Sports Shoes in the Productivity Test: Sneakers in Business Use?

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Physical fitness is important - especially for professional success. Because it increases the professional performance immensely. Sounds logical, if only the inner bastard would not be there. Can the right running shoes help here?

Sports Shoes in the Productivity Test: Sneakers in Business Use? Sports Shoes in the Productivity Test: Sneakers in Business Use?

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Sports is murder?


I admit, I am more of a sportsmuffel. What convinced me of the sport was that I not only feel better, but also work better:

Exercise helps me to relieve stress and get my head free, I can think better afterwards and become more powerful.

Please regularly!


But a condition must be fulfilled: I have to do sports regularly. Best daily. And for this to happen, the sport has to be optimally integrated into my schedule.

This means that all sports courses with fixed dates will be canceled: My timetable is too irregular for me to be able to be at the same time every week. And every week would not be enough either.

Also the fitness studio displeases me - alone because of the effort to go there. But also because I like to do sports in the fresh air - catch my head.

Running: Fast, practical, efficient


There remains only one alternative, which can be done quickly and practically: Running. I find almost perfect conditions in Dusseldorf am Rhein because I do not like to walk in the city or on busy streets.

Unfortunately, it is just winter and so you have to overcome his pig twice. What helps is the right equipment. I have two pairs of running shoes in the test: the Saucony Hurricane 15 and the GEL-Cumulus 16 from Asics.

Saucony Hurricane 15 in the test


The Hurricane 15 is not only colorful, but also extremely stable. And it is good for people like micht, who bring an overpronation problem. This means that the foot kicks in excessively inwards. Here, the Hurricane 15 provides relief by stabilizing the foot with its midsole.

Unlike other running shoes, the Hurricane 15 has only a comparatively small amount of 8 millimeters; While running shoes with a big blast force the foot to roll forward dynamically over the heel, cushioning impact energy, the Hurricane 15 counteracts the current trend towards natural running - I have encountered runners with barefoot shoes on the way more often.

Asics GEL-Cumulus 16


In the Aisics GEL-Cumulus 16, gel provides a damped landing in the forefoot and rearfoot, as impacts are significantly cushioned. As a result, and through the fluid ride-center-sole technology as well as flex grooves on the outer sole, a very pleasant running feeling is created:

It is practically as if you were floating, which increases the joy of running and thus the running motivation considerably. Unfortunately, the shoe also has disadvantages: The heel area is very high and firm, so that it causes blisters on prolonged running. And the mesh on the forefoot is difficult to clean, especially with the white lady's slipper - so no bad weather shoe.

Conclusion: Can the right running shoe increase motivation?


The simple answer is: Yes. Especially the GEL-Cumulus 16 helps with its springy running feeling clearly, the legs just on cold winter days in the proverbial sense. Only for longer distances it is not suitable, here scores again the stable Hurricane 15, which is also more insensitive to care.

All in all, the right sporting equipment has a strong influence on the sporting motivation, which I have noticed on my own. For it increases the joy clearly and so helps not only to overcome the inner pig dog, but also thereby also increase the labor productivity.

The perfect sneaker for the business


Now, we also brew running shoes sometimes in everyday business: Recently someone asked on Facebook: What shoes do you wear to a business day? The unanimous answer: comfortable, good-looking sneakers. This is actually already said everything. Or not?

The American sports shoe manufacturer Saucony is still an unknown size in Germany, even in well-stocked specialist stores, besides the more well-known brands, there are only a few copies of this brand.

That's a pity, because Saucony's products are very innovative: the Company Considered the inventor of the grid system, the first damping system that combines cushioning and stability, it has since launched a range of innovative running shoes.

Run fast on the "fast river"


Somehow this fits, because the name comes from "fast-flowing river" - at least is the translation of the name "Saucon", which gave the indigenous peoples of that river in the US state of Pennsylvania, was founded on the banks Saucony 1898.

I was very impressed, especially comfort and running comfort. And began to ask me if you could have similar comfort and similar running comfort not in the normal business everyday;

Especially when, as in the above-mentioned trade fair visits, one kilometer-wide in a day goes, de facto thus also sportily operated.

Streetware segment in retro style


Indeed, Saucony also offers a wide range of shoes here: The original series in retro style based on the Saucony model "Jazz", which was once considered the most technically advanced running shoe of its time.

The entire original series is now a "streetwear" segment, which is shaped according to Saucony's characteristic fit. This is a wider, three-hole stripe on many models, a high heel, a rubber sole, a heel edge and a tongue and toe areas.

Numerous variations


The Saucony original has always the same chic fit, which has not already been awarded for its chic style already for nothing. However, the shoe is available in numerous material and color variations:

The Saucony JAZZ ORIGINAL is made of suede leather combined with nylon, while the SHADOW has a net-like, breathable (and, unfortunately, slightly sensitive) fabric mesh, instead of the nylons. The more expensive GRID consists almost entirely of leather.

Better a number bigger


There is the shoe in all sorts of colors, single and multi-colored, red, green, blue - yes, there is even a vegan edition. And he is also comfortable, as befits a sneaker.

However, you should buy it one size larger, because the unit fit form is unfortunately a little tight.

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