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Stefan Häseli Portrait 1_quadrStefan Häseli is a consultant for organizational development. For over 10 years, the University of St. Gallen-certified coach and trainer for management, communication and marketing issues has accompanied well-known companies such as Omega, Swatch, Reader's Digest and the Swiss Post. Awarded the International German Training Prize in Gold, the former cabaret artist and book author is also in demand as a moderator and keynote speaker in German-speaking countries. More information at www.atelier-ct.ch and www.stefanhaeseli.ch

Situational lead: 5 tips for leadership from below

If employees influence the thinking and actions of their superiors, so that they act consciously or unconsciously in the sense of the subordinates, guidance takes place from below.

Leadership of Down

Even the boss has a boss

Most managers in turn have a supervisor. Although she herself is the boss of a team, an office, a department, a factory or a division in the Company they also have a higher-ranking boss in the hierarchy.

Classical management training is also based on the clear definition of hierarchies and management levels. It is thought from top to bottom.

change of direction

The question of how to deal with one's supervisor as an executive is ignored. In practice, then it is exactly at this point to difficulties.

However, in order to be successful in the long term, at least as much as from the results of the self-directed responsibility area depend on a good working relationship with the supervisor.

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Invisible guidance

Thinking from bottom to top can help wherever there is no power. If different interests are considered, common goals can also be supported.

Expertise, good ideas and new ideas create a high degree of acceptance in (invisible) leadership. This is especially the case when the benefit for the employee is brought to the fore.

Manage the boss

Often highly motivated employees change jobs frustrated because they can not cope with their supervisor. They often get from the rain to the eaves. Because even with the new position, there is a supervisor. Another, but not necessarily a better one.

The collaboration with the new boss shows that he too has rough edges that the employee cannot ignore, but has to accept. If you don't want to endure your boss, you have to “manage” him.

How does the boss tick?

Better than looking for the ideal boss, is to deal with his (imperfect) boss:

  • What kind of person is he (or she)?
  • What special peculiarities does it have?
  • Does he favor details or summaries?
  • Does he need interim results or final results?
  • Does he like to listen, or does he prefer to talk himself?
  • He likes to read eMails or is he on the phone?
  • Does he prefer only a few longer or several brief discussions?
  • What do they mean by interpersonal relationships and conversation topics?

The boss does not have to love

Whatever position the questioner is in, it always serves his own benefit to seek and find answers to these and similar questions. Only those who know how the other ticks can adjust to this and avoid points of friction. You don't have to love them to work constructively with your supervisor. But you should know him well. Because then the employee can "manage" him.

5 tips to influence the boss positively

  1. Chefs need success! Anyone who helps his or her superiors will be appreciated. So it's worth finding out where the boss's strengths lie. This is the result - and not with certainly also existing weaknesses - success.
  2. Good preparation is half the battle: Time deficit characterizes the situation of many superiors. It is therefore all the more important not to waste it. Only effective preparation can lead to effective discussions.
  3. No surprises! If a problem arose, the boss must be informed. Suppliers who do not track or customers who do not pay - the supervisor should learn it early so that he can decide whether to intervene or not.
  4. Supervisors are not clairvoyants: They depend on the information of their employees and they have the duty to provide them. This applies both to material aspects and to personal interests which influence the employment relationship. Even in the age of communication is not always obvious. A flood of information is sent back and forth, but not necessarily a cycle is closed. Regular feedback to the supervisor makes the status quo of ongoing work or projects visible to both sides.
  5. Chef remains boss: It is up to the employees to change from the role of the executive to the thinking employee. Professional competency and creative creativity also impress the most persevering boss.

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