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Maja Peters is a social media manager. The name is a pseudonym. All texts by Maja Peters.

Anonymous from the life of a social media manager: Why Facebook Annoying & Co

I'm a social media manager, Facebook, Twitter, Xing and Co. are part of my daily bread. And yet more and more often there is a diffuse feeling that many of these messages that I get every day are simply superfluous. And I use Facebook no more. Why? Just read on!

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PLING's in the social media forest

It is in the morning. Yes it's after eight o'clock and I work in the Home Office. Yes, I am still tired and am currently thinking of taking a shower. Then this noise reaches my ear, which I already dream of at night: A dull mixture of DING and PLING signals to me: You have mail!

At the same moment that I think about what day is today (iCal, without you I would also lose the feeling for time and space), a small pop-up window shows the sender, subject and the first words.

Our first date: cold and blue

Dear Facebook, we have been divorced for half a year now and this is my first letter to you. We haven't heard or read from each other for so long. As I read in the press, you are fine. Some of my friends have broken up with you too, but that's how it goes when a relationship fails.

Can you still remember our first date? At that time, I sat in the car and called you up via app on my Blackberry. I tapped the letters trembling, thinking that I needed you. It was winter and we were on the Spree while I looked into your blue letter eyes.

In the beginning, our relationship was a little overcooled, but after a few months, I understood how you work. Privacy settings were not an issue for you then and everyone was able to read quite publicly what the others were writing. I liked that.

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The dark power in the background

The longer and more intensively I used you, the more exhausted I felt: you told my friends what they were allowed to read and what not. Constantly I had to see if I left my private things private.

Sometimes you secretly showed my friends things that they really should not know. The longer we were together, the more the media interfered: The most important tips for keeping private property private was just one thing I googled at least once a week to control you.

Healthy relationships look different

At some point, the click on your lifted thumb brought so much unrest into my life that I left. You were no longer the Roman Emperor who decided on things that I found important.

Our break up was quick and short because I had been dissatisfied with you for a long time. I also found a replacement immediately (because I liked your blue letter eyes). The blue bird has done to me - and so I'm probably the trend again a step ahead.

Your friends do not like you anymore

Many of your friends have meanwhile complained to you about me. They were all disappointed with you. We loved you so much and so much did you deceive us by just changing yourself more and more.

Your added value and benefits have been getting smaller and you just have not managed to develop clever mechanisms: you were just for sale!

Just for sale?

Too bad dear Facebook, but hey: let's just stay friends - even without my account. We don't have to hate each other, just please let's avoid each other. I like your green business friend a lot and I also find your rival with the pretty plus sign very exciting.

Let's go: See you.

Fear of the next DONG

I then know if it's more like a church or PLING like an ultrasound smartphone when it makes good news. As soon as I read XING, it makes DONG.

The naked fear creeps up on me and tells my head that I'm going to get upset - or is it the other way around? I'm still tired and not ready for the outside world when she attacks me ruthlessly.

Wutanfällle about uncreative dreistigkeiten

I click wildly through the area in Safari until I am in the XING rider from Hootsuite (yes, I have a quick look at what else is going on) and see the disaster opening its way: I have a contact request.

I know exactly what will be in there - and the choice is small. The uncreativity is so high that I go on to regularly get tantrums for the audacity sent to me.

Assertive business offers

Just like NOW: My tea is still warm, I have just the first accomplishments of the day and stumbled back from the first tasks back into the house. Black Shadow on Gray Ground: Fits!

I either do not read a test, an explanation in which group I am a member or presumptuous business offers or reasons, why I am an interesting contact.

You do not have to be there everywhere!

At the beginning I thought I was schizophrenic that I wouldn’t be able to see it myself. Today I am seized with cold anger, which goes away with a short click on the cross.

On some days, when it often does DONG, I consider logging out there. You don't have to be there everywhere. This is exactly why I have Facebook switched off: Because it annoyed me.

Ego booster thanks to event invitations

But somehow I like it so synonymous: This felt 100 event charges / day increases my self-worth in immeasurable. How important I am when I am invited to special events.

I do not want to miss that either - and reach for the tea mug, sip it slowly and start the day freshly showered again in the Social Web: Mostly there are then very beautiful PLINGs.

The catch up of the "experts"

Unfortunately, my life has changed radically in other ways as a result of the exit from social media. because a large number of people found this a provocation on my part. Was that it? What has changed and why would I do it again?

The Filterbubble system was crucial for me to find out that someone had blogged anonymously about my exit in connection with my job. This someone was an influential blogger and never linked to the original post or prepared to join one clear to share the arguments set out above about the usefulness of the network.

So I was also concerned with other contributions, which I found only by linking to my homepage - that is, targeted monitoring. I came across the cold silence of the industry. Amazing for me in this circumstance is something else: there were and there are people who congratulate me for the courage.

Why is it brave and right to swim against the tide?

Today there are quite a number of blog posts about why Facebook no longer worth it. In essence, it is about the reciprocity of effort and benefit. One topic that repeats itself over and over again is that Criticism to be able to achieve reach only by placing advertising.

I noticed this last year: Facebook regulates who can see my content. As a site operator, one can only hope that the followers will drop by of their own accord. How do you know? Right: From your own homepage, which you own because you own it.

Customer loyalty often plays only a subordinate role

There are social media managers who say they just want to talk to these users. In fact, these are mostly existing customers.

Company goals are often designed for new customers, so that customer loyalty only plays a subordinate role. This shows the strategic scope of this statement, which a social media manager is not entitled to because the objectives broken down into his work on implementation.

I am happy to have recognized the trend

It is one of the key tasks of the social media manager to be able to estimate trends and movements at an early stage. In that sense, I have done a good job when I am the change, which since the end of the year even at large Company arrives, absah.

Today there are a number of people who ask me how I knew it: Actually, the answer is as simple as it is stupid - it was the feeling of my own dissatisfaction that drove me to distance myself from Facebook to take. Perhaps this is one of the most important indicators that we as professionals can use for sentiment analysis: The gut feeling about what we do.

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3 responses to “Anonymous from the life of a social media manager: Why Facebook & Co annoy "

  1. Social Media Manager without Facebook reloaded: What happened after my outing | PROFESSIONAL PICTURES says:

    [...] about a year published on BERUFEBILDER at the request of Simone Janson an article about why I facedebook do not use. Then my life changed, because a large number of people felt this as [...]

  2. Katharina Heder says:

    Hello Mister. Reti,

    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I see it now, which does not prevent me from answering you:

    What moved me to do this was the cold anger - anyone who knows me will be able to confirm this with a smile. I'm just tired of being confronted with all these little things that take up time in a tight workday.

    An example: I was out today from 6 a.m. to 20 p.m. Today alone there was a contact request via XING 4 - and except for one with an appealing, honest and personal text, they all sounded like this:

    Dear Mrs. Heder, we are in group XYZ, you do not want to join my network.

    Since it costs me rather overcoming not lauthals No to scream, instead of simply ignoring or rejecting: But exactly these things are it, which take me the time to answer eg to your posting.

    Another aspect is that, precisely because I deal with it professionally, I also have an opinion on it: In general, I try to address the things that bother me and of their negative influence, I also have knowledge of third parties to address. Whether in my or in this blog does not make the difference: What scares me is more likely, the small number of those who bothered at all.

    Are we all already dependent or have we perhaps yet forgotten to express our opinion?


  3. Simone Janson says:

    Thanks for the hint - and sorry, because of the link, the post had to be switched off first. Yes, I also thought it was brave, but at the same time it is stupid that you have to find it particularly brave. Says a lot about the group dynamics of social media.

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