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OPINION! Axel Schmiegelow, Chairman of the Social Media Section at BVDW & CEO of Sevenload: Social relevance is the key to the measurability of social media

Axel Schmiegelow is a recognized expert in Marketing, Media and Startup. Since summer 2006, he has been CEO of sevenload, a social media network for photos, videos and WebTV. 2009, he became chairman of the Social Media Section of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft eV

Axel Schmiegelow, born in 1972, is the founder and CEO of the internet agency denkwerk. In 1998, Axel Schmiegelow co-founded the world's first bookmarking and tagging start-up oneview and celebrated success in 16 countries and in 10 languages. As a seed investor, he is a board member of the online tour operator itravel and Qype, the leading recommendation portal and city magazine on the Internet for Germany, England and France. His seed funding laid the foundation for the company's success Business Model from sevenload.

Mr. Schmiegelow, everyone is talking social media. But how can companies measure the success of social media at all?

On the one hand, the success of social media marketing can be measured like any other lead generation on the Internet. Dedicated microsites with an optional ordering function and samples can still validate the measurement. On the other hand, social media has a strong opinion-forming effect. This can be done via customerFeedback-Measurements, online surveys, qualitative evaluation of opinion forums and traditional market research.

Opinion-forming effect sounds pretty spongy - how can the customer satisfaction be quantified?

Customer satisfaction as such can be measured by customer feedback on the product itself, depending on the industry in question. An indirect measurement can be done quantitatively by measuring the number of evaluations and comments, but above all by the qualitative evaluation of the social media contributions.

So the customers make positive comments, very nice - but what exactly does that mean in the end for the sale?

Take Twitter, for example: Twitter is not only an independent channel for visits, it is also an extremely important opinion-forming medium. The quantity of Twitter traffic is not as important as its quality. What counts here is the pure branding effect through targeted use of the Company controlled information. In addition, the word-of-mouth factor generates a much greater range of information that is not planned and controlled by the company, but is published by the users themselves. The network effects of retweets and link sharing on Twitter should not be underestimated, because in addition to the positive brand perception, Twitter is increasingly being used as an early warning system for crisis PR.

Network effects thus ensure a higher level of awareness, which sounds logical - but how could concrete measurement mechanisms now look like, for example, expressing the commitment of the members or the degree of recognition of the brand in success numbers?

The established performance values ​​in the online advertising market are only partly enough to measure the advertising impact of an online advertising medium. Social relevance is the key word that needs to be captured in the form of activity categories. Networking, contribution and sharing are, for example, factors that enable advertisers and mediaplaners to quantify the value of social media.

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But is not there the danger that the original dynamic of social media is lost, because it is regulated by measurability and is pressed in campaigns?

The better measurability initially means that social media offers can be financed at all. The risk of relativising the value of social media interaction by using performance parameters that do not reflect this interactionspiegeln, is of course given. It is all the more important that measurement methods and media spending are based on social media specific performance values. Ultimately, the dynamics of social media are so pronounced that it is inconceivable that this can be prevented in the long term through campaign bookings.

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20 responses to “OPINION! Axel Schmiegelow, Chairman of the Social Media Section at BVDW & CEO of Sevenload: Social relevance is the key to the measurability of social media ”

  1. Time for facts | primus inter pares says:

    [...] He thinks% u201Csocial relevance is the key to the measurability of social media% u201D. In the interview, however, the online advertising market and classic measurement parameters are again the [...]

  2. Attention, social media consultants: enough is enough! | Cluetrain PR says:

    [...] He believes that “social relevance is the key to the measurability of social media”. In the interview, however, the online advertising market and classic measured variables are again the [...]

