puscher found that what is going on in his street interests him much more than what distant contacts make in America - and that he therefore finds social networks superfluous. The usual lyre that contacts in social networks are too superficial to be real.

To be honest: I do not understand this reasoning. Of course, the contacts in the network are more superficial - but who said that the contacts in the network replace normal contacts? I just see it as a supplement - for example, to stay in touch with very good friends who have been slain abroad for a few years. Because it is normal these days to move, but do not always want to lose contact with your friends, I think social networks are essential for communication.

And Facebook and Co. Actually make it easier - because nobody has time to do it eMail to write. Also, I see no contradiction between social networks and the interest in local issues: social networks can help in this, too. Actually, social networks are nothing more than a continuation of our normal networks - and he is also exactly human.

Hm ...

Sympathetic and entertaining

Alexander Richter from the University of the Federal Armed Forces, very sympathetically, threw lots of numbers around in his lecture “Social Media in Marketing - Opportunities and Risks”. I would have liked to find the presentation on the net -

The discussion round “Master or Servant” moderated by Johny Häusler was very entertaining. The big questions of humanity were not discussed here without being ironic: Do I have the character eMailto be able to switch off s and Twitter - or not? In fact, when asked who has the impression that their own productivity is suffering from the constant pressure to communicate on the Internet, almost the entire room responded. This prompted Häusler, who recently complained to Spreeblick that the Internet had destroyed his life, to the statement: "Come on, we will all stop." After all, Häusler now wants to introduce a no-Email-Days think about it.

Usability or social media Criticism?

Frank Puscher gave the second one in “More Participation Please - Social Media Usability”. I found the statements on the social media buttons and icons on my own website to be correct and good: They seem sensible and logical to us social media fans - but in fact a large part of the normal population simply does not understand them and is rather deterred. I was recently able to determine this from the tweets that I included in the comments. Several readers were so confused that I finally removed the function: less is sometimes more.

In addition, Puscher strongly criticized social media and also had some examples: Nestle, which turned its fansite out of the company view right (at least according to opinion of some not mentioned experts), in order to offer the attacks of Greenpace no longer a forum. Fahrrad.de, which has shut down its well running community because it brought nothing for the sale. Users who have much less desire and interest in participating, discussing and evaluating than many think. Edilight, who has returned to normal German terms with her side of hip social media design.

Apart from the fact that I see no contradiction - social media is not the hip and cool façade but the thought behind it - and some point in the lecture well: the event would have been called honest social media criticism.

Beta or Conversion Boosting?

I found “Conversion Boosting” by Jörg Dennis Krüger (QUISMA) exciting. Via professional test procedures with which you can test different versions of a website for conversions. The basic idea does not really seem new to me, after all, new developments have been released in a beta version for years, feedback has been obtained, etc. And with conversion boosting, website visitors are also offered different versions of the same website as a test.

Maybe there is a difference? In his blog, Sachar Kriwoj recently reflected the end of the beta phase:

"Today, however, digital services are available for almost everything, so a beta, that is, allowing time to get user feedback, can backfire."

While beta phases are or were a charming view of the user to join in, Ist Conversion Boosting seems like a seemingly perfect marketing method, but it actually does nothing else. A kind of commercialized beta phase ...

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  2. Friederike

    The webinar was an exciting, interesting and diverse.

    Here you will find information and entertainment on the topics of tourism, marketing and advertising. Just take a look at: http://blog.seophil.de/

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Friederike,
      Thanks for the comment. What did you really like about the webinar?
      Thanks for the link to your not uninteresting blog - but what does that have to do with the webinale?

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