StartUps - when women start up: are women entrepreneurs so rare?

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StartUps are on everyone's lips, in journalist circles media startups are discussed vigorously. Only when women start, it still seems to be something special - at least @Julian Heck - and has Best of HR –® cited.

StartUps - when women start up: are women entrepreneurs so rare? StartUps - when women start up: are women entrepreneurs so rare?

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

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Reasons with a dose of self-confidence


For his contribution Media Startups - When Women Start in the online edition of the Economic Week Julian Heck interviewed me about my experience as a woman and founder in the media sector. over Best of HR –® he writes:

"Simone Janson knows that this requires a dose of self-confidence. She operates with Berufebilder a portal for educational and career topics - an area that is not necessarily typical of women. "

Woman-typical industry?


It was not clear to me at the time that I was working in a women-atypical area. In fact, most job and HR blogs are led by men, though I come up with a few female examples.

When I look at the pickup that is currently being made around startups and business start-ups, I sometimes think I was just 10 years early. Today, it seems to me, the step into independence would be much easier thanks to various role models.

Founders need role models


Or does it seem to me today only because I am simply better networked? The attention, which mainly female founders experience, suggests different. Triggered perhaps also in recent times by the hype Edition F, And Julian Heck quotes FillmoreFounder Elisabeth Oberndorfer with the words:

"If you do something as a woman in the digital industry, you will be noticed immediately"

And the funding opportunities for female founders, the Heck listed in his contribution, suggests: Here, rather, something is done for women. Even if just the StartUp promotion is often just a cover coat.

StartUp as an escape?


Incidentally, there are also different opinions. Some time ago I read in the Manager Magazin the article by Elke Holst, research director at the DIW, who warned of the self-employment trap: As women who set themselves up to work, the glass ceiling in Company to escape - and then but again hit the glass ceiling and earn too little.

In another study, the DIW Berlin noted that many women are solo self-employed, often earning only small incomes; despite the above-average qualification levels in the group of solo self-employed. Many have a university degree. Therefore the imperative should be: "Do not forget the glass ceiling"! Because the structures in companies continue to be self-employed.

Please no jamming circles!


One can be divided on this: I also know these examples of women, who just as a self-employed can only stay afloat because the husband earns well. And that is why they can work at surprisingly low prices - which is tacitly expected in many industries.

Heike Scholz of mobile time spirit therefore advises women to stay away from closed lamentations, while Maren Heltsche of Rosegarden has just benefited from special events.

Farewell to the stereotype


This also shows that the typical female founder does not exist. Even among women, there are great differences in opinions and approaches. Maybe you should just say goodbye to "cuddly" stereotypes.

After all, Julian Heck concludes that women who take this step rarely regret him.

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