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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Katharina Heder is a digital media manager and consultant. After studying German, Heder trained as a new media manager with a focus on sports and completed a degree in business administration with a specialization in online communication. She advises companies on strategic communication in social networks as an expression of part to understand one's own business model. At the same time, she uses social media strategies to develop new business models. Katharina is interested in the subject of training and further education for social media managers when she is not following various sports. You can also find more articles from her on the SocialMedia blog. Her portfolio can also be found on Torial. More information at frauheder.de/

All Social Media Academy or how to keep track of: differentiation of social media training

The offer of social media training is broad and confusing: not only social media academies offer further education, but also universities, private further training institutions or the traditional IHK. Time for an overview. social media education

Social Media Continuing Education: Counseling Dead Not!

I got up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® I have often dealt with the topic of social media training and now also advise those interested in further training on this topic. In my article, Practical Tips for Choosing a Social Media Degree, I found that high-quality social media training does not necessarily have to be expensive. Almost every day a new training program to become a social media manager seems to be emerging: Whether IHK, private sponsors or self-appointed experts - nobody wants to miss the moment to position their offer accordingly. The question of what will become of all the graduates is less of a focus.

Nageldesigner or still Social Media Manager?

In principle, one has to ask the following questions when looking at the various training courses:

  • Is the learner of the expert himself an expert after completing the training - or is he not much more a beginner with an initial experience?
  • Certified Social Media Managers (IHK) certainly have it easier on the job market - or is there more appearance than being behind it?
  • The massive number of business start-ups of female employees due to the high funding in the first years by the Employment Agency has already swept some people into self-employment, which do not feel comfortable there. This development will continue to be the case.

 Developments that are thought-provoking

At the moment, the market is dominated by trends that should make every trained eye think: the number of participants whose competences is limited to the creation of company pages in social networks is steadily increasing. As soon as it becomes professional, even their own presences become very thin.

In return, the market is experiencing increasing dissatisfaction among entrepreneurs who have such a side and are wondering about added value. To explain them, to make them conscious and to fill them with content accordingly, presents many with a task that they can not fulfill.

The right way: learning, tasting, having fun

Those who start their training should also try to expand and intensify their own experience from this point onwards: The lowest common denominator is the active use of known social networks. It's nice to be able to use Foursqare, but more helpful is the tricks and tweaks for better interaction rates on Twitter, Facebook and Co. to know.

Tip: Text as PDF (please read the instructions!) or to this text complete eCourse or series Download. Actions or news via Newsletter!

That is why it helps to complete an internship from half of the training to get an impression of working with social media in one Company to win. What concrete steps are necessary to successfully position yourself in this market, I will explain tomorrow in the second part of this article.

What is the market?

In “Nobody can do everything” I explained in detail Why the social media industry needs to specialize - namely because, like in any other area, there must be experts for different subject areas.

In The cross with the social media practice I have finally dealt with the new Master concept of the University of Anahlt, which has recently offered a new and comparatively favorable social media study course.

Content of the training: Quality is important!

Finally, I asked heretically the question whether Social media is the new nail design in the face of an expected flood of graduates, where the quality is far from clear. Paying attention to what you learn in further education is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In general, however, one development - also by me in my previous articles on social media training - is rarely highlighted: the differentiation of the discipline into different areas of activity. I would now like to provide this structure.

Online Marketing Manager (OMM): The strategist behind the executive

The OMM plans actions, is responsible for the calculation of the ROI and discusses with the customer all measures on the online activities. He is either a social media manager with corresponding training or - and this is not unjustified - a graduate business manager with a focus on marketing.

This is based on the requirements to be met. In addition to the calculation of the ROI, this also includes precise planning in numbers, which costs are to be paid to the customer, which result is to be expected and which options are available as an alternative.

On the whole, he is the analyst with whom all threads have converged.

Mobile Marketing Manager (MMM): the hipster between OMM and SMM

The MMM plans actions that are especially suitable for mobile devices. Its task is also to implement existing actions for mobile devices and to advise the OMM in the decision-making for the implementation of new measures.

In contrast to the SMM, it is concerned with the existing changes in mobile usage, ie apps on smartphones and tablets, as well as their usability to ensure.

An advanced training in mobile marketing is an advantage - but you should also have basic programming skills to be able to change or even to understand small things about applications, which changes when it comes to mobile applications.

Social Media Manager (SMM): The Rampensau

The SMM is increasingly taking on an executive role, ie it is responsible for the design of content in consultation with OMM and MMM. It fills the individual social media channels and interacts directly with the users:

It thus forms the bridge between the company and users - it is practically the focus for everyone involved. The training paths for this are still different + should primarily be based on the future occupational field.

Conclusion: The continuing education market is differentiated as fast as it is growing

In essence, the market is open to many professional groups and still in growth: applicants should, however, examine for themselves which tasks they have grown up to and which work they are still comfortable with:

A programmer will not necessarily feel in the role of the ramp, and the strategist will get problems with technical questions in the sense of mobile marketing.

This is why it is important to make this differentiation, and for many social media managers, this means that they will be much better positioned in the future by developing their own specialization.

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