  3. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Webdudel,
    honestly reluctant:
    On the one hand, the whole highly interesting discussion thread is then "gone".
    On the other hand, that's the nice thing about a blog that you can follow the development of ideas and discussions in a thread. And of course some statements are no longer correct over time - this can simply be "improved" with a new comment. I also have the option of crossing out statements that are no longer correct. Just write to me what the statements are and / or write an improvement comment.
    Simone Janson

  4. Webdudel says:

    would you please remove my comments under the interview contribution of Alex Schmiegelow? Some of my statements are not correct, respectively current. Thank you, Webdudel

  5. Simone Janson says:

    It goes on: interesting, quite humorous comments uav Axel # Smelting v. @sevenload to his @Interview #fb

  6. Webdudel says:

    Thanks for the hint! I know that the Socia-Media working group is currently researching the topic and that it operates a wiki on the alleged. everyone can actively participate after a short registration. Unfortunately, I have not received any access so far, despite multiple e-mails. (No reasons given, think that commercial interests are in the foreground). I will try it with Mr. Notthof and inform you about my results in February. My research has a "simple" approach (ie few important parameters, therefore more universal but not 100%) and is currently "unfortunately" more suitable as a trend measurement instrument and only to a limited extent for assigning qualitatively measurable and comparable values. The focus is on forum contributions. I like the way you asked the questions and tried to force a clear answer. One or the other question, for example: what are specific performance values? Eventeull would have brought a little more light into the dark. On the other hand, I'm not sure whether there isn't a bit of hot air involved (-;

    • Simone Janson says:

      Dear Webdudel,
      sometimes it is simply the lack of time to blame for not getting an answer. I am no longer able to reply to every email.
      And of course it's about commercial interests - after all, the measurement should also help to finance social media projects. In this case, I really believe that you just have to wait until there is a result - even if that is of course a bit unsatisfactory for your thesis.

  7. FranchisePORTAL says:

    "The measurability of social media" - an interview with denkwerk founder Axel Schmiegelow

  8. Webdudel says:

    Hello, unfortunately a little informative interview, at least nothing new.
    I still miss the precise approach to quality measurement and comparability.
    Still no answers are a shame ... Which factors, for example, within a forum thread can be divided into (named) categories and thus made qualitatively measurable. That means expressing it in numbers for comparability or as a relevance indicator? I would be grateful for answers, assistance / links on this topic! (Write a thesis in the field) What are social media specific performance values?
    Greetings Webdudel

    • Simone Janson says:

      I agree with you there. I would have liked to have it a little more detailed. The problem is that the specialist group at BVDW is currently working on it - and therefore cannot or does not want to say anything specific. If you have a suggestion, please contact Mr. Notthoff from the press office - maybe he can help you, put people in touch, etc. I would be delighted if you could then inform me about the results of your thesis.
      Many greetings and good luck
      Simone Janson

      • Axl says:

        Dear Webdudel,

        Frankly, I wish I could be much more specific myself. But as is always the case with coordination processes in an entire industry, this is difficult and characterized by conflicting interests.

        My personal opinion (and it is shared by many social media companies) is that the new measurement methods:

        1) The degree of virality and user interaction with each other (how many recommendations)
        2) The frequency and intensity and quality of user contributions (how many comments, ratings, etc.)
        3) The degree of networking among each other (groups, fans, etc ..)

        But for the official position of the BVDW, the AGOF and the IVW you will have to be patient.


        Axel Schmiegelow

        • Simone Janson says:

          Thank you both for your insightful comments. I am looking forward to further developments in every way!

  9. people-string says:

    Interview with Axel Schmiegelow, chairman of the specialist group ...: Axel Schmiegelow is the founder and C.

  10. Johannes Lenz says:

    Addendum to the interview with #AxelSchmiegelow -> der LINK: #socialmedia #messbarkeit

  11. Yamasa says:

    [twitter] Interview with Axel Schmiegelow, chairman of the social media section of the BVDW and CEO of Sevenload:

  12. uknaus says:

    Social relevance is the key to the measurability of social media - Interview by @SimoneJanson with Axel Schmiegelow

  13. Twittwoch eV says:

    Interview of @SimoneJanson with #AxelSchmiegelow to the ROI of #SocialMedia ^ sw

  14. Ulrike Langer says:

    Reasonable: RT @SimoneJanson: Interview with Axel #Schmiegelow from #Sevenload via #SocialMedia

  15. Simone Janson says:

    In my blog: #Interview with Axel #Schmiegelow from #Sevenload via meme #mechanism measures #fb

  16. Hagen Fisbeck says:

    Worth reading: Interview with Axel Schmiegelow, Chairman of the Social Media Section at BVDW and CEO of Sevenload: ...

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