Healthcare reform and health insurance: private health insurance - benefits

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If you want to benefit from certain benefits, but you do not want to forgo the benefits of a statutory health insurance, you can continue to insure yourself by law and also secure certain benefits once again.

Healthcare reform and health insurance: Private health insurance Benefits Healthcare reform and health insurance Private health insurance Benefits

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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

What do private health insurance offer?


Private health insurances offer various supplementary insurances from hospital full-cost insurance to hospital daily allowance and hospital supplementary insurance to sick leave insurance.

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This alternative is more expensive, but guarantees optimal performance. And: You can cancel such supplementary insurance at any time. When selecting, proceed as described above.

care insurance


Those who are privately insured must conclude a private long-term care insurance. Their minimum benefits are required by law; the contributions are income-independent and increase with the entry age; Unlike private health insurance, children (but not spouses) are insured free of charge without their own income.

After the first five years of insurance, in which risk premiums may also be levied, the contribution may not exceed the maximum contribution in statutory health insurance. Inquire at various private health insurance because of the conditions.

Foreign countries


If you are traveling abroad frequently for business or pleasure, you should know that health insurance is only payable in the EU and some neighboring countries (Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia), but not in overseas, for example. Private health insurances are also valid there, but only for one month each, and do not include return transport to the home country just like the statutory insurance companies.

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For just under 10 Euro a year, you can close this gap with a private travel health insurance. Such policies are valid for one year, but usually only six weeks or 45 days per trip - with some insurances even not at all, if a trip is even planned for more than six weeks. If you travel longer undertakeyou have to pay significantly higher premiums. And: Some insurers expressly exclude business travel from the foreign travel health insurance.

Pay attention to the seriousness: Checklist


There are some criteria that can help you choose the right health insurance: here is an overview of the most important:

  • How long is the company already on the market? Some decades or only a few months?
  • The longer, the more confident you are - and the sooner you can get a reliable overview of the market development.
  • How often has the company reissued fares in the past? The longer the
  • Period, the more representative the result.
  • How long is your wish tariff with the corresponding company already on the market are. Is there any experience from other insured persons?
  • How stable were the contributions in recent years?
  • How many tariffs does the insurance company have? The more inscrutable the tariff jungle is, the more cautious you should be.
  • What legal form does the insurance company have? In the case of a mutual insurance company, you are a member of the insurance company and the insurance company, the insurance company pays your profits only to the insured persons themselves. A stock company, on the other hand, is geared towards winning and accordingly the contributions can also be designed.
  • How are the balance sheet ratios judged by professionals? The longer the period examined, the more meaningful the result.
  • What are the closing costs and administrative costs? How have these costs developed over the past few years?
  • How is the service? Are questions about the contract answered quickly and competently? Are you, for example, given a fast and competent response to a specialist?
  • How satisfied were the insured with the insurance in the past years? Here the complaints authorities of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority continue to help.

Compare exactly


Tip: If you've narrowed your choice of insurances thanks to the numerous criteria, you should now get some comparison offers from different insurances - not with the help of a comparison chart, but in person and binding. Because: For certain ailments and pre-existing conditions, private insurances demand risk premiums that can ruin all the beautiful sample calculations in the tables. Or they refuse admission altogether. Women pay up to 60 percent more than men, and older people also pay higher.

If you are entitled to a reduced contribution in the statutory or also in the private health insurance or health insurance, you can conclude for the loss of earnings in case of sickness a private sick leave money insurance.

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Compare conditions


If you are legally insured, you should compare the private and statutory funds, as conditions of the statutory funds are generally better. If your own health insurance requires too much, it is worth a change.

The tariffs for a sick leave allowance of 50 Euro from the 15.Krankheitstag vary according to the age of entry and gender in the order of magnitude between 25 and 125 Euro per month. The lower the sickness benefit to be paid and the later the start of payment, the cheaper it becomes.



When and how much the insurance is to be paid can be defined as desired; the contribution is based on the amount of the daily allowance, the first payment date, the age at the time of entry into insurance and sex.

A payment can be agreed at the earliest from the fourth day of illness - the premiums for this, however, are correspondingly high. The tariffs are very different depending on the cash register, also here the procedure described above to conclude a private insurance is recommended. Sometimes, instead of sickness allowance insurance, disability insurance (more on that below) makes more sense. Compare the rates and benefits very carefully.

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What happens in the event of an illness?


The insurances are legally obliged to check whether the insured persons are actually unable to work and make unannounced visits to the house. In addition, you will only get the actual loss of income.

If you had no income before the illness or your income was lower than the amount of the daily allowance that you have insured, in case of doubt, only the average net income of the last twelve months will be replaced. Therefore, do not set the amount of the insured daily allowance too high, otherwise you will pay unnecessarily high contributions. Health and pension insurance for artists and publicists.

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