3 Steps to self-motivation: Walk with the inner pig dog!

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Every change requires a motivation for action. How you replace unwanted routines with desired routines and override the inner pig dog can be found here. 3 steps to self-motivation: Away with the inner bastard! 3 steps to self-motivation: Away with the inner bastard!

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Help, inner pig dog!


Actually, we know how we could succeed - and yet we often do not act on it. It helps to develop and strengthen one's own motivation in order to actively tackle changes in professional and private life and to lead to success. The overcoming of our "inner pig" is the focus here.

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This method is successfully applied in practically all areas of life: in the desire to change one's own behavior in everyday life, to take over new, more demanding tasks, to step into self-employment, but also in radical incisions, such as overcoming fears and uncertainties.

Recognize routines


Routines make life easier, but often also freeze it. This method helps you to identify unwanted personal routines and exchange them against desired ones. At the same time, it illustrates how each of us finds for himself the meaning which he actually strives for and points in the right direction for him.

Above all, it shows you how to overcome problems and fears, how you can begin to live and act self-determinedly, and how you can successfully oppose external pressure and nonsensical conventions.

Three steps against the inner pig dog


The method distinguishes three steps on the way to the goal: to recognize routines, to change routines, to acquire new, goal-oriented, as well as finally to consolidate the desired routines, thus achieving the set goal.

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The desired success - in whatever field - actually sets in when you interpret the following steps not only as an abstract idea, but understand and implement the suggestions contained therein as concrete instructions:

  • Understand and understand routines
  • Get new routines
  • Keep new routines, pursue goals consistently

1. Recognize routines


Reading and writing, driving a car, speaking English: every person has learned things in his life that give him little or no trouble after much practice. These are the routines we need - without them we would not be able to survive in our complex world. However, routines also cause us to repeat frequently what we already know and know. We feel safe in that and that is what keeps us from doing something new. We block ourselves, do not risk any ventures, maintain unsuccessful ways and do not even try to implement new wishes and ideas.

First of all, it is important to systematically identify those routines in our lives that you have in your life development slow down and hinder. Anyone can change a routine by practicing an alternative behavior with sufficient intensity - until it is easy for him. The second step is to define new routines to help you achieve your goals.

One of the biggest hurdles is to start with something new. In this situation, it is helpful to focus on the consequences of one's own actions or non-actions, to encourage oneself, to take an external perspective occasionally, to assess judgments and opinions from the personal environment differently. In the end, it is a question of consistently pushing one's own idea to the end.

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2. Change routines


In order to implement new ideas, to change professionally or privately, to break up structures, you have to leave your routines and dare something new. Basically, you can change any routine and create new habits - just practice it often enough to make it easy for you.

And above all: you have to start. This starts with everyday actions: The problem is not usually the new action itself, but the fact that you have to leave a state of equilibrium. A state of equilibrium can be sitting on the couch, reading, surfing the computer. In contrast, activities such as jogging, putting on the business plan or making acquisition calls presume to leave his state of equilibrium.

This hurdle - the change in the state of equilibrium - must be taken. After that, it's not that difficult anymore: once you start jogging or making calls that are difficult for you, this new state will soon become a state of equilibrium. The rule is that effort is needed at the beginning. However, the more often you have practiced an action, the safer you feel - until it becomes a new routine and falls accordingly easy.

Your first task, therefore, is to clarify and record in writing: which routines prevent you from developing? And: What new routines would you like to get used to?

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3. Get going and change routines


Waiting for motivation does not help you. Turn the tables: start first, even against your own internal resistance. With the exercise then the motivation comes by itself and over time becomes the new routine, which is easy for you again. But how do you motivate yourself to move from one state of equilibrium to another? Either by pressure or by suction. Soog means that you want something, that you have something that you are looking forward to.

Occasionally, you can create such a pull for yourself: For example, reward yourself if you have performed something that was difficult for you. Such a reward can be the prospect of a meal or a special edition. As a rule, this form of self-reward should not be. Whether at work, in the home or in sports: a certain amount of effort and self-overcoming must go without saying.

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