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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Katharina Heder is a digital media manager and consultant. After studying German, Heder trained as a new media manager with a focus on sports and completed a degree in business administration with a specialization in online communication. She advises companies on strategic communication in social networks as an expression of part to understand one's own business model. At the same time, she uses social media strategies to develop new business models. Katharina is interested in the subject of training and further education for social media managers when she is not following various sports. You can also find more articles from her on the SocialMedia blog. Her portfolio can also be found on Torial. More information at frauheder.de/

Why Social Media Managers are not PR People: Plea for the digital expert

The discussion about the state of social media - a discussion between the arrival and the new start - is testimony to a circumstance. Sometimes you wonder if an online journalist or PR consultant does not want to be a social media manager. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Expectations of the profession

In fact, the use of social media is now expected in many professions dealing with communication. However, it can not be confused for a long time that the social media manager has completely different tasks.

If the journalist is concerned about providing up-to-date information on his subject area, the PR consultant places his content optimally for the customer as part of a communication strategy, the social media manager is the even more.

The role and role of the social media manager

In addition to the positioning and creation of content, which could perhaps be best described with the concept of the editorial, the social media manager is concerned with analyzing the content for the interest of the auditorium. Even this could be subsumed under editorial.

In fact, community management - in contrast to the placement of content - means more: social media managers are responsible for the content, the community in the sense of activity and exchange as well as for the evaluation of the placed content.

The first contact for digital affairs

They are an interface between community, PR and marketing. The social media manager is no longer - but not less - the first point of contact for the company in digital matters. As such, this profession must finally be understood.

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Many Company still do not have the concrete use of new technologies - and that is possible via Facebook, Twitter and Co. - got it. This requires experts who can only come from social media management. +

New career opportunities offer prospects

Social media managers have not reinvented themselves. The job description, those who work as social media managers, and companies that are looking for qualified staff, ensure that the existing framework is increasingly filled with content.

This creates new job profiles, new career opportunities and the opportunity to focus more than ever on the topics in which you are interested. This is exactly where the career potential for online users lies: It's a good year for change.

Differentiation of the subject areas necessary

A PR consultant will be able to create content for the field of Social Collaboration, but it is not his job to ensure the activation of the users by using sophisticated methods.

At the same time, however, this also means a differentiation of the field of social media managers: Do qualifications and further training almost exclusively relate to Facebook And Co, the need for the next 2 years will be significantly more in the area of ​​social collaboration against the background of user activation and change management processes.

5 Trends in Social Media

Many people took the initiative at the beginning of the year and opted for further education or a career entry in the field of social media. There are also trends this year, which should be kept in mind:

  1. Differentiation of professional images: Social media is changing steadily. At the same time, the discussion about tasks and activities takes a new form. Professions such as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) are just as big as the Big Data Analyst.
  2. What is behind it? Behind this are tasks that are directly related to social media. However, these are no longer reduced to the use of social networks. The CDO is the point of contact for all questions about digitization in the company: whether it is about internal or external social networks, new workflows or the removal of reservations is irrelevant.
  3. You are what you can: While companies in 2014 still have vague job titles, they are increasingly aware of who they are looking for and which job profiles they need.
  4. What is 2015 about? This is why, even more than in the previous year, the focus is on our own strengths - and the strategic expansion of these. It is no longer an option to be familiar with the usual social media tools. Applicants should be well versed in the landscape of common tools such as dashboards, monitoring tools and the like.
  5. Content and Nontent: Also 2015 is important to be on the pulse of time and to know the target group. While a very complex process for analysis of the fans and followers had to be done a year ago, there are now a whole series of tools that make this easier.
  6. What does that mean? This also means that content is no longer a coincidence. The metrics using the content will be identifiable. This means that virality is by no means a random product. It can be planned to some extent by accurate analysis.

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22 responses to “Why social media managers aren't PR people: a plea for the digital expert”

  1. Jörg Buckmann says:

    Another outlook - exciting contributionWnLNu77eBo

  2. Karista says:

    3 Things you need to think about when you want to do #socialmedia #Career
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  3. Arne P. Berg says:

    First a strong upswing, then new professional groups and now 2015, differentiation: Social Media Jobs | berufebilder.de - Exciting contributionqcIVkpKoTl

  4. Alfred Fuhr says:

    That's how it is. PR managers run out of their silo and as a worm process the GF has the good old secret management so that the company and the old can work in peace while Social (!) Media managers have to be complexity jugglers and insecurity. Since the journalistic writing alone is not enough.

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  7. Katharina Daniels says:

    RT @HeerTeSS: Why Social Media Managers are not PR-People: Plea for the digital expert

  8. Marina Kubitza says:

    Why #SocialMedia Manager are not PR people:

  9. Marina Kubitza says:

    RT @HeerTeSS: Why Social Media Managers are not PR-People: Plea for the digital expert

  10. Guenter Andersson says:

    RT @HeerTeSS: Why Social Media Managers are not PR-People: Plea for the digital expert

  11. Heiner Tenz says:

    Why Social Media Managers are not PR People: Plea for the digital expert

  12. Molchester Ltd SEO says:

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  13. Peter says:

    In principle, I agree with you, but here we are at the level of definition questions;
    Neither most PR people have different job descriptions, nor do they have the Social Media Manager. Community management must be able to do this, depending on the size of the team but it is not at all his job. The role of the digital consultant in the sense of the coach, the expert and the IT interface is at least as important. As a former PR editor and communications manager, today I can solve many SoMe management tasks better than if I had done one of these new Turbo trainings with certificate. If there are still requirements in internal communication, such as Social Intranet or even Enterprise 2.0, most SoMe managers are hopelessly overwhelmed.
    What it takes is a common understanding of marketers, PR people, and SoMe makers for goals and KPIs. Then also the roles become clear.

    • Katharina Heder says:

      Hello Peter,

      In principle, you are talking about something that resonates subliminally in the article: Social media managers have a complex standing. They are an interface and therefore it is not uncommon to have an egg-laying woolen milkau, in order not to go down.

      My point about this post is rather that there are PR consultants who also do social media management, and there are social media managers who also do PR work. In fact, however, it is always an on top - and with all due respect: no PR consultant will be able to master the complex relationships that you describe in the last part without appropriate SoMe training.

      I even venture the thesis that the new SoMeMa must take appropriateCourses in order to master the complexity. For who is trying to convert a company 1.0 into an 2.0 or even (soon) 3.0, must understand fundamentally on which diffuse enterprise levels which interfaces as co-operate, in order to be able to make a deconstruction in the commercial sense.

      At the same time, I support your criticism of the turbo trainings: After my education, I was able to social media, but only through the study I am able to play the complexity really on all scales and accordingly synonymous the concept of digital change with content.

      Was social media in 2011 managing a fan page at Facebook, it has changed so much today that you almost have to differentiate between the areas of content and administration in order to be able to do the matter halfway.

      In short: Thank you for your contribution, which I found as a supplement.

  14. Claudia Mayu Gerken says:

    RT for the differentiation of job profiles in the digital communications world

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    Why social media managers aren't PR people: A plea for the digital expert: The discussion… #profession #education

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