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How sport makes you productive and productive: 10 motivational tips

Sport is murder? On the contrary: sport makes you more productive and more productive - not just at work. 10 tips from personal experience.

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Sport has many positive effects

I'm actually a sports muffle and found the usual fitness sports such as jogging, strength training or aerobics always a little silly. However, at some point I realized that I feel better when I do sports regularly. Essentially, I have noticed the following improvements with me:

  • I feel physically fitter and more efficient.
  • I am happier and more balanced. Because sport reduces stress hormones and provides for Endorphinschübe.
  • I am less ill because my immune system works better.
  • I can think better and have better ideas. As a result, I work better overall.

That's why sport improves productivity and performance

The last point may be a little surprising. In fact, researchers from the University of Ulm conducted an 17-week study in young, healthy adults. These were given a training plan, various tests with cognitive parameters were made, and even the brain electrical activity was measured.

The results show that regular sports training supports the performance of our brain. Especially the so-called executive functions of our brain such as attention, error correction or planned action benefit from the movement. In doing so, a brain in a trained body not only works better, but also more efficiently, and the subjects came to more correct results in less time. Measurements also showed that the brain had less brain electrical activity, so it worked more efficiently.

Sport yes - but how do you motivate yourself?

So far the theory. In practice, it is still quite difficult to motivate yourself with this background knowledge. Besides, sometimes you do not know how and with which sport you should even start.

Therefore, the invitation to an active day in Holsing Vital in the Teutoburg Forest Tourism organized TeutobloggerWG came just right. The Holsing Vital is one of the most renowned rehab clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia and, as a specialist clinic for orthopedics, can look back on a 300-year-old history owned by the Holsing family.

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This will help service providers to put together the right sports program

The clinic, which has 160 beds, also offers a variety of high-quality services in the field of rehabilitation, psychosomatics, prevention, fitness and wellness. These include, for example, numerous fitness courses from aqua-gymnastics to rehab sports or health programs such as the active day I participated in.

Incidentally, his motto was also under the motto, which stands for cleaning, detoxification in this context. This REHA day can also be of Company can be booked for groups of 10 people or more. Sport is only helpful if it is carried out regularly, but it helped me a lot to get comprehensive instructions here and to be able to exchange important questions with knowledgeable staff.

10 tips for more sport in everyday life

What should one pay attention to, if one wants to start with regular sports and build them into an already stressful work routine? 10 tips from my personal experience.

  1. Start small and stay tuned: Above all, sport is a matter of motivation. Especially if you are still unfit at the beginning, it is still no fun, the endorphin thrusts stay out and it's just - exhausting. So how do you motivate yourself? There is only one thing to help: Start small first, eg with walking instead of walking. Or the somewhat gentler flow gymnastics instead of aerobics like the REHA day. But slowly increase and overstretch your own limits again and again. However, finding this mediocre measure between understaffing and overstraining is important in order to stay in the sport.
  2. No lazy excuses: The problem is to overcome the inner bastard and actually do it. And I'm very conscious of the inner bastard and not about the lack of time. Because the argument, to have no time for sports, you hear very often. The sport is what is most likely to fly out of a seemingly over-busy schedule. Big mistake: Because you miss the chance to do something for yourself. And: Everyone has half an hour to go jogging or do gymnastics - have a hand on the heart!
  3. The right trainer, the right trainer: To help motivate it immensely, if you have the right contact person or the right contact person. Someone who kindly supports you, but always kicking your ass again if you get out of motivation. And with which you can clarify important things in the beginning, as well as the question of the right sport. How important it is, I realized when I met at the Holsing Vital Fitness Trainer Meike Greve: She is with so much heart and commitment to the cause that you are already motivated to participate.
  4. Technology can help: If you do not have a trainer or contact, you can at least get technical help, for example in the form of fitness videos, a SmartWatch or fitness bracelets. The former show how the movements are performed correctly, if necessary even in slow motion, the latter track the effects in one's own body. Although technology can not yet replace personal training, the technical helpers are helping to become active at home even without a trainer.
  5. Important is the regularity: Because that's the biggest problem for me in sports: that people like to put things off in front of them. For example: “I do sports three times a week”. On Mondays you think “Tuesday is another day”. On Wednesday you think “once less will not hurt” etc. To prevent this problem, I am actually active every day. Everyone! No excuses, no postponement. Although my sports session is sometimes short, between 20 and 60 minutes, the successes come step by step; you get fitter, you want more, the bastard gets smaller. Yes, if I don't do any sport, I'm even missing something now.
  6. Choosing the right gym: I have not been a gym friend so far, although I have to admit that they are extremely efficient. Modern facilities such as the Holsing Vital, for example, have computer-controlled fitness equipment that shows exercisers exactly whether they are performing the exercises correctly, how often they need to repeat and when breaks are needed. Choosing the right fitness studio can also help with motivation: I know someone who has signed up with this argument in an extra-expensive gym. Because, so the train of thought, if you pay so much money for it, you go too. But there is also a company that lets its customers pay when they are not exercising. With this clever business model, motivation will surely be boosted.
  7. Keep it simple: Simplicity is an important motivational factor. Because if it is very complicated to even start with the sport, you make it less and less in the result. That's why I decided to go for walking, hiking, gymnastics and yoga as a sport. These sports are practically and without much effort almost always feasible: I do not necessarily have to go somewhere for some sports (which I do, of course), I do not have to wet my hair like swimming: I can just do it at any time in between.
  8. The right sports combine: Equally important for me is to combine the right sports. If I only do the same thing, I get bored in the long run. So I try to create variety, about a day walking, next gymnastics again. How well you can combine very different sports in one day, I have experienced in Holsing Vital. There, we began with fitness trainer Meike with flow gymnastics, which is a form of exercise that begins at first very gently and then gradually increases. Then, under the guidance of company director Swetlana Holsing, we did very intensive yoga and outdoor relaxation exercises. These are two very different concepts that I really liked in the combination.
  9. To eat healthy food: The sport also includes healthy food. This sounds simpler than it is, because sugar-free, vegan diet is unfortunately not a standard offer even in many health care facilities. The Holsing Vital is different here, we were rewarded for our sporting efforts with an excellent buffet with lots of raw vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The Holsing Vital also offers Ayurvedic cuisine and has a teaching kitchen, which also offers healthy cooking classes. A great concept that shows that healthy eating does not have to be complicated and yet very tasty.
  10. At the conclusion of relaxation: After the effort you should rest, it is said, and that is what I have also taken note of during my stay in Ostwesfalen as part of the TeutobloggerWG: The region with its flat, kilometer-long path so perfect for relaxed eBike tours and in the end also offered a visit to the Bali-Therme Bad Bad Oeynhausen with wonderful sauna landscape and very relaxing massage. Also, definitely recommended, especially since the heat of the sauna additionally helps to relax the muscles.
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Conclusion: Sport actually makes you more productive!

However, it is important that it is carried out regularly and is accompanied by equally regular rest periods. Anyone who does not believe in the performance-enhancing effect or thinks he has no time for sport: Please try!

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