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OPINION! Gaby Neujahr, responsible for the social media area at OTTO: "Become an attractive employer with the courage to self-irony!"

The career portal has existed since January 1, 2010, which covers all social media channels (Twitter, facebook, YouTube etc.) from OTTO as a new central contact point for careers / jobs /Casting at OTTO! Unusual videos are now supposed to make the site better known. A conversation about the Sense of the campaign.

Gaby Neujahr is currently responsible for developing the social media area at OTTO. She has been in charge of the internal department since the end of 2006 Communication from OTTO. Before that, she was a freelance journalist and from 2001 to 2005 set up a media program for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in southern Africa. After completing his degree in social work, Neujahr first worked in the public service and studied international at the same time Politics and philosophy. In 1990, Neujahr took over the “International” department at the specialist magazine “Wundv” and about three years later moved to the international department of the news magazine “Focus”. From 2000 to 2001 she reported as an EU correspondent for the women's magazine "Vivian" from Brussels.

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Ms. Neujahr, OTTO is promoting the new career portal with a video series. In one, two men run like crazy through the house, the latest clip farts and belches. In the very first video in your series, an applicant had to go through a freefall interview and was then eaten by a dinosaur in the end. Do you think this will appeal to applicants?

Of course, applicants are not eaten by a dinosaur at OTTO! This is the exaggerated, self-deprecating depiction of an actually quite typical working-world situation - for example a job interview or a ride on a lift - in this case just a different kind.

Is there anything behind these videos, or was it just about being as hip and original as possible to cause a stir?

Of course there is a statement behind it - for example the dinosaur video: According to the nature of a viral, the dinosaur should consciously break with convention by literally "headhunting". OTTO hopes to be able to stimulate conversation about the spot through surprising moments like these. As the reactions show, this seems to have succeeded.

And who created the videos?

The clients of the spots are the economic policy and communication as well as the personnel marketing of OTTO. The implementation was carried out by Maloma Film and Medien Produktions GmbH.

Keyword “typical work situation”: How do the videos relate to day-to-day business at OTTO?

In total, around 80 percent of all actors in the videos are OTTO employees. Because the employees are the most important asset and the defining core of OTTO; they do that Company only to what it is and are therefore the focus of the videos series. In the “Flying Job Interview” spot, for example, Michael Picard, Director of OTTO Personnel, plays the recruiter who interviews an applicant during a wingsuit jump.

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How did you motivate your employees to play in these videos - probably outside normal working hours?

It was not necessary to motivate employees to participate. They all identify with the company and visibly enjoyed the opportunity to help shape OTTO's outdoor perception through the spots. With enthusiasm and curiosity they acted in front of the camera - most of them for the first time ever.

Would not every business claim that the employees identify with the company? Why should that be the case at OTTO?

In the spots of the series “OTTO - different than you think”, OTTO shows itself to be an open and transparent family company with the courage to self-irony and the ability to laugh at itself from time to time. With this, OTTO reaches out to those interested in the company and to applicants and invites them to a dialogue at eye level.

Why do you think that Otto needs such a campaign at all - do not you have enough applicants?

The competition for suitable employees is growing noticeably. In this competitive situation, it is increasingly important for companies to present themselves as attractive employers. With this campaign OTTO also emphasizes its focus on innovative and modern communication channels.

Do not keep your job offers interesting enough without such a campaign?

With these spots we emphasize OTTO's reputation as an inspiring and future-oriented company and strengthen the position of the multichannel retailer as an attractive employer. OTTO also attaches great importance to addressing the addressee. OTTO would like to reach the core target group of 18 to 35 year olds (schoolchildren, students, graduates, young professionals, professionals), who are increasingly involved in social media, precisely there - for example with its own Facebook-Fanpage, various Twitter accounts and the fashion blog "Two for Fashion". With virals, the company uses another instrument to actively enter into dialogue with its core target group.

Your campaign has already been heavily discussed among HR professionals - for example on Blogaboutjob. How do you react to the criticism?

With the campaign, OTTO has chosen a new, unusual and innovative way of attracting attention as a company. OTTO shows the courage to self-irony, ie the company pokes at itself. Naturally, this causes a wide variety of reactions in the social media community. OTTO is keeping a very close eye on the online discussions. Criticism is of course registered and is incorporated into the social media strategy.

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