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Situations in which executives should act and decide are as diverse as the employees affected. In addition to the general conditions of the company, the interpersonal aspect is a decisive factor.

Lead by Situation: 5 Tips for Generation Y Leadership: 5 Tips for Y Generation Leadership

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Here writes for you: Stefan Häseli is an advisor for organizational development. Profile

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Best of HR Berufebilder


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Generation Y!


The X follows the Y - not just in the alphabet. Also in the succession of generations. Emancipation, growing prosperity, substitutability of the individual formed the baby boomers (born 1950 to 1965). Generation X (1965 to 1980) dominated the revolution, lack of security and growing individuality.

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Optimism and self-confidence characterize Generation Y (1980 to 1995). Millennials redefine leadership. In the Company Prejudices balance the challenges and opportunities. Both the previous generation and the next generation should deal with it.

No self-evident


The Y stands for (WH) Y, for WHY - questioning old things. Generation Y not only challenges the world of work, but above all the leadership world of its superiors.

The often different concept of what constitutes work (fun versus duty) and how work runs (self-determined rather than time clock) leads to conflicts - in the team and in the leadership.

Varied prejudices


Pampered, self-complacent and far too demanding - according to the testimony of older employees when it comes to Generation Y. Conversely, the Generation X considers it to be not flexible, unstable and unable to enjoy life.

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The desire to be self-responsible and to realize oneself is characterized by formal approach, low communication and knowledge that is kept for itself.



Open and fair co-operation is important in order to break the boundaries in all our heads and to search for viable paths in our daily work together. Finally, the Millennials must soon close the gaps when the last baby boomers retire.

The Y-life picture


The secret revolutionaries know that as specialists they are a scarce commodity and are therefore very much in demand. Through self-centered or self-confident, Millennials can deal well with uncertainties.

As an improvisational artist they are valuable for every company. Provided this provides them with options and the independence they need to have fun and be happy. Of this work-life balance, senior executives, who are threatened by burnout, can learn.

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It has always been like this


On statements like "here one makes ..." react young employees suspiciously. Critically, they look at hierarchical structures. "I'm the boss here!" Is rather counterproductive.

The unconditional devotion to the profession of Generation X is as foreign to them, as humble working by contract, to push overtime and to accept working conditions that do not fit.

Five tips for leading Generation Y


  1. Regular feedback (like / dis-like): The separation on- / offline does not exist for Millennials. Just as every Facebook message is commented on within minutes, they expect constant feedback. Give it the same - not only at the annual meeting.
  2. Sense and quality of life: The profession does not stand above all. Commitment presupposes recognizing the meaning of the work. Also for the family should be time. Do not deny this balance just because you did not have it yourself.
  3. The slightly different career: Not always the big career straight up is the goal. But career in the sense of different work areas is quite in demand. A "sideways career" is very desirable for many in certain phases.
  4. Leave space: It is very important that you leave the young employees free space in the detailed design of their own work. The generation Y likes clear goals, but feels itself only required and happy, if it can determine the way itself.
  5. Not so different: The Generation Y is in the end "not so different" as we were or would have liked. With the difference that they demand it more consistently. Therefore, the tip for managers: Stay true to yourself, do not twist yourself and do what is good for all employees. Give sincere appreciation, honest feedback, and just the amount of freedom each person needs, regardless of their generation!

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