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Why Social Entrepreneurs are on the Rise: Future Trend Companies and Social Responsibility

Business models that are committed to sustainability are in vogue. But why is that?Social responsibility

Innovations in non-innovation areas

With the trend towards social entrepreneurs, late industrial societies worldwide are fulfilling an old dream that is gradually taking shape: “Social innovations” are on the way to “good society”, the “Goodciety”.

Such social innovations are currently frequently found in sectors that are remote from innovation, such as the education sector, health care or precautionary measures. They also define a whole new and exciting concept of innovation.

The Swiss cappuccino model as a model

One example of this is pension provision in Switzerland, which is based on three pillars (“cappuccino model”): compulsory statutory insurance, funded occupational pension provision and voluntary private provision.

The effect: The Swiss are staying much longer in the profession and are - as far as demographic problems - much calmer.

Away from the conflict market. Country

Social innovation requires a change in paradigms, which is adopted by the old conflict - more market or more state. Social innovation arises when the different actors of society re-connect and cooperate creatively.

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It is about co-ordinating cooperation and not about the dispute over responsibilities. Both sides benefit from the greater coexistence of state and private sector players.

The moralization of Company booming

"Sustainable prosperity only arises if social capital grows alongside economic capital," said the authors. This realization is becoming more and more popular among large companies and corporations, who have to fear for their legitimacy and thus for the loyalty of their customers.

That is why we are experiencing a huge wave of “moralization” of companies. Even if some pronouncements appear hypocritical as “green washing”, a new type of company is establishing itself, in which social and ecological commitment moves from the marketing department to the center of added value.

Manager with social responsibility

An example of this is, for example, the sporting goods manufacturer Puma, which was one of the first companies to compile a full environmental audit to quantify the total environmental damage caused.

How neglecting the ethical question can tilt an entire market segment, the decline of the Schlecker empire shows. The drugstore chain dm, the flagship of ecosocial responsibility, is on the other hand on growth.

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17 responses to “Why social entrepreneurs are on the advance: Future trend companies and social responsibility”

  1. Laura says:

    Social responsibility is an increasingly important topic, especially as an entrepreneur. It's great that you've picked that up. For me, your blog is one of the best HR and career blogs ever. If not the best ever!

  2. Simone Janson says:

    Hi all,
    thank you for the stimulated discussions.
    It's not just about being nice - of course, everyone continues to think of themselves first. However, companies are gradually realizing that they are beneficial if they behave ethically and morally - and that it can end badly if they do so do not do.

    • Philipp Reinhardt says:

      That is the point. First and foremost, an entrepreneur is ultimately about making a profit, and that is also legitimate. Nevertheless, many [potential customers] are conscious or, more neutrally, a conglomeration of moral values ​​that implements a sense of responsibility towards “society” (let's say: the majority of people). If the entrepreneur does not follow these sensitivities or at least takes them into account, the image of his company will be damaged and the appeal to the target group will be reduced.

  3. Philipp Reinhardt says:

    which is similar to the subject, other case:

  4. loki says:


    nice that times someone writes about social intelligence in enterprise. The Swiss pension model, I think the best way, If times one of the bearers fails, can go the least wrong.

    What has always happened with companies like Schlecker in the long term is not a single case.



  5. Philipp Reinhardt says:

    The idea of ​​networking and breaking up the conflict of interests between the state and the market is very nice, “alone I lack faith”: I don't see a common interest, that's precisely the substance of this SM conflict, namely that private interests ostensibly with the common good are not to be agreed. And unfortunately I don't take enough examples in which decision-makers in business oppose larger profit margins and advocate - well, let's be idealistic - justice. That is difficult if only because you would have to justify yourself to the investors / shareholders, and they want more profit and thus an increase in their assets.
    Where is the paradigm shift? A rethink would take place if this short-term perspective were exchanged for sustainable concepts, yes yes, do we already have everything? For me, that's mostly rhetoric. Does anyone have examples of a large company that seriously and demonstrably follows this course AND that it is not run “dictatorially”, ie in which not a single, let's say environmentally conscious entrepreneur alone has decision-making power?

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    Why social entrepreneurs are on the rise: Future trend companies & social responsibility #Business

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  13. Martin Reti says:

    Topics I would like to read more: Moralisation of companies and social innovation

  14. Deutsche Bahn says:

    Why social entrepreneurs are on the advance: Future trend companies & social responsibility

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  16. Simone Janson says:

    Why social entrepreneurs are on the advance: Future trend companies & social responsibility

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