From the Life of a Social Media Manager: Why Annoy Facebook and Co

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I'm a social media manager, Facebook, Twitter, Xing and Co. are part of my daily bread. And yet, more and more often makes a diffuse feeling that many of these messages that I get every day, are simply superfluous. And I do not use Facebook anymore. Why? Keep reading!

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Katharina A. Heder Best of HR –®Katharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


PLING's in the social media forest

It's morning. Yes it is after eight o'clock and I work in the home office. Yes, I'm still tired and just go to shower to go. This sound reaches my ear, which I dream at night: A dull mixture of DING and PLING signals to me: You have mail!

At the same moment that I think about what day is today (iCal, without you I would also lose the feeling for time and space), a small pop-up window shows the sender, subject and the first words.

Fear of the next DONG

I then know if it's more like a church or PLING like an ultrasound smartphone when it makes good news. As soon as I read XING, it makes DONG.

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The naked fear creeps up on me and tells my head that I'm going to get upset - or is it the other way around? I'm still tired and not ready for the outside world when she attacks me ruthlessly.

Wutanfällle about uncreative dreistigkeiten

I click wildly through the area in Safari until I am in the XING rider from Hootsuite (yes, I have a quick look at what else is going on) and see the disaster opening its way: I have a contact request.

I know exactly what will be in there - and the choice is small. The uncreativity is so high that I go on to regularly get tantrums for the audacity sent to me.

Assertive business offers

Just like NOW: My tea is still warm, I have just the first accomplishments of the day and stumbled back from the first tasks back into the house. Black Shadow on Gray Ground: Fits!

I either do not read a test, an explanation in which group I am a member or presumptuous business offers or reasons, why I am an interesting contact.

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You do not have to be there everywhere!

At the beginning I thought I was schizophrenic that I wouldn’t be able to see it myself. Today I am seized with cold anger, which goes away with a short click on the cross.

On some days, when DONG often does, I am considering logging out. You do not have to be everywhere. That's why I turned off Facebook because it annoyed me.

Ego booster thanks to event invitations

But somehow I like it so synonymous: This felt 100 event charges / day increases my self-worth in immeasurable. How important I am when I am invited to special events.

I do not want to miss that either - and reach for the tea mug, sip it slowly and start the day freshly showered again in the Social Web: Mostly there are then very beautiful PLINGs.

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  2. Katharina Heder

    Hello Mister. Reti,

    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately I see it now, which does not prevent me from answering you:

    Was mich dazu bewegt hat, war die – wer mich kennt, wird dies schmunzelnd bestätigen können – kalte Wut. Ich bin es einfach leid in einem engen Arbeitsalltag ständig mit all diesen kleinen Dingen konfrontiert zu sein, die mir Zeit rauben.

    Ein Beispiel: Ich war heute von 6 Uhr morgens bis 20 Uhr abends unterwegs. Alleine heute gab es via XING 4 Kontaktanfrage – und bis auf eine mit einem ansprechenden, ehrlichen und persönlichen Text klangen alle so:

    Dear Mrs. Heder, we are in group XYZ, you do not want to join my network.

    Since it costs me rather overcoming not lauthals No to scream, instead of simply ignoring or rejecting: But exactly these things are it, which take me the time to answer eg to your posting.

    Another aspect is that, precisely because I deal with it professionally, I also have an opinion on it: In general, I try to address the things that bother me and of their negative influence, I also have knowledge of third parties to address. Whether in my or in this blog does not make the difference: What scares me is more likely, the small number of those who bothered at all.

    Are we all already dependent or have we perhaps yet forgotten to express our opinion?


  3. Simone Janson

    Danke für den Hinweis – und sorry, aufgrund des Links musste der Beitrag erstmal friegeschaltet werden. Ja, ich fand es auch mutig, aber gleichzeitig ist es auch dämlich, dass man es besonders mutig finden muss. Sagt ja auch viel aus über die Gruppendynamik von Social Media.

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