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Find unusual jobs: from demolition masters and bridge bakers

Have you always wanted to blow up a garden? Take over a bakery? Or free-box places on the Internet? How do you find unusual jobs? Bridge application bakery

Away with the garden!

There are jobs that are so unusual that nobody knows them. The harder it is to find them. Here are three unusual job requests - which, to be honest, were all meant a little differently. But of course that's how fun it is!

Have you always wanted to blow up a garden - but not when it rains, please? This photo was taken by my colleague Jens Twiehaus. Sure, you can understand it correctly, but to understand the ambiguous name “blow up” as a load of dynamite in the garden is much funnier!

Jens Twiehaus - blowing up the garden

Boxing on the web for 10 euros?

There is also a good 10 euros for this job: Webboxer! Please what? You read that right: a new professional field was created here. And what does he do: Boxing on the web! Whether for entertainment or to box free advertising spaces on the web - I leave that to your imagination! Maybe one or the other can think of something funny! And conveniently, the salary is right there ...

Incidentally, the note comes from my good friend and colleague Oliver Havlat, who does the whole thing at Facebook commented: “And what are you doing? What do you earn? " Anyway, I laughed a lot!

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Webboxer as a new job profile

Bridge application instead of bridging allowance!

I found a job application in Yorckstrasse in Berlin Kreuzberg to be particularly original and efficient: the authors have asked for an entire bakery instead of just a piece of the cake, the same size on a bridge.

Actually a new idea: In addition to the bridging days and the bridging allowance, there is now also the bridge application! At least everyone can see! Of course, I realize that this is also meant differently - but I just found the saying damn funny!

Find unusual jobs on social media

But how do you find unusual jobs? The answer: in dialogue with others. And how does it work best: Of course in social media.

Every beginning is difficult: This also or especially applies to making new contacts and looking for a job on Web 2.0. First slowly develop a reputation, then establish contacts with a lot of patience and gradually consolidate them.

5 tips for job hunting in social media

It takes a long time before you can even talk about an attitude. But the effort is worth it. An overview.

  1. Finding information: Web 2.0 offers excellent opportunities to find information about potential employers. Because there are many depending on the industry Company or their employees at Xing, Facebook or Twitter active. This is how you can find out: How open is the company, how do you deal with criticism, what is the attitude of the employees? Those who know more are more likely to find their dream job!
  2. Think strategy: When looking for a job in Web 2.0, you don't just apply for a job, but build a long-term reputation and a network of contacts that you can access if necessary. This takes time, but in the end it is often more effective than any piece of application paper. So first think about who you want to reach and with which strategy you can build a positive image.
  3. Communicate: Your tactic in Web 2.0 is: Communicate. Because those who only consume are not noticed. Therefore, you have to stay active in order to draw attention to yourself: spread interesting information, link to your own blog posts, ask questions, enter into dialogue with potential employers, make contacts. How this works in practice is shown in this example by Johannes Lenz, who has now found a well-paid job.
  4. Search specifically: In Web 2.0 you can also find suitable job offers even faster than in traditional online job boards. Because job search engines such as enable you to find job advertisements that are posted on the Internet and especially on Twitter immediately after they are published - and not, as in many other search functions, only hours later.
  5. Beware of losing your image: Web 2.0 is also about showing others who you are: So always be authentic and personal. Even when it comes to authenticity: Always consider your statements from the perspective of potential employers - company gossip or anger about the former boss have lost nothing on Twitter.

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