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Confident & confident in dealing with power & status: Appear powerful thanks to eye level!

To be respected, to have influence, to be respected, to “apply” - who wouldn't want that? Someone who has many options for action is more powerful than someone who has no or only a few. Only: how do you get there? And isn't power often something bad too?

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Who wants to shape, needs power

I am often in the Coaching confronted with the reservations that many people have about power: that power is something evil, something that one would exploit and abuse - that's why it is better to keep your hands off it.

Power helps own objectives enforce. And those who communicate on an equal footing can negotiate more constructively. Often a subjectively perceived balance of power is sufficient for this. Freelancer negotiating with multinational corporation - where is the balance of power here, you will ask. The answer: It's all a question of attitude!

Also in social relations

What many people do not see: In order to have influence in a social relationship, in order to enforce one's will against the reluctance of others, in order to weight our own interests more than the others, we need power.

When it comes to shaping the future according to one's own ideas and solving many other challenging tasks, one needs personal resources and often also financial, relationships, status, in short: power.

Knowledge is power!

Often the way to eye level leads over the knowledge. Knowledge is power - knowing nothing does not matter, says mockingly the vernacular. This is obviously a saying of the powerless.

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If we are not dictators, despots, or emperors personally, we need knowledge.

Invest in the right people

But that in turn is not enough if we are not able to make ourselves and our knowledge accessible to the "right" people in powerful relationship networks.

Anyone who invests in this “usually reaps returns in the form of access and opportunities” writes Dagmar Deckstein in the SZ in her review of the book “Die Fromel der Macht” by Harald Katzmair and Harald Mahrer.

Powerlessness does not make you happy

You don't want to assert yourself against the reluctance of others? Do you see this as an abuse of power? But fainting is much worse for most, both literally and figuratively. Because mostly we wake up from this

Fainting just not in the arms of a prince or a princess, but annoy us about the fact that of all times we have pulled the short straw, we have not considered, once again the stupid others were preferred ....

We decide for ourselves!

And often it is not just the others, the circumstances, the life as such, the economy, the political weather or a Chinese butterfly that are to blame, but we alone.

We decide for ourselves whether we want to gain power and status, or rather want to be pushed back and forth as discretionary mass. And we also decide for ourselves how to use power: for our own or others' benefit. Cynical and self-righteous or as a means of problem solving.

What makes a sovereign driver?

At the beginning is the consideration: Prefer to steer the bus on the driver's seat, determine the direction and speed or rather ride in the last row? What makes a sovereign driver?

Is it physical or psychological superiority, my specialist knowledge, my high organizational skills, my social skills? Or do I tend to take advantage of structures of rule and create fear in the subjugated?

Only when you have clarified these questions for yourself, you can take the second step: How do I achieve power or how do I make more powerful?

Always have a plan B in your pocket

In principle, trust in the quality of one's own performance and products, in one's own ability, ie, self-confidence and self-assurance in the classical sense, continue to help.

But above all, the "Best Alternative To The Negotiated Agreement", the BATNA "helps. As a power factor, it "makes" more independent and therefore stronger. Why does that give more power? Quite simply: You are not so easy to blackmail if you do not depend on a successful negotiation in this particular matter with this partner.

How it works? In preparation for a negotiation, an argument, a Konflikt I think about an alternative in the event that I cannot realize my minimum expectations. If the pain threshold is not reached, I still have an ace up my sleeve, according to the motto: other parents also have beautiful children.

Information is power

Inform yourself! What is needed above all is access to information and, if possible, the control of communication channels. Protect your information and do not share it with everyone.

Uncover ideas theft - it's not just “about the matter”, but always about profiling as the originator. The powerful do not allow themselves to be taken away with impunity - they decide for themselves when they want and can be generous.

Speak the language and body language of power

Did you ever see the queen running? Of course not, that's not the form of movement of the powerful. The queen has a high status - she lets her run. That's what the lackeys are doing. The body language of the powerful is more economical than that of the infantry.

Posture and status are closely linked. We can often already recognize the (status and power) claim on the body language of a person: does he stretch wide or narrowly, does he occupy much or little space? Does he give me away - physically or with looks - or does he confront me? A changed body language always changes the status position.

Avoid the words of the powerless

Get rid of words like “I'm being fooled” from your vocabulary forever, because the mighty one cannot be fooled. The same applies to the use of the word outrageous - only the powerless wish that others behave “shamefully”, of course in the hope that they would then have more power themselves.

The powerful one says "I". The powerless uses "one". Even worse and underlining your own powerless situation “you can't do anything anyway”. Another version that is often heard “it has always been like that”. Only powerless people accept conditions that do not suit them. Powerful people set out to change this in their favor.

With little effort, the first forestry steps and achievements on the way to power will be quickly adjusted.

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