Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: technical features {review}

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Productive, but still mobile and free work - these are the buzz words of the new world of work. However, you also need functional hardware for this. A test series!

Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: technical features {Review} job pictures

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


My Swiss pocket knife

For me, a mobile phone is something like an electronic Swiss pocket knife for a handbag: small, practically light - but I still want to feel prepared for any situation:

Regardless of whether I want to take a quick look at the next S-Bahn or where a restaurant is nearby, I can take notes, capture O-tones or take snapshots. Listening to music and reading e-books I want on the road, of course. Because: I simply would not have to carry a device with me for every function.

The test candidate

After testing Nokia's netbook, it's time for a smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy I7500. The trial period lasts three months. Again, I may keep the device after the test has ended.

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To say the same: Until now I found the technology for smartphones not yet mature enough for my needs and was therefore never really satisfied. I am therefore very excited about the Samsung Galaxy.

Technische Merkmale

The device comes with the following features:

  • EAN 880 8993 421787
  • Quad band, W-CDMA
  • Battery Li-Ion (1440 mAh)
  • Talk time (2G) up to 10 hrs.
  • Talk time (3G) up to 6,5 hrs.
  • Stand-by (2G) up to 430 Std.
  • Stand-by (3G) up to 450 Std.
  • Color onyx-black
  • Dimensions Housing (H x W x D) 115 x 56 x 11,9 mm
  • Weight 114 g
  • Display Number of colors 16 million
  • Technology AMOLED touchscreen
  • Screen Size 8,1 cm (3,2 inches)
  • Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
  • Special features: Automatic adjustment of the display presentation in cross and portrait format
  • Messaging MMS services yes, receive / send
  • SMS yes
  • Worter recognition yes, T9
  • eMailServices yes (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
  • Data transmission Bluetooth® with stereo audio streaming (A2DP) Yes
  • WLAN Yes
  • WAP 2.0 yes
  • EDGE yes
  • GPRS yes, Class 12
  • HSUPA yes, up to 5,76 MBit / sec.
  • UMTS Yes
  • Music, sound and video MP3 player yes
  • Music playback in background yes
  • Music library yesOther features Android ™ operating system yes
  • Android Market ™ yes
  • You Tube ™ yes
  • GPS function for geo-tagging yes
  • 3,5 mm jack connection yes
  • Video player yes
  • Organizer calendar, memo function, calculator, alarm function, alarm clock
  • Offline mode yes
  • Handsfree function yes
  • Vibrating alarm yes
  • SIM-free menu access yes
  • Gmail ™ yes
  • Google ™ Search yes
  • Google Maps ™ yes
  • Google Talk ™ yes
  • Memory capacity of dynamic memory approx. 8 GB
  • MicroSD ™ slot yes (up to 32 GB)
  • Built-in digital camera resolution Digital photos in 5 megapixel resolution (2560 x 1920 pixels)
  • other camera functions High-performance photo light
  • Video camera function yes
  • Geo-tagging yes
  • Scope of delivery Mobile phone yes
  • Battery Yes
  • Charging cable yes
  • Headset yes, stereo
  • Manual yes

What is my test?

As with the Nookia Booklet 3 G, I will go into the test above all practicality in everyday life: Does the device really make life easier for me or does it make much extra work? Does it work where I need it? An important factor: How does it look when I use internet, telephone, listen to music?

And what is ultimately more practical: a netbook or a mobile phone? What do you take with you? And how does the interplay of the two devices - eg if you want to use the smartphone as a modem. Or can a mobile phone replace a netbook?

My comparisons

So far, I have used as a cell phone a fairly old carrot, a Qtek 9090, its fans also known as Blue Angel.

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After last year I had a Palm Treo 500 with Windows Mobile 6, my skepticism about new-fashionable smartphones of the lower price class (around the 200 Euro) was great:

Because the many functions (maps, timetables) only worked online. The Palm Treo did not work without an Internet connection - which can become a big problem abroad at the latest. For example, the Treo does not have rudimentary functions of word processing like a copy and paste function.

Even though I may use a flatrate for the Samsung Galaxy trial period for free: I will pay particular attention to the offline functions when testing out of this bad experience.

I then went back to my old Qtek that, although a fairly large bone was, but also many functions offline. Practically, I also found that the SD card was simply plugged in without first having to take out the battery awkward. Something facilitates the exchange of data with the PC, anyway a constant problem with smartphones, but considerably.

Say: I was always surprised how much such a 5 years old smartphone could - a proof that newer inevitably has to be better.

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Advantage on-screen keyboard

And its special advantage for me was just its size: on the screen, the keys of the SPB screen keyboard, which I had installed later, were so large that you could comfortably even longer texts with the thumbs.

At least since then I swear by the practicality of an on-screen keyboard, which, in my opinion, is much faster and easier to use on a cell phone than a “real” keyboard - even if the latter is often highlighted as an advantage of cell phones like the Palm Pre. I would be happy to save the additional weight and the greater width caused by the slider.

The big disadvantage of a proper keyboard is for me namely that the same is too far from the screen, in order to tap decently on it. I find more convenient when the typed words appear directly above the keyboard.

However: I am skeptical, whether the smaller displays the tap as comfortable as on the Qutek. Well, for that I now have my netbook.

Why a change was urgently needed

And changing the smartphone was urgently needed, because the old carrot had some crucial disadvantages: it was just too slow. Wi-Fi was poorly recognized. It was just too cumbersome to get the pen out every time to quickly look up an address or an appointment (yes, my reader will already suspect that a device with a pen would not fit into my bag, er, bag).

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In addition, some Windows Mobile programs could only be installed via the connection to the PC with Windows (!). This is a real problem if you have no Windows like me but a Mac or just Linux. For this reason, I was forced to maintain a separate Windows partition on my computer - a circumstance that I would like to forego in the future.

The biggest problem, however, was that Windows Mobile 2003 had the fatal error of fabricating a hard reset every time the battery went dead, erasing all data on the phone. Of course, the battery life was not very long either. Yes, not even a well-functioning backup program, which should restore all data, brought the solution: the passwords but you had to enter all again by hand.

In short: Even if I was very attached to the Qtek: It was urgent time for a change. And now a Samsung Galaxy. I'm curious!

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