Use social media for more meaning and happiness in life - 8 tips: more than marketing

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Social media is part of everyday life - that cannot be denied. We have to learn to use it sensibly. How can we use it for an active, social life?



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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Social media - love it or hate it?

Love it or hate it - that is probably the general attitude to social media and especially to social media marketing. While some praise it as an ideal work tool, e.g. for project management or online marketing, others warn of data protection and security gaps.

On too Best of HR –® Over the course of time, numerous discussion contributions appeared that either proclaimed the death of social media or mourned the failure of social media enthusiasts, to name just two. In other media, on the other hand, people are happy that social media has finally arrived in the everyday life of the wonderful web normality or even notes that everyone is now becoming a market player of their own.

More than tools & technology

And undeniably, social media can be a powerful work tool and improve your own productivity. Especially in marketing. Assuming there are a few basic things to consider. So social media offers a lot of opportunities to increase your online visibility and thus improve your reputation.

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What now? What does the future of social communication really look like? She has a suitable answer Best of HR –®-Author and social media consultant Katharina Antonia Heder ready when she finds that we have neither arrived nor not arrived on social media, but are in the midst of digital change. And it makes it clear that social media is not about tools and marketing, but about people:

“We also still speak of channels. This is originally derived from advertising or communication channels. Social media, especially social networks, are only limited channels. They are an exchange, interaction and place of media gathering of people with the same interests ... All these observations ultimately testify to one circumstance: we have neither arrived nor not arrived. We are changing, the beginning of which many of us have missed and the end of which has not yet been reached even in well digitized societies. ”

The navel show of the German social media scene

But where is the social media journey going? Perhaps towards the fact that we are less entrenched behind the computer and tools or sticking to the smartphone, but rather living social media actively and socially.

Overall, it always falls short of annoying yourself constantly via social media, the Internet or online marketing. While the German social media scene operates Nabelschau, a Belgian shows what a future could look like in which we don't just make social media on the computer, but live it actively.

Actively live social media - how it works

Bjorn Troch traveled the world for three years. Above all, it is exciting that he let his travel destinations and thus his life largely be determined by his social media followers during these three years. He now has 15.000 of them, and he reaches 50.000 people every month. And they gave him tips for the trip, invited him, supported him, gave him tasks, arranged jobs and sponsors for him. He presents his amazing concept on his website and in this video.

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What is special about the idea: Troch also actively involves the people - for example, he cycled 5 kilometers through Asia for 5000 months with a tandem and always took someone with him. He deliberately avoided blogging, active self-PR or the targeted search for sponsors: “I didn't want to be found via search engines, but wanted to show that it works to do everything through recommendations. One contact always leads to the next, ”he explains. Building this network takes time, of course: “Social media is a marathon, but a lot of people try to sprint,” says Bjorn.

Social life at home too

Again and again, in between, Bjorn also settles down, he then lives in Berlin, for example. He also continues his social concept here: He always likes to go out alone to meet new people and see what happens. Bjorn notes that he has stopped planning. And complains that many people spend too much time with a smartphone

"Mine just broke - and I now live so much more quietly. People should talk to each other much more, even to strangers, for example on the train; away from the I-Phone to the We-Phone. ”

8 tips to use social media actively socially and meaningfully

Social media therefore offers considerable opportunities to make your life better, more beautiful and more communicative. There are of course also the risks. 8 tips at a glance.

  1. Reputation Management: You cannot control your own image and reputation on the Internet, but you can actively influence it positively. It is important that you do it right and stay on the ball - for example, by answering social media channels.
  2. Show yourself human: Social media offers everyone a good chance to show themselves as an individual and personality and not just as an anonymous member of the crowd. And also Company can show themselves here with their entire corporate culture as a human organization, away from the anonymous negative image. However, this presentation does not begin with Facebook but with the right intention.
  3. Build up trust: Markets are talks. Like in the village square, a virtual village square, so to speak. Getting to know each other creates trust. It is no wonder that even more and more business and job vacancies are handled via social media, mostly through recommendations that require trust.
  4. Get to know other people better: Social media helps to get to know virtual contacts better. Incidentally, this also applies to companies: through dialogue with customers and applicants, they can better assess what the target group wants and also expects.
  5. Each pot has a lid: Since social media is individual and works on a recommendation basis, it helps to find the right, exactly right people for a project.
  6. Innovation: Last but not least, social media is also an innovative medium: through networking, we can all react more quickly to changes and technical innovations - be it because we can find suitable contacts faster through our network of recommendations or respond to other people's wishes.
  7. Say your own opinion, set topics: Nobody who wants to say something about a topic is still dependent on press work and journalists, but can put topics on the agenda themselves and react independently to messages and contributions to discussions - for example, especially in blogs.
  8. Develop your own profile: It is important that you don't follow every trend online, but develop your own profile that also stands for your own personality. This requires a panic-free discussion of the topic of social media - and also an awareness that this panic is sometimes artificially stoked.

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