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These are the application forms of the future: 3 tips for your job search

The Casting The mail was yesterday, in the meantime, in most cases, one eMail with the corresponding documents in the appendix. But even this method is slowly being replaced. bewerbung forms-the-future

Application forms of the future

So how are we going to apply tomorrow? The series of studies “Recruiting Trends” that Monster conducts every year together with the “Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS)” at the University of Bamberg has shed light on this question.

The 2016 largest companies (return rate 1.000%) from Germany were surveyed for the current issue of the 11,4 series, and the results were compared with the results of the usage behavior and the assessments of 4.800 jobseekers and career stakeholders.

Analysis of the top 300 companies

For a comprehensive overview, analyzes of the top 300 companies from the sectors of automotive (8,0%), trade (7,7%) and IT (9,0%) were conducted as well as several case studies. On the company side, the distribution of the sample sizes of the respective study participants according to Bisnode's current database register is representative of the characteristics of turnover, number of employees, and the number of sectors related to the corresponding population.

Part of the study dealt with classic and new application procedures and their acceptance by companies and applicants. The paper-based application is far behind.

Papier, eMail, Online form?

Even though some 13 percent of the applications are still on paper, neither they nor the applicants are giving this form any meaning in the future. Among the currently used forms of application is the applicants eMail With 83 percent on 1 and also around 26 percent of companies still see a slightly increasing importance here. However, many companies are anticipating a trend towards form application (17,3 percent more in 2020).

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This is certainly the wish father of the thought, because this form of the standardized online application prefer 75 percent of the companies. However, only seven per cent of applicants see this. It is worth looking at the alternatives. Perhaps they can better meet the needs of companies and applicants:

1. The short profile

The short profile is a summary of the most important data and professional background of the applicant. These include: the most important professional stations, specialist knowledge and personal characteristics as well as hard and soft skills. The focus is on the facts that play a role in the desire job. Such a profile can then be applied, for example, in the care network.

The advantage: At first glance, the companies see whether the applicant has the right prerequisites for the appropriate position. A mere 59 per cent of applicants therefore consider it to be an important application form. In fact, they do not play an important role yet, the 2016 recruiting trends show that they are important for only 15 percent of the surveyed companies. In the future, however, this will change, as 58 percent of the surveyed companies said that short profiles are becoming increasingly important.

2. The one-click application

In the case of a one-click application, the current job profile from a career network or a CV database is sent directly to the desired employer at the click of a mouse. This accelerates the application procedure clearly, as interested persons can apply at any time and even over the smartphone. 61 Percentage of companies therefore also fear a flood of applications and more effort for the recruiters.

However, to her calming it can be said that only about 26 percent of the applicants assume that they want to apply more about this form and only barely 39 percent of them assume that the one-click application will play an important role in the future , The companies see this somewhat different, here 54 percent believe that this form of application is important in the future.

3. Infographics and application videos

Application with entertainment factor? In times of increasing visualization of any kind of information, it is obvious to take the application out of the crowd with an application video or an infographic. Just under 20 percent (infographics / 19,3 and videos / 18,2 percent) of the interviewed candidates see visual elements as a replacement for cover letter and CV as important components for future applications. Approximately 15 percent of the surveyed companies share this opinion regarding the importance of job videos.

But what application forms ultimately also is important, it is important to the recruiter to present the essential facts for the respective job and at a glance. Then the chances are great that he examines the application more intensively. This is currently happening in the companies, according to the study, only with four out of ten applications.

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