Social media in job search and application: 5 simple tips for the perfect profile

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The CV: actually the most important part in the application, It's worth your while to invest. But there are other ways to reflect his last professional milestones: The Social Media Profile. However, today's epitome of self-expression wants to be learned.

Social Media for Job Search and Application: 5 Simple Tips for the Perfect Profile Social Media for Job Search and Application: 5 simple tips for the perfect profile

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The perfect cover letter has been created, the CV has been thought through from front to back and the application photo shot. Easily forgotten applicants, however, a component which for most recruiters has now become as self-evident as the daily cup of coffee: the Internet - it never forgets, at least not without its own.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in particular, are often only a pseudoprivat, and not infrequently reveal unwanted information that can negatively affect the personnel and help them to make an early start on the way to the dream job.

What does privacy mean?

"This may not even look after him!" May be disgusted by one or the other here, the private network activities should not affect the valuation of a potential new employee. Theoretically, the inclusion of social media is indeed a legal gray area.

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The opinions of the lawyers differ whether the data are now publicly or non-publicly accessible. According to last year's monster recruiting trends, 55 employs a percentage of the top 1.000 companies in their recruitment and use social media for job advertisements, search for information, image advertising, and active search for candidates.

5 quick-to-implement tips for using social media in job hunting and application

But how can applicants now actively use social media for themselves and their job search? 5 practical, fast-acting tips at a glance:

  1. Keep track: Over the years, many different, more private-focused platforms are accumulating a lot of data that does not necessarily flatter their professional image: The photo of the moaning pool party two years ago may be amusing - but a person in charge does not necessarily share that opinion , Not only what you consciously post yourself, but also pages and people you follow or like, could have consequences.
  2. Always pay attention to your privacy settings: From time to time, run "Ego Googles" or create a Google Alert in your name. Setting up and tidying up all this takes time and effort, but it's worth it once it's done right. Because even a small "cleanup" can be an indicator for the recruiter, how carefully you work and above all how you tick as a person.
  3. Stay present nevertheless: That does not mean you should hide all your accounts and pretend that you do not exist on the net. Social media skills are in demand today in many occupations or even minimum requirement. So, once all the incriminating materials have disappeared in the "Just for Friends" drawer, you can use the vast world of the Internet to position yourself positively.
  4. How to use social networks for yourself: You want to go through photography and have already experiences? Then show it on platforms like Instagram. Do you like to write blog posts in your spare time? Then post these posts publicly. Alternatively, you can also visit the company page, the relevant specialist media or persons.
  5. Keep an eye on Active Sourcing: Many companies are now active sourcing, ie they are looking for social media profiles of applicants for information. The decisive factor, therefore, is in any case, to have the motivation for action of the staffer in mind and which is always to find the optimal new appointment, which fulfills all requirements and also fits personally into the company.


Everything sounds rather banal, but is often forgotten. Especially in times of active sourcing and Co., one's own social media presence can be decisive in the fight for the dream job. Would not it be nice to be ahead of your competitors?

